Matt Ryan Praises Patrick Mahomes’ Outrageous Contract Deal

Matt Ryan

Getty Matt Ryan #2 of the Atlanta Falcons.

A few weeks ago, Patrick Mahomes signed a half-billion 10-year contract extension to become the richest athlete in North America sports history. Mahomes more than doubled Atlanta Falcons’ quarterback Matt Ryan’s worth at just 24-years-old.

At this point, Ryan should walk into Thomas Dimtroff’s office and demand a raise, but that’s not the kind of guy he is.

ESPN’s Vaughn McClure asked Ryan his thought on Mahome’s new deal and he had a class act response:

“Man, it’s a good time to be a QB in the NFL, right? I’m happy for him, Ryan said of Mahomes. He’s an unbelievable player; has had an unbelievable career so far. For him to kind of have that long-term security… like I said it’s a good time to be a QB in this league.’’

A Three Crown Guy

Mahomes has already reached his peak with a Super Bowl title, MVP, and NFL MVP which is incredible. And it’s great for him to that security for himself, his family, and future but is he really worth that much?

It kind of just makes every other QB in the NFL ever look like a clown.

NFL contracts are supposed to be based on two things; what you have done up to this point and what you will do in the future.

Mahomes was drafted in 2017 and while he had an outstanding 2019 career, he has a lifetime to go.

Matt Ryan’s 12-year consistency still outshines Mahomes’ Super Bowl ring.

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People Love to Downplay Matt Ryan

Sure Mahomes took the Kansas City Chiefs to their first Super Bowl in 50 years, but he still has a long time (12 years) to go.

Here you have a guy like Matt Ryan with the most passing yards in the first 10 years of a career, fastest player to throw for 40,000 yards, and one of ONLY two quarterbacks in league history to throw for 50,000 yards and 300 touchdowns in their first 12 NFL seasons.

Matt Ryan came to the rescue when Mike Vick was sent to jail and the Falcons head coach Bobby Petrino left Atlanta in the dust to coach at Arkansas.

Ryan made the Falcons better in every aspect and turned the face of the Falcons who were an absolute joke at the time to a contender.

If Matt Ryan Had a Ring, He’d Be Paid More Too

If only Matt Ryan had a ring by now would he be well respected and paid exactly what he’s worth. Instead, he settles and is constantly bashed for the 28-3 blow against the Patriots.

The Falcons should up his pay anyway for his accomplishments aside from being the most accurate and reliable QB in Falcons’ franchise.

Here’s what Ryan has done for Atlanta so far:

  • Accounted for six of franchise’s 14 playoff appearances
  • Led half od the franchise’s playoff wins
  • Matt has posted nearly a third of all Falcons victories in franchise history (109/365) as well as seven of the Falcons 17 winning seasons, in just 12 seasons
  • Oh, and half of his 80 career losses have been by only one touchdown or less.
  • First and only MVP in Falcons’ franchise history

Dak Prescott, Kirk Cousins, and even Carson Wentz are high paid quarterbacks than Ryan.

Ryan might not be the fasted QB in the game or never make mistakes, but he has given his team a chance to go out there and win every single Sunday. Ryan deserves more money but he’s not the type to demand it.

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