Conor McGregor Eating Bees From a Tiny Jar [WATCH]

UFC's Conor McGregor right, Bumblebee left


UFC superstar Conor McGregor was eating some bees recently while sitting poolside with his family, and the Irishman posted a video of the incident on Instagram. Those Instagram stories were then captured and reposted on Twitter by BT Sport’s Chamatkar Sandhu so you could enjoy watching it, too.

Behold, McGregor eating bees from a tiny jar filled with more bees.

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Who Will McGregor Fight Next?

McGregor publically accepted former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s surprising challenge last week, but that fight isn’t likely to happen.

First, McGregor is barely even a welterweight at this point in his career, so facing a challenger as huge as the 185-pound Silva doesn’t seem very feasible at all.

Second, Silva is 45 years old and has lost six of his last seven fights, so he probably doesn’t make much sense as a potential superfight opponent for anyone at this point in his career, especially the UFC’s biggest star.

Than means McGregor vs. Silva isn’t likely to happen no matter how much weight the Irishman adds to his body by eating jars of bees and other foods.

But McGregor also doesn’t seem to be on his way to facing UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman next either.

Like Silva, Usman publically challenged McGregor last week.

Like Silva, Usman is probably a little too big for McGregor.

Unlike Silva, the Nigerian-born American didn’t get an answer back from McGregor.

UFC president Dana White later revealed to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto that Usman’s likely list of potential title challengers for the champ’s next bout would not include McGregor.

So while many are left to wonder who McGregor might be taking on next, we at least know who he probably won’t be fighting.

McGregor’s Opponent Options Keep Dwindling Down

McGregor has long coveted a rematch against UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, and he at least seemed on pace to face rising contender-turned-interim champion Justin Gaethje before UFC 249 last month.

But now that Nurmagomedov-Gaethje is on the horizon, McGregor’s potential opponent options have dwindled down considerably.

In fact, the only name that makes any sort of sense at all right now is probably Nate Diaz.

The American split two fights with McGregor back in 2016, and the rivalry was so good that it probably still deserves a rubber match.

But Diaz might be headed toward a rematch against Jorge Masvidal instead.

So who knows who McGregor will end up inside the UFC’s Octagon against for his next bout?

On top of that, McGregor hasn’t yet officially confirmed when he plans on fighting again.

So who knows when McGregor will return?

What we do know is that McGregor was sitting around recently eating some bees from a tiny jar filled with more bees.

That probably doesn’t have anything to do with who he might be fighting later this year, but at least it’s fun to watch.

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