Angelene Ashley: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Angeline Ashley is the California woman has been arrested and accused of running a brothel with her son. Ashley, 48, was arrested along with her son Jordon, 26, on May 25 with officers not announcing the charges until May 31. In a press release, police said that during an investigating into prostitution in the area, a woman told detectives that she was being sexually exploited by a mother and her son.

During a search at the home of Angelene “Barbie” Ashley in Snowdrift Avenue, evidence was seized and the mother and son were taken into custody. They were both booked into Robert Presley Detention Center where they were booked on charges of running a brothel, pimping, and pandering. Ashley faced an additional charge of “keeping a house of ill fame.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Her Email Address Is Linked to an Ad that Says, ‘Hi Daddy, I Love to Please & Do it All’

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There are several ads selling sex that are linked to Ashley’s phone number and email address. One advertises a woman who is not Ashley saying, “Hi Daddy, I love to please and do it all.” That ad also says, “I have a hot female roommate also in the business.” The price range goes from $160.00 for 30 minutes to $1,200 for an overnight.

2. Ashley Says She Works in Sales for a Company That Sales Cable Wiring

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According to her LinkedIn page, Ashley works in sales for a company named Trius Cables that operates in the Los Angeles-area. Ashley said that she graduated from California State University San Bernadino in 1997 where she studied marketing. Ashley says she was a member of the Mu Kappa Tau national honor society.

On her Facebook page, Ashley also says she’s a graduate of the University of Toledo, class of 1995, and a graduate of Riverside City College, class of 1993. Ashley also attended Moreno Valley High School.

3. Ashley Says Her Other Son Is Doing Time in Prison

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Ashley’s son, Grant, is serving time in prison for robbery. In a February 2016 Facebook post, which was accompanied by the above photo, Ashley wrote, “This is my youngest son Grant. He has been incarcerated in county jail for over two and a half years fighting his criminal case. Right now his attorney and the deputy D.A. are in the Judge’s chambers discussing how many years he will remain incarcerated. I am asking everyone that reads this to please say a prayer to give my son leniency and send him home soon. I miss him so much.”

The San Bernardino Sun reported in the June 2013 that a man named Grant Ashley was arrested in Moreno Valley on charges of armed robbery. He was arrested for two separate incidents, one of which was a robbery of a person outside of Chilli’s. Later in that same evening, Grant Ashley was accused of robbing two people at gunpoint outside of their home.

4. A Few Days Before Her Arrest, Ashley Wrote that She Was in a ‘Complicated Relationship’ on Facebook

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On her Facebook page, Ashley wrote on May 22, three days before her arrest, that she was in a “complicated” relationship. That page shows multiple photos of Ashley with a man named Brent (above). A man who commented on the posting described Ashley’s relationship as “very complicated.” In her bio section, Ashley says that she is romantically interested to both men and women.

5. Ashley Was Convicted on Meth Charges in 2008

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In January 2008, Ashley was arrested and convicted of the possession and intent to sell of methamphetamine. Documents from the time indicate that Ashley’s phone was recorded by detectives and her attorney questioned the legality of the recordings being used in court.