Top 5 Philadelphia Eagles Players to Chug (Drink) Beer With

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The Philadelphia Eagles are off until June 11 when their mandatory minicamp begins at the NovaCare Complex. At, the idea of chugging beers often gets tossed around the office, sometimes practiced during down times. With almost a week to kill — and the topic already in the news cycle thanks to Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield — we decided to take a look at those Eagles players we would most like to gulp a cold, refreshing beer with on a muggy summer afternoon.

The criteria were simple: all candidates must be outgoing and fun, comfortable hanging out with fans and interesting enough to hold a two-minute conversation. It goes without saying that the player must be on the current Eagles roster. With all that in mind, here is’s list of the Top 5 Philadelphia Eagles Players To Chug (Drink) Beer With (in reverse order).

5. Malcolm Jenkins Is the Best Conversationalist, Maybe the Most Insightful Guy on the Team

In 2016, Jenkins went on a ride-along with officers from the 25th District of the Philadelphia Police Department to get a bird’s eye view of things from the law-enforcement perspective. That is how committed he is to fixing the relationship between police and the community, further impassioning his ongoing battle to combat social injustice and improving race relations.

While everyone’s opinion on the above issues varies in a hard-scrabble town like Philadelphia, one thing is certain: Jenkins would be an ideal conversationalist because you would never run out of topics to chat about. From anthem protests to the mass incarceration crisis to funding for public schools, the Eagles’ safety is a wealth of knowledge.

And, if you don’t want to get into politics or social issues, just ask Jenkins about the time he paid a New Orleans cop $700 to procure three cases of cognac during the New Orleans Saints’ Super Bowl parade. For the Eagles’ parade, he brought his own cognac.

“A couple days before, when we got back to Philly, we had a team meeting, just to give us the logistics, and they’re like, ‘I know we all want to have a good time, [but] just try not to bring any alcohol.’ And I laughed out loud. Because I showed up with three cases of Martell,” Jenkins told

The moral of the story is that if you’re hanging with Jenkins, chances are good you won’t be leaving the table without a chaser.

4. Lane Johnson Once Bought the Entire City of Philadelphia Beer, Plus He Likes To Get ‘Intoxicated’


Johnson will forever live in Eagles fans’ hearts as the guy who literally showered them with beer. Prior to the 2017 season, the right tackle told reporters that he would give out beer to everybody if the team won it all. There is no use rehashing how that story triumphantly unfolded, but Bud Light honored a bet they made and provided free beer for the city on the day of the Super Bowl parade. For that, Johnson will always be linked to booze.

“I have a lot to prove to this city,” Johnson told reporters. “I think if we have a few big years and make the playoffs, if we win a Super Bowl, I’m giving out beer to everybody.”

His connection with beer doesn’t end there. In a recent interview with CBS Sports Radio, Johnson was asked if he would consider teaming up with quarterback Carson Wentz on a chugging contest and he joked the whole point of drinking was to get “intoxicated.” His solution? To host a contest to see who makes the biggest fool of themselves.

Johnson is also known for calling out fans and rivals on Twitter, while helping hatch the original plan to wear those now-famous dog masks during the team’s Super Bowl run. There would be no way in hell we wouldn’t make him chug a beer with one of those on!

3. DeSean Jackson Might Be the Biggest Personality on the Team, Hangs Out with Meek Mill and Allen Iverson

Where do we begin with the prodigal son? During his first tenure with the Eagles, the wide receiver was a lightning bolt on the football field and he knew it. According to Jackson, he still is the fastest player in the NFL. Jackson is off to an incredible start in his reunion tour, already establishing sizzling chemistry with Carson Wentz at OTAs.

Off the field, he walked with a swagger not seen for quite some time in Philadelphia. He was rumored to be involved with gang activity and often seen hanging out with rappers, like Snoop Dogg and Meek Mill, while posing for pictures with Allen Iverson and Chris Brown. For these reasons alone, the stories he might tell over a round of PBR pounders would be priceless.

One more reason would be to pick his brain about the game. He has been lined up against some of the best cornerbacks in the league and not many have been able to slow him down. Who was the best he ever faced? Patrick Peterson? Richard Sherman? Darrelle Revis? Maybe the answer would be no one.

2. Jason Kelce Dressed Up Like a Mummer and Chugged a Beer,  Then Gave an Epic Speech

Jason Kelce is the obvious answer, so ranking him No. 1 on this list would be a cop-out. Plus, the Eagles center was recently married and the couple announced there is a baby on the way. Kelce might be more domesticated these days. Then again, he did just solicit the crowd for a beer at Carson Wentz’s charity softball game.

But Kelce owns a storied history with beer in this town. The most memorable moment came when he borrowed a police bike and chugged a beer during the team’s Super Bowl parade, impressively following it up with an epic and profanity-laden speech to end all speeches.


Not long after, he collaborated with a local brewery on a beer called “No One Likes Us, We Don’t Care” IPA and it sold out immediately. What else has this “everyman” done? He signed his contract at a UPS store, went to Ireland and toured the pubs during a bye week, frequently hangs out at the Jersey Shore and even took a turn playing saxophone with the Philadephia Orchestra. OK, maybe he should hold the top spot after all.

    1. 1. Jake Elliott Looks Like One of Us & Loves Craft Beer, That Should Be Reason Enough

Wait, you want to chug a beer with a kicker? Over Jason Kelce? Yes. Jake Elliott is one of the most underrated beer chuggers on the Eagles’ roster, and never misses an opportunity to throw shade at a divisional rival. He recently appeared on NFL Network’s “Good Morning, Football” to explain the crazy story of how he became a professional kicker.

    1. It included being picked out of a crowd at random by the varsity football coach during a high school pep rally. Two years later, after Elliott initially brushed off playing football, a wide receivers coach convinced him to kick. He now holds the record for the longest kick in franchise history, a 61-yarder to beat the hated New York Giants.
    2. More importantly, Elliott looks the part of a childhood friend. Measuring 5-foot-9 and 168 pounds, he’s the type of guy you would expect to run into at your corner bar. Elliott enjoys golfing and playing tennis while admitting to a severe deep-dish pizza addiction.

One more reason: Elliott loves craft beer. Last year, he helped brew a special beer called “4 The Win.” The kicker’s life has been the perfect script for a movie, similar to Vince Papale.

“Having a beer with my face on it is definitely something I never expected,” Elliott told Billy Penn. “It’s a pretty cool feeling and definitely can’t wait to have a new favorite beer for life.”

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