NFL Decides on Fate for Failed Raiders WR Antonio Brown: Report

antonio brown

Getty NFL free agent WR Antonio Brown.

Though Antonio Brown “retired” just a couple of weeks ago, the NFL has finally decided on a suspension for the former All-Pro wide receiver. According to Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network, Brown will be suspended for eight games.

However, his suspension could be extended if more violations are found in regards to a civil suit in Florida.

If the eight-game suspension holds, this is a major step towards a potential return to the field. Brown was widely considered to be the best wide receiver in the NFL when the Las Vegas Raiders traded for him last season. Unfortunately, he had a lot of well-documented issues while he was with the team and never ended up playing a game with them.

He moved on to the New England Patriots and didn’t last long due to legal issues. It’s up for debate if he deserves another shot in the NFL after the antics he pulled last year but nobody can ignore his talent. Now that teams have an idea of when he might be able to play, it’s very possible he gets a job soon.

Are Teams Interested in Brown?

Technically speaking, Brown is “retired,” according to himself. However, he hasn’t officially retired so he wouldn’t need to take any extra steps to return. Brown has stayed out of trouble over the last several months, but every team knows how volatile he can get. He’s one bad day away from causing major headaches for whatever team signs him.

Based on how talented he is, it’s hard to imagine a team won’t take a shot on Brown. If he’s willing to sign a contract with a lot of incentives built-in, it could end up being a low-risk, high-reward move. The Seattle Seahawks are a team to watch as Russell Wilson has been seen working out with the wide