Austin Dillon Embraces Owner’s Mindset at RCR

Getty Austin Dillon has embraced a bigger role at Richard Childress Racing.

Austin Dillon is first and foremost a NASCAR Cup Series competitor. His focus remains on contending for a championship, but he has also taken on an owner’s mindset at Richard Childress Racing.

This change was not intentional, but it is evident when Dillon talks. He has been very vocal in recent months when discussing the organization’s outlook, the addition of Kyle Busch to the driver lineup, and the communication between the members of the team.

“My heart is this organization, putting it out front, the [No. 3] and the [No. 8],” Dillon said during a media session at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. “We have great partners on the 3 car, so we’ve got to do our part to win as well, but it definitely helps when your teammate’s out there running well. The both of us can work together to get what we want, and that’s the championship for RCR.

“I mean, don’t let it overshadow the fact that I’m working my tail off right now as a racecar driver at Chevy Tech Center, and I want to be the one bringing home every victory. But when we both do it, it’s going to be nice too.”

Dillon Can Still Compartmentalize When Competing at Various Tracks

The owner’s mindset shows up when Dillon meets with media members or when he heads into the FOX Sports booth to help provide analysis for select Xfinity Series races. When he is in the car, the focus remains on pursuing stage points and wins.

Dillon is successful when it comes to focusing on his specific roles at specific times. When he is on the track, he is on a mission to put the No. 3 Chevrolet in Victory Lane. He only really thinks about the other RCR entry when he wants to share some data.

“You know in the back of your head if your teammate’s having a good run,” Dillon said. “‘Hey, what are they doing? What can we do to get our car to where they’re at?’

“Our cars are pretty similar most weeks so we can make some minor adjustments to get closer if they’re making good adjustments. Same with them. If we’re making good adjustments, like the Clash, they were able to head our direction and get better.”

Dillon’s Passion for Richard Childress Racing is Evident

Austin Dillon

GettyAustin Dillon waves to fans at Auto Club Speedway.

Dillon has spoken openly about Busch’s early-season success on multiple occasions. He has also celebrated Xfinity Series wins by Richard Childress Racing driver Austin Hill when given the chance.

Where does this passion for Richard Childress Racing come from? The answer is simple. Dillon has spent his entire life seeing firsthand the amount of effort required to turn the organization into one that can contend for wins and championships. There will be a point when he has to take leadership.

“I mean, it’s my family, it’s blood,” Dillon continued. “I’ve seen my grandfather pour everything he’s got into this organization, and I want to continue this tradition with any way possible.

“You know, the effort, the persistence that he carries [to] these racetracks, coming at his age every weekend and being there for our people. I just want to show that the same type of leadership, one day, will hopefully be there.”

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