Matt Ryan, Kurt Benkert Among Falcons to Speak Out on George Floyd’s Death

MAtt Ryan

Getty Matt Ryan #2 of the Atlanta Falcons.

Peaceful protests broke out in Atlanta on Friday and later turned into violent riots and looting. Atlanta Falcons players turned to social media as a platform to stand with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Matt Ryan Ready to Listen  & Learn

Atlanta Falcons’ long-time starting quarterback Matt Ryan took to Instagram to share his voice on the inexcusable murder of George Floyd.

Ryan will never know what it feels to have darker skin but he vowed to listen and learn “with all humanity and compassion” to those who do.

The MVP quarterback emphasized that the “least” people can do is use their voice if nothing else.


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Kurt Benkert’s “Eye-Opening” Experience

Falcons backup QB, Kurt Benkert shared an emotional experience on Twitter while playing at the University of Virginia.

Kurt continued his battle cry as people filled his Twitter mentions referring to the people of color as his brothers and sisters.

So many missing the point. People are more mad about looters than the fact that my brothers and sisters of color have to fear for their lives anytime they encounter a police officer. This is something that doesn’t cross my mind if I get a traffic ticket. That’s the problem & more.

He made emphasized that buildings are replaceable and lives are not.

If you are mad about the protests & buildings being burned, you really need to check yourself. Buildings are replaceable, lives are not. How many lives have to be taken for no reason before there are actual repercussions and change is made.

Benkert also made it clear that the protesters have every right to be as loud as they need until they are heard.

Lastly, if I get 1 more comment saying I’m inciting violence… ever heard the saying “well, I don’t blame them.” ? I’m not saying cool go burn things, but they sure got the message across right? When you are being ignored, the louder you get the harder it is to be ignored.

Kaleb McGary Revieves Backlash Which Enlightens His Views

Falcons offensive tackle Kaleb McGary tweeted out a senseless tweet once the riots began to break out. His tweet was shortly deleted as other accounts attacked him, calling him racist and people even edited memes of him dressed as the KKK.

McGary took responsibility for his actions and poor word choice and apologized to his followers.

One sad and senseless death is too many and this trend has to stop. I know I will never experience the same feeling some of my brothers and sisters feel and I cannot pretend that I will. I apologize for my previous misguided choice of words and the hurt they have caused, that was not my intent. I recognize I shouldn’t have said what I said and I am learning from this.

While other Falcons players shared their voices, these three teammates all have one thing in common, they’re skin color. They made it loud and clear that they hear the cries for help and they’re standing with you, together, in Brotherhood.

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