Gemi Bordelon: Blonde ID’d in LSU’s ‘Get The Gat’ White House Viral Video

Tik-Tok/Facebook Gemi Bordelon and Ben Bordelon

While the Lousiana State University‘s football team visited the White House on Friday to celebrate winning the National College Football Championship, a TikTok video of the team performing the “Get the Gat” dance during their visit quickly went viral. Capturing fans’ attention, the gorgeous blonde woman who kicked off the dance. Who was this beautiful lady? And why was she at the White House with the Tigers?

Thanks to the power of social media, Gemi Bordelon was soon identified by her daughter, Brooke Bordelon. Gemi is the wife of former LSU football player Ben Bordelon, who went on to play offensive tackle for the San Diego Chargers in 1997. During his tenure at LSU, Benjamin Gerald Bordelon, who was a staggering 6 feet 6 inches and weighed 305 pounds in college, was a three-year starter and served as offensive captain during his senior year.

The “Get the Gat” dance was performed by Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Joe Burrow and the rest of the team after they defeated Clemson 42-25 on Monday night. The popular dance is done to Lil Elt’s song “Get the Gat.”

Before Mrs. Bordelon was identified, many fans online believed that she could be an employee of the LSU team or perhaps a staff member at the White House. But after Brooke Bordelon tweeted, “It would be my mother,” the mystery was solved.

So, Why Was Gemi Bordelon At The White House Celebrating With The LSU Tigers?

WBRZ confirmed through sources that the woman dancing in the video is indeed Gemi Bordelon.

As for why Bordelon was with the team during their White House visit, WBRZ explained that she and her husband have close ties to members of Louisiana’s congressional delegation. The family lives in Lafourche Parish, which is near Coach Ed Orgeron’s hometown.

Gemi and Ben Bordelon and their three children. (VSCO/brookemb01)

Gemi and Ben have three children together. Along with their daughter, Brooke, they have two sons. While Brooke keeps her Instagram page private, she shares her photos via her VSCO page, which includes numerous pictures of the family celebrating LSU’s national championship win. It’s clear Mr. and Mrs. Bordelon have raised their children to be an incredibly close family unit, and celebrating LSU football is one of their favorite shared activities.

What Is Ben Bordelon Up To Now?

Gemi and Ben Bordelon and their three children. (VSCO/brookemb01)

With professional football behind him, Bordelon moved back to Lousiana and now works for Bollinger Shipyards, according to his LinkedIn profile. The former star LSU offensive player has been CEO and President of Bollinger Shipyards since 2000. His grandfather, Donald G. Bollinger, founded the company.

As stated on their official website, Bollinger Shipyards, which is based in Lockport, Louisiana, is “one of the nation’s most respected employers providing services to a diversified customer base… Today, thousands of Bollinger professionals proudly strive to uphold the standards of excellence which have guided Bollinger for more than half a century.”

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