NFL Network’s Adam Rank Says Falcons Fans Are Overthinking Facing Tom Brady

Falcons Tom Brady

Getty Robert Alford #23 of the Atlanta Falcons runs past Tom Brady #12 during Super Bowel 51.

The Atlanta Falcons are heading into the 2020 season with one of the toughest schedules.

The Falcons are put to the test right off of the bat in the first four weeks. They will face the Seahawks Week 1 at Mercedes Benz Stadium and then head to Dallas to play the Cowboys in Dallas. Week 3 could be a nice break against the Bears, but the Atlanta faces Aaron Rodgers come Week 4.

In the final three weeks of the season, the Falcons will face Tom Brady and then the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Chiefs, and finished the season seeing Brady again.

Adam Rank’s State of the Franchise

In NFL Network’s Adam Rank’s State of the Franchise on the Atlanta Falcons, he discusses where the Falcons were last year and where they are headed.

One storyline he talks about is that Falcons fans are overthinking having to play Tom Brady twice.

Here’s what Rank wrote:

… people are overthinking: Facing Tom Brady twice. Listen, I’m a Bears fan. I know what it’s like to have to continually live with infamous moments. Like, anytime Patrick Mahomes does something great, we have to hear about how he was the second quarterback selected in the 2017 NFL Draft, eight spots after the Bears took Mitch Trubisky. I understand how much the Falcons’ fans are over hearing about 28-3, and how much worse that’s going to be now that Atlanta is scheduled to face Brady — who, of course, engineered that collapse with the Patriots and joined the Buccaneers this offseason — twice in the NFC South. That’s pretty rough, and I feel for you. But hopefully after that first meeting, everyone will get it out of their system and move on. (Well, maybe not, after the Bucs trade for Julian Edelman at the deadline.)

While Rank has one foot in and one foot out, he makes a good point that the Falcons really just need to focus on the first meeting. Take it one game at a time and not worry about the noise or the beaten-to-death 28-3 joke.

Prior to this storyline, Rank said that people are overlooking the fact that the Falcons offense has improved with the addition of Matt Hennessy and Chris Lindstrom’s return.

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Why Atlanta Falcons Offense Has Improved

Falcons allowed 50 sacks and 136 quarterback hits last season but should see a turnaround this season.

‘Temple Made’ Matthew Hennessy joins the Falcons’ offensive line as a left guard who was ranked top center in the 2020 NFL Draft class.

Chris Lindstrom who we saw light up the field before breaking his foot is returning healthy.

Kaleb McGary should have his breakout season since a rookies’ second year is where they seem to improve the most.

We’ll watch Thomas Dimitroff‘s investment in the offensive line finally take off.

There Is an Emphasis on a Strong Start

The Falcons have had a 7-9 record for two consecutive straight seasons. Dan Quinn and Dimitroff got a second chance. But Rank was right when he said they won’t be getting a third if they don’t perform well.

However, Quinn figured out how to turn the defense around in the middle of the season last year and made some quality decisions this offseason.

If the Falcons can start the year how they finished last year and use their new weapons with their old, they’re going to be a threat in the NFC South.

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