5 Best Functional Trainers: Compare & Save

A functional trainer isn’t the most compact piece of home equipment, but it allows you to complete several movements and exercises without switching to another machine. Whether you’re looking for a compact trainer or one with all the bells and whistles, we’ve rounded up the best functional trainers for your home gym.

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force usa f50
  • Has a 2:1 pulley ratio
  • Landmine attachment
  • Generous interior work space
Price: $1,999.99 Shop now at Force USA Shop now Read our review
titan fitness functional trainer
  • Solid steel construction
  • Upscale silver and black design
  • Comes with numerous accessories
Price: $2,119.99 Shop now at Titan Fitness Shop now Read our review
best functional trainer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Solid choice for family use
  • Can be adjusted in many ways
  • Dual 200-pound weight stacks
Price: $2,644.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
hulkfit Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Adjustable pulley system
  • Easy to assemble
  • Designed for heavy, consistent use
Price: $740.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
functional trainer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Built for heavy use
  • Comes with an ankle cuff
  • Supports up to 315 pounds
Price: $4,040.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Force USA F50 Multi-Functional Trainer

    Price: $1,999.99
    • Features a Smith machine fixed barbell
    • Functional training cable has an aircraft rating of 2,000 pounds
    • Can be used for over 75 different exercises
    • Doesn't include weights or a bench
    • Leg press attachment isn't included
    • Smith machine isn't counterbalanced

    The Force USA F50 Multi-Functional Trainer is an entry-level alternative to its more comprehensive F100 multi-functional trainer. While the F100 offers extras such as a suspension training system and pin-loaded weights, the F50 is a very solid value for your home gym.

    It’s less expensive than the premium F100, but the F50 is far from incapable. This multifaceted machine is a functional trainer, power rack, core trainer, smith machine, dip, low row station and chin-up station in one.

    With four feet of usable interior workout space, you’ll never feel cramped as you’re pushing your limits. This Force USA functional trainer measures 83 inches wide, 69 inches deep and 92 inches high. It also has a weight rating of 882 pounds. The cables can withstand a monstrous 2,000-pound load, while the chin-up bar and Smith machines share a 662-pound weight capacity.

    To help you reach your weightlifting goals, this multi-function trainer features an 8-in-1 strength training system and a 2:1 cable pulley ratio. You’ll also find an assortment of 11 different attachments, including j-hooks, a lat pulldown bar, landmine, front safeties, dip handles, 8-link chain set and more.

    The included F-series barbell features Olympic sleeves and handily coverts the landmine attachment into a core station.

    A loading capacity of 240 pounds per side invites you to explore various cable exercises in many different directions using the optimal amount of resistance. Then there’s the core trainer for rotational torso training.

    You’ll also find a power rack with adjustable j-hooks and 4x Olympic weight plate holders. Other features include an ergonomic chin-up and pull-up station with multiple grip options and dip handle attachments that can be adjusted vertically to accommodate weight belts or resistance bands.

    You can use the low row footplate with the cable pulley system to get in a rewarding full-body workout. There’s even an option to use a heavy bag or resistance bands with the suspension trainer stirrup.

    You might understandably feel overwhelmed by the seemingly dizzying array of workout options. That’s why Force USA has included a built-in exercise chart with over 36 exercises to push you to new limits. Not only does this chart demonstrate how to effectively target the key muscle groups, it also clearly demonstrates the appropriate movement patterns to ensure safe and effective workouts.


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  2. 2. Titan Fitness All-in-One Functional Trainer

    • Weight stack offers up to 200 pounds on each side
    • Freely adjust the pulley position
    • Handle height can be adjusted in 20 different positions
    • Assembly required
    • Not very compact
    • Can take awhile to ship

    Enjoy uninterrupted workouts on the Titan Fitness All-in-One Functional Trainer, which packs just about everything you need into a compact package for your home gym. The included weight stack offers 10 to 200 pounds per side to help you reach your fitness goals in the comfort of your home.

    When you’re investing in the best home gym equipment, you want to make sure you’re getting a product that will last. Titan Fitness built this functional trainer using durable steel to ensure it can handle heavy, repeated use. You can also rest assured that the machine won’t tip or sway as you’re testing your limits thanks to its wide, stable base. A 2:1 pulley ratio offers plenty of resistance and adequate travel for your functional training needs.

    Whether you’re aiming for a PR or you’re simply trying to stay in shape, you’ll find countless features to build muscle and confidence. For example, you can adjust the pulley handle in 20 unique vertical positions. This functional trainer also comes with accessories such as long and short bar handles, a rope handle, single and double D handles and dual short strap handles.

    Size matters when it comes to choosing the appropriate equipment for your home gym. This Titan Fitness functional trainer measures 82 inches high, 64 inches wide and 44 inches deep. The long bar measures 49 inches and the short bar measures 15.5 inches.

    The options are seemingly endless with this functional trainer, as you can perform low rows and pull-downs, squats, step-ups, lunges and more.

