Jason Brown, ‘Last Chance U’: ‘Figuring Out My Next Move’

Last Chance U Coach

Twitter Last Chance U coach Jason Brown pictured with his new book.

Since “Last Chance U” ended, coach Jason Brown has found himself in controversy. After turning in his resignation, Brown now faces legal trouble amidst allegations that he pretended to be an attorney from Johnnie Cochran’s law office when contacting local media outlets. Brown is facing four counts of blackmail, four counts of identity theft and two misdemeanor counts of criminal false communication, per Parsons Sun.

Brown is not able to talk about the charges, but did provide a bit of a life update in a recent interview with 247 Sports.

“I’m chilling right now in San Diego,” Brown explained to 247 Sports. “I bought a house out here in California just figuring out my next move, to be honest. So we’ll see how it goes, but right now it’s just me and my dog chillin’.”

Jason Brown Noted Critics Have “No Clue” About the Challenges JUCO Coaches Face

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Brown originally noted to 247 Sports that he has not watched the latest season of “Last Chance U”, but told FS1 that he had watched the first four episodes. The former “Last Chance U” coach has a hearing scheduled for August 22nd where a judge will decide if there is enough evidence against Brown to warrant a trial. Brown was asked about his response to coaches and fans criticizing his approach.

“They’re probably Pop Warner or high school [coaches] that have no clue about dealing with single-parent kids at my level as far as the broken kids, the truly broken kids,” Brown noted to 247 Sports. “…A lot of those people don’t have a clue what I do at that level or what we do as JUCO coaches, period. I think they sit there and look while they eat donuts with their feet up and they watch these shows. They see me cuss at a few kids. I’ll say this, find a kid that bashes me on Twitter or a parent, I ain’t never seen it, have you? I don’t get it, so why are they judging me? I don’t get it. How about my 22 guys in the NFL or the 220 guys that went D1?”

Former Indy Player Jermaine Johnson Defended Brown

Jermaine Johnson was the top-ranked JUCO player in the nation and is headed to Athens to play for Georgia. Johnson may no longer be at Independence, but that did not stop him from defending Brown. Johnson took to Twitter to defend his former coach.

“Man that’s my dawg. He showed a lot of tough love lol but y’all ain’t see all the times he pulled me and other players to the side and showed us that personal support and reassurance that, in my opinion are important to a players development and success. All love @TheRealCoach_JB,” Johnson tweeted.

Kailon Davis, who is now playing at Arkansas State, also defended Brown on Twitter.

“Man coach brown is not like that man when my sister died that man called me in his office and gave me his word and said look him n his eyes I promise u gonna have D1 offers and look where I’m at today GOD BLESS U COACH ???????,” Johnson noted on Twitter.