Jon Jones Sicks Dog and Pulls Gun on Man With Knife [WATCH]

UFC Star Jon Jones


UFC star Jon Jones posted a video on Instagram that showed him being confronted by an angry man while driving, with the UFC fighter ultimately containing the situation by sending his dog to attack the would-be assailant before Jones draws his gun on the man who is later to shown be carrying a knife.

You can watch the entire sequence of events via Jones’ Instagram post below.

It would seem that Jones posted the video of what appears to be a staged event to show the effectiveness of a well-trained canine as well as proper weapon handling during a potentially dangerous situation.

As a well-known UFC celebrity, Jones has probably dealt with being accosted by would-be tough-guys in his life before.

Jones posted the video with a caption of, “when keeping it real goes wrong.”

Read About What Happens in Wild Video

In the video, Jones is seen to be out for a drive with his well-trained German Shepherd dog, Dutch.

Jones is being followed very closely by a man in a truck honking at him. The man pulls ahead of Jones and cuts him off, causing him to pull off the road and come to a stop.

The man gets out of his truck and begins yelling at Jones, attempting to bait him into a fight. It should be noted the man in the video was wearing protective gear for the coming dog attack, which is one of the ways viewers are clued into it being staged and not a spontaneous altercation.

The man in the video retrieves what the viewer later learns is a knife from the bed of the mans’ truck and turns back towards Jones who is still in his vehicle.

It’s at this point that Jones directs Dutch to subdue his would-be attacker. Dutch jumps from Jones’ vehicle, runs toward the man and grabs hold of his arm with his mouth. Then, Dutch wrangles the man around and down to the ground.

Jones approaches with his gun drawn, pointed down at the ground and away from the man. Jones calmly instructs the man to drop the knife.

The man drops the knife and profusely apologizes while Dutch keeps a tight grip on his arm with his jaw.

Jones kicks the knife away from the man and inquires what the man was thinking when instigating this entire sequence of events.

The entire time Dutch keeps a tight grip on the man. Jones finally instructs Dutch to release the man and return to the vehicle.

At the end of the video, Jones and Dutch safely drive away.

The man writhes in pain and offers some choice words for the UFC superstar after he departs.

Even staged, it’s quite the sequence of events to behold, especially for Jones’ fans that might be missing seeing him in dangerous situations in UFC fights.

Jones Moving up To Heavyweight

Jones relinquished his light heavyweight title over the summer and began preparing for a move up to the heavyweight division.

It’s still unknown who the UFC superstar and pound-for-pound king will face in the Octagon in his new weight class.

When former UFC champion Brock Lesnar failed to renew his contract with the WWE, many insiders speculated Lesnar might make a return to the UFC. That led to dreams for a superfight between Lesnar and Jones, but the fight has yet to materialize.

For now, Jones waits with the rest of us to find out his next move.

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