  3. 3. XMark Functional Trainer

    • Quick-adjust pulleys with 19 settings
    • Comes with several different accessories
    • Split-grip bar for pull-ups and chin-ups
    • Not recommended for dips
    • No room for an Olympic bar
    • Weight bench sold separately

    The XM-7626 by XMark Fitness is a functional trainer for the whole family, as it’s highly adjustable for virtually any height. The trainer has quick-adjust pulleys with 19 settings, with 3.5-inch spaces between. You’ll find dual 200-pound weight stacks along with a commercial-grade pull-up rig and pulley system.

    Several accessories are included, such as a short and long bar, leg extension curl, ankle strap, hand straps and a tricep rope. A workout poster to give you some extra guidance during workouts. You can use the split-grip pull-up bar for chin-ups and pull-ups.

    You can use a weight bench with this trainer, although you’ll need to purchase the bench separately.

  4. 4. HulkFit Cable Crossover

    • Updated roller system keeps workouts moving without a hitch
    • Huge 1,000-pound weight capacity
    • Extra-long weight posts hold more weight
    • Can't easily remove the pull-up bar
    • Won't work with non-HulkFit power cages
    • Weight pegs aren't the best quality

    Turn your HulkFit machine into a monster functional trainer with this cable crossover attachment. The machine is compatible with all HulkFit power cages.

    Once it’s installed, the machine has a monster 1,000-pound weight capacity that even the most experienced lifters will appreciate. The recommended capacity is around 500 pounds. No matter how much weight you add, the structure will stay put thanks to its heavy-duty steel frame construction.

    Not only does the wide base make it more secure, it also means you have full range of motion. Rubber feet add an additional element of security while protecting your home gym floors. Long two-inch diameter posts hold several weight plates at once.

    An updated roller system keeps workouts moving without a hitch, even at a higher weight capacity. Other perks include an adjustable pulley system and security knobs attached to the pulleys.

  5. 5. FreeMotion Dual Cable EXT Crossover

    • Enclosed weight stacks
    • Can be used by two people at once
    • Arms rotate to accommodate most movements
    • Some complaints of cables sticking
    • Doesn't come with a workout bench
    • Not the easiest to assemble

    Upgrade your fitness routine with the FreeMotion EXT Dual Cable Crossover, which stands out for its ability to withstand frequent, heavy use. This piece of home gym equipment is made with heavy-gauge steel tubing and can support up to 315 pounds. It’s also powder-coated for peace of mind.

    Instead of trying to decide whether to work your arms or legs, you can easily do both with this machine. The FreeMotion system is uniquely designed to maximize your activity range and give you plenty of room to complete your favorite moves. Even the arms are specifically designed to rotate in nearly any way to accommodate most movements.

    Not only are the enclosed weight stacks safer, this setup can help minimize noise. An included ankle cuff makes leg workouts that much more comfortable. This machine has two weight stacks, each of which weighs 210 pounds so that two people can use the machine at the same time.

Which Functional Trainer Is Best for Home Use?

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans suggest at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week, including at least two days of muscle-strengthening activity, any functional trainer that gets you motivated and moving is a worthwhile investment.

As with most other home gym equipment, some features can make one functional trainer more appealing than the next. For example, if you want to do some serious weightlifting, consider a trainer with a larger weight stack or dual weight stacks. We recommend the Body-Solid Powerline PFT100, which includes two 160-pound weight stacks and can be upgraded, and the Powertec Functional Trainer, which has a maximum load capacity of 1,000 pounds.

Some functional trainers also double as a smith or cable crossover machine. These hybrid machines are generally more expensive, but can't be beaten when it comes to full-body workouts. If a hybrid personal trainer is more your style, check out the Force USA Monster G3 or the Inspire Fitness FT2.

Regardless of which best functional trainer is right for you, there are certain things you can do to get the most out of each workout. For example, this Self.com article recommends foam rolling before a workout to loosen up and enjoy a greater range of motion.

If you don't yet own a foam roller, check out our best foam rollers for fitness or the best vibrating foam roller for a more massage-like experience.

What's the Difference Between a Functional Trainer and a Crossover Cable Machine?

Cable crossovers and functional trainers have a lot in common, but there are some notable differences. For example, you can do presses with a functional trainer, but not with a cable crossover. While cable crossovers generally provide more space to perform your favorite movements, they tend to require more space. A functional trainer with a smaller footprint can be a better option for your home gym.

Working out using a functional trainer doesn't mean that you won't be able to do cable crossovers, either. If you plan on doing these types of workouts regularly, though, you'll probably want a larger trainer for an adequate range of motion.

The XMark Functional Trainer doubles as a crossover machine, as does the Rep Fitness FT-5000.

How about a Functional Trainer and a Smith Machine?

When used on its own, a Smith machine can feel a lot more restrictive than a functional trainer. That's because you're lifting a barbell that's attached to steel rails and can't perform anything other than straight up and down movements.

A Smith machine nestled into a functional trainer gives you that extra advantage of getting in some serious weight lifting time as well as full-body workouts.

The Inspire Fitness FT2 and Force USA Monster G3 both have Smith stations.

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