‘That’s Unacceptable’: Ex-NFL QB Rips Eagles, Carson Wentz ‘Didn’t Make One Play’

Carson Wentz, Doug Pederson

Getty Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz were both forced out of Philadelphia after a rough 2020 season for the Eagles.

It’s entirely possible the Eagles will be embarking on a coaching search in two months. Doug Pederson should be safe — Super Bowl rings have a funny way of securing jobs — but the team needs to shake up their collaborative coaching staff on offense. One name at the top of the list is Dan Orlovsky. He was rumored to be in consideration last year.

Orlovsky, a journeyman quarterback for much of his 12-year NFL career, is a rising star analyst for ESPN and often defends Carson Wentz and the Eagles on the national airwaves. He wants to see the franchise succeed since he is married to a Philly girl. But Orlovsky revealed that “Sundays stink right now at my house” during an epic rant on “Get Up.”

He went on to supply a tangible list of grievances against Wentz, Pederson and the entire Eagles’ organization on Monday following the team’s dismal 27-17 loss. It was insightful. It was thoughtful. It was, unfortunately, true. Here it is, transcribed in full:

“I’m busy Monday through Saturday, so Sunday is my time to be at home, to be a little bit with my family, to watch the games, my wife is from Philadelphia … Sundays stink right now at my house. My wife is miserable. I have a list of gripes with Philly right now.”

“You come off your bye week and that’s your best plan? Like this is your best plan off your bye week? First of all, stop with the two-point conversions. You don’t get more points the more two-point conversions you get every game. I mean, they’re still only worth two points. You can kick extra points in the second or third quarters. It is totally legal to do.

“Third of all, the quarterback, Carson Wentz, he didn’t make one play. You get paid way too much money and usually, you have one play a game where I go, ‘Wow, that was a sick play.’ You didn’t have one. That’s unacceptable.

“Fourth, defense. Do you have any idea on how to stop quarterback run? Have you guys seen zone-read, I don’t know, in the past 20 years in football? You saw it two weeks ago. Was there any plan to stop quarterback run? Can we stop using Jalen Hurts? It’s not working, guys. We’re 10 weeks in, it’s not benefiting your football team.

“And this is my biggest complaint. It took until the third quarter — seven minutes and 16 seconds left on the clock — to get Carson Wentz out of the pocket, against a defense for the Giants that is ranked 26th in the NFL of defending quarterbacks outside the pocket. This is unacceptable game-planning. It’s an unacceptable performance from the players.”

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Rex Ryan Picks Giants to Win NFC East

Former Jets and Bills coach Rex Ryan serves as Orlovsky’s co-host on “Get Up” and he had a few opinions on Sunday’s game as well. Instead of laying into the Eagles, Ryan chose to praise the Giants for a gutty win. He was especially pleased with the way Joe Judge called the game and handled the pressure.

Ryan, the son of famed Eagles coach Buddy Ryan, believes New York is the best team in the NFC East and picked the Giants to ultimately win the NFL’s worst division. According to ESPN’s Football Power Index, the Eagles are still the favorites. They have a 64% chance to win it and should do it with a 6-9-1 record.

“It’s going to be the Giants and, look, I have not been a Joe Judge fan — Joe Badass and all, that stinks,” Ryan said. “I’ll tell you what, he got my respect and he earned his team’s respect the night before the game. What he did was absolutely brilliant. He showed effort plays, hustle plays, passion, and he said, ‘This is our football team.’ And, to me, all of a sudden the Giants came out a different team, like they could breathe a little bit. And it wasn’t Joe Badass, it was Joe’s one of us.”

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