Jillian Hall: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Jillian Hall allegedly had an affair with WWE’s senior doctor Chris Amann. The allegation emerged during Dr. Amann’s defamation lawsuit against CM Punk. The result of lawsuit released some serious ethical allegations against Amann. According to Deadspin, Amann’s lawyers had been trying to get certain topics banned from coming out during the case. Among those allegations was the one that Amann had a sexual relationship with Jillian Hall.

The Deadspin story says that a WWE employee testified that Hall and Amann did nothing to hide their relationship. While Hall also confirmed the relationship that occurred when Amann was the traveling physician with the company’s Raw brand. In a statement the WWE said, “We were not aware of this. We are investigating the matter and will determine if any action is warranted.”

Jillian Hall began with the WWE at the company’s training ground, Ohio Valley Wrestling. According to Hall’s official WWE profile, her biggest roles at the wrestling behemoth was as JBL’s image consultant and her singer gimmick in 2007. In 2010, Hall had a short lived time as WWE Divas Champion when she defeated Mickie James. Later that same year, Hall was released from her WWE contract.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Hall Separated From Her Husband Mike Farole in 2012 Following a Domestic Violence Arrest

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In September 2010, Hall married Mike Farole in Las Vegas. The couple was expecting their first child together in February 2011 but tragedy struck in May when Hall announced that she had miscarried. A year later, Hall was arrested in Orange County, Florida, and accused of domestic abuse. Bleacher Report said at the time that Hall’s mugshot had gone viral because it was “Nick Nolte bad.”

Around that time, Hall said that she and Farole had separated. At the time of her arrest, Hall tweeted, “As most of u already assume what’s going on with me recently.. some Really horrible things’ve happened and Mike and i have separated.” Hall also took aim at her critics, “Hmmm, so people r suppose to look good when they’ve been crying for hours? No one knows my story.. No one!!”

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Facebook/Jillian Hall

Hall has a teenage daughter from a previous relationship. When contacted by Heavy.com for this story, Hall replied via email after the article was published, “Apparently you already have everything you need for a story.”

2. Hall Says She Bought a Gun Because She Was ‘Depressed’ Following the Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting

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In June 2016, in the wake of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, Hall tweeted that she was on her “way to Walmart today, pulled in and felt anxiety. Orlando has changed me this week, made a u-turn and bought a gun instead.” Hall followed that up with, “Humanity had truly changed me this past week. Feeling depressed about the world and my city.”

Jillian Hall photos pictures

Facebook/Jillian Hall

In the wake of the Parkland high school shooting in Florida, Hall tweeted, “I am personally a gun owner for my and my family’s personal protection. I’m not giving it up as it may save my life some day. I just don’t see how a killer will stop being a killer because they can’t get a legal gun.”

3. Hall Says She ‘Likes Politics’ & Alludes to Support for Donald Trump in Several Tweets

WWE Diva Jillian Hall Hot Moments Compilation 2WWE Diva Jillian Hall Hot Moments Compilation 22018-05-19T08:43:47.000Z

On her Instagram bio, Hall writes that she is “currently in search of inner peace.” Hall adds, “I like politics and dislike arguments.” In November 2016, following Donald Trump’s presidential victory, Hall retweeted a tweet from country singer Mickie-James Aldis that expressed support for Donald Trump.

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The day after Trump’s victory, Hall wrote, “Well, at least I predicted this a long time ago… said it all along that there were tons of closet Trump voters!” Hall has retweeted conservative activist and actor Stacey Dash on multiple occasions.

4. These Days, Hall Is in a Relationship With Country Singer Michael Moore

Jillian Hall boyfriend Michael Moore

Facebook/Jillian HallJillian Hall pictured with her boyfriend, Michael Moore.

According to posts on her Facebook page, Hall is currently in a relationship with Kentucky-based country singer Michael Moore. At one point, Moore was the lead singer of the band Southern Push, according to his Facebook page.

Jillian Hall boyfriend Michael Moore

Facebook/Jillian Hall

On his official website, Moore said that he is a native of Kentucky and now lives in Nashville. Moore was the 2002 winner of a local Nashville TV show. He has opened for Bille Ray Cyrus, Luke Bryan and Rick Springfield. His bio concludes with the line, “Whether your rockin’ with Michael during one of his high energy numbers or swaying along as he belts out one of his smooth ballads, you’re sure to become a loyal fan.”

5. Hall Is Friends With Dr. Amann on Facebook

Dr. Chris Amann provides a medical update on Roman ReignsIn this news report courtesy of WWE Network, Scott Stanford gets an update on Roman Reigns' medical condition from Dr. Chris Amann. More WWE NETWORK : bit.ly/1u4pM74 Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/1i64OdT2014-09-21T21:19:24.000Z

On her Facebook, Hall is friends with Dr. Chris Amann. The doctor had been accusing CM Punk and Colt Cabana, both former WWE stars of defamation. Punk had appeared Cabana’s podcast in 2014 and accused Amann of causing Punk to suffer a staph infection and that Amann had failed to adequately treat a lump on Punk’s back. Punk was being sued in Illinois, were a jury found in his favor.

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