Falcons Rookie DT Said to Be One of NFL Draft’s Biggest Steals

Marlon Davidson

Getty Marlon Davidson #3 of the Auburn Tigers.

Are we surprised? Absolutely not. The Atlanta Falcons are getting hammered with bad comments after bad comments for their draft picks. Yet, there are some critics who actually understand why they picked who they picked after studying the film.

Touchdown Wire’s Doug Farrar is one of the draft experts who has strong praise for the Falcons’ new defensive tackle, Marlon Davidson. Farrar named Davidson one out of 15 players as the draft’s biggest steals.

Ranked 1 Out of 15

Here’s what Farrar had to say:

How did Davidson last until the 47th overall pick in the second round, despite all kinds of first-round tape? At 6-foot-3 and 303 pounds, Davidson may be considered too much of a “tweener” for some teams, especially as an edge-rusher, which is what he did a lot in college. But he should do well at the next level as an undersized interior guy, best-served working between the center’s outside shoulder and the tackle’s inside shoulder. He’ll put up a ton of pressures in that role, and since he’ll be doing it for the Falcons, his chances for success are higher. Atlanta head coach Dan Quinn is one of the NFL’s more creative thinkers when it comes to multi-gap defenders, and given Davidson’s ability to run gaps up and down the line, it’s a really nice fit.

That’s one hell of a compliment.

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The Most Savage

Davidson is going to make an impact on day 1. You can just feel it. He’s also a fan favorite so don’t forget to get your jersey before they sell out.

Farrar’s analysis on Davidson isn’t the only standing ovation kind of compliment he’s gotten. He was also named the draft’s “most savage” player after an interview of him at the combine went viral.

“What I love most about the game? Most about the game…this is true now, this is true, Davidson said.  I love most about the game is that I can literally go out there and hit a man consistently and pound him, and the police not come. That is the most enjoyable moment about the ball—to go out there and just really abuse somebody. And they won’t say nothing about it in the press, anything. I ain’t on no headlines or handcuffs, no bullet shots, no nothing. I’m out there just physically abusing a man.”

Falcons Cloned Grady Jarrett

Dan Quinn has emphasized wanting to get more pass rush from the interior. Davidson is their weapon. This man is quick for his size and hungry to get to the QB. Opposing teams better watch out. Ultimately, the Falcons just added another Grady Jarrett.

Jarrett is 303 pounds and Davidson is about the same size. They both have size 10 hands and both have nimble feet. They know how to shoot gaps and disrupt the run and can apply quarterback pressure inside which the Falcons are looking to improve greatly. They also each have that “go, go, go” personality.

Jarrett, of course, has turned into an All-Pro. Davidson? Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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