Giants’ Saquon Barkley Defies Gravity in Viral Clip [WATCH]

Saquon Barkley injured in Week 2 vs. Bears

Getty Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants.

Another day, another video of Saquon Barkley defying physics. The 6-foot-tall, 230-plus pound New York Giants star is far from your typical run-of-the-mill NFL running back. From his 4.3-speed to his tree trunk thighs, Barkley has flexed his inhuman traits on the football field and in the weight room on plenty of occasions in recent years.

This time around, Barkley opted to take his absurd athletic traits to the water. While he may have been cape-less, the 2018 NFL Rookie of the Year very much looked the part of a superhero launching himself out of a pool while holding a weight.

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Saquon Barkley is a ‘Mutant’

Barkley’s heroics in the gym, or in this instance, out of the gym, are well-publicized. From box-squatting nearly 600-lbs. to power cleaning 405-lbs. In a league filled with elite level athletes, Barkley remains a step ahead of the majority, leaving many of his fellow teammates flabbergasted.

Take Giants wide receiver Darius Slayton for instance. 2019’s rookie receiving touchdown leader, Slayton is a superb athlete in his own right, yet even he is taken aback by Barkley’s strength. Evident by Slayton tweeting “Saquon really is just strong for no reason” upon catching glimpse of the running back belt squatting 720-pounds with ease.

While Slayton and fellow NFL players are looking for the best way to describe Barkley’s out of this world traits, the running back’s former college head coach likely put it best.

In a discussion with earlier this summer, Penn State’s James Franklin deemedBarkley a “mutant”, as he is not the least surprised of Barkley’s excellence on and off the field.

Nothing surprises me with that guy. He’s a mutant. That guy can do whatever he wants to do. I’m not surprised at all. He just continues to do great things.

Barkley Ready to Prove He’s League’s Best RB?

Head-turning viral clips aside, Barkley is much more than just a workout warrior. While he did see a dip in production this past season due to a lingering ankle injury, Barkley still managed to top the 1,000-yard mark for the second time in his two-year pro career.

Appearing in 13 games in 2019, Barkley finished the season as the NFL’s 11th-leading rusher with a total of 1,441 yards. Yet, while he may have failed to crack the top-10, plenty of his associates in the NFL still perceive him as the very best back in the business.

“You have at least four guys worrying about him every snap,” an anonymous veteran NFL linebacker noted in ESPN’s recent running back rankings. A list compiled by the votes of more than 50 NFL executives, scouts, coaches and players and a list in which Barkley reigned supreme, topping fellow superstars as Christian McCaffrey, Ezekiel Elliott and Derrick Henry.
  1. Coach James Franklin clearly signs off on ESPN’s polling, and from the sound of it, envisions Barkley maintaining his throne, if not separating himself from the pack this coming season.
I think Saquon is going to have a huge year for you guys this year. I was really happy watching the draft, I saw you guys picked up an offensive lineman and some guys, so that’s going to help your quarterback, that’s going to help Saquon and it’s going to help the whole team and the whole organization.