Trouble Brewing Within the Washington NFL Franchise: Report


The NFL franchise in Washington has had an eventful offseason. The organization will change its name after years of backlash and more major news could be on the horizon.

There’s a growing buzz within media circles that some negative developments will drop this week.

Bombshell Dropping Soon?

There was speculation that unflattering news about the organization could come out on Tuesday. Now, it appears that Thursday will be the date that the bombshell drops.

The franchise recently fired their director of pro personnel Alex Santos and assistant pro personnel Richard Mann II. They have since been replaced. The team added former Redskins tight end Don Warren as the assistant director of pro personnel, which brought some excitement to fans. However, perhaps details surrounding the dismal of Santos and Mann may put a blanket on any kind of enthusiasm for the organization.

Additionally, the team’s minority owners have been looking for ways to sell their shares. Perhaps they know about the news that is about to drop. Dan Synder only owns 60 percent of the team and three investors own the remaining 40 percent.

Name Change Prevented Sale of Team?

During a recent Pardon the Interruption, ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser said that he believes money is ultimately the reason Synder made the decision to change the team name.

“What is happening now, and the smartest man I ever met in television, Don Ohmeyer, would have predicted this, because he said the answer to all your questions is money,” Kornheiser said (h/t Pro Football Talk). “Dan Snyder was going to lose money. His partners want to sell. They want to bail out.”

Kornheiser insinuated that the league may have forced Synder to sell if he didn’t change the name.

“If he had not changed this name, he would have gone down the route of Marge Schott and Donald Sterling and Jerry Richardson,” Kornheiser said. “They would have said, ‘You have to sell the team.’

“…He went absolutely kicking and screaming, and I’m sure at some point they said, ‘Do you want to continue owning this team? Because if you do, that name is out.’”

Dwayne Haskins’ Supports New Name

It’s not yet known what the franchise in Washington will be called after it retired the Redskins’ name. Quarterback Dwayne Haskins has a suggestion for the team’s new name.

“I like the redtails,” Haskins recently tweeted.

Haskins, who was the No. 15 overall pick in the 2019 draft, will enter year two of his NFL career as the starter in Washington. The franchise has faith that the former Ohio State Buckeye can be the QB of the future and former Super Bowl-winning QB Doug Williams believes in Haskins’ talent (via Pro Football Action).

“I don’t care who came out this year, last year, there’s not a quarterback that’s come out in the last two years that has the ability – from an arm strength standpoint and arm talent – that Dwayne Haskins has,” Williams said.

Other quarterbacks that have been drafted in 2019 or 2020 include Cardinals’ Kyler Murray, Giants’ Daniel Jones, and Bengals’ Joe Burrow.

Haskins threw seven touchdowns and seven interceptions last season. He had a 56.8 completion percentage and managed 6.7 yards per attempt.

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