NFL Teams Share a Key Doubt About Jadeveon Clowney: Report

Seattle Seahawks

Getty Jadeveon Clowney may end up on a one-year contract.

Jadeveon Clowney remaining on the market one month into free agency indicates there is a disconnect on the pass rusher’s value. Much has been made about Clowney’s injury history, but there is also a concern about Clowney’s effort level after he receives his next contract, per Pro Football Network’s Tony Pauline.

“I’m hearing that that number [for the Seahawks’ offer] is actually even lower,” Pauline explained on the Draft Insiders podcast. “In fact, it could be under $15 million right now for Jadeveon Clowney, $15 million a year. And the reason is the market has pretty much collapsed for Clowney. There is not a huge market, there are a lot of teams that are worried that once he gets the big contract, and he gets the stupid money he’s basically going to turn it off. There is some concern about that. Once he gets paid, it’s going to be half-hearted efforts out there.”

NFL Teams Are Concerned About Clowney’s Effort Level If He Signs a Lucrative Contract

Pauline went on to cite Muhammad Wilkerson as a popular comparison of a player who underperformed after receiving a massive contract. The challenge for Clowney is it appears the Seahawks are moving on, but another team has not emerged as a likely suitor at Clowney’s asking price.

“Somebody I spoke with tonight compared it to the Muhammad Wilkerson situation…It was a situation where Wilkerson signed a huge contract, and boom, that was it,” Pauline continued. “There was little, if any effort, from him. That is a concern with Jadeveon Clowney. There is not a lot of suitors. It is not a huge market. I am told if the opportunity presents itself where he can get out of Seattle, he would be more apt to do that right now. But we’ll see…As we said a week ago, with the inability to examine players, Clowney has had his share of injuries throughout his career. With the inability to really sit down and talk with some of these players, Clowney may just end up in Seattle because he may not have any other options.”

The Seahawks Face a “Slim” Chance of Re-Signing Clowney

NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo is pessimistic about the Seahawks’ chances of re-signing Clowney. Garafolo told Seattle 950 KJR that the Seahawks have moved on from Clowney and described the likelihood of the pass rusher remaining with the team as “slim to none.”

“I don’t know if he’s going to be back in Seattle,” Garafolo told KJR. “The chances are slim to none…Seahawks potentially moving on to plan B, C & D. The Seahawks aren’t actively chasing Clowney right now. But who knows, never say never.”

Garafolo’s comments come just a few days after ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported that the Browns were close to signing Clowney before the deal fell through. ESPN also reported that Clowney lowered his asking price but so far it has not helped the pass rusher find a new contract. The Seattle Times’ Bob Condotta noted that Clowney could extend his free agency into training camp in hopes that the NFL’s travel restrictions will be lifted in a few months.

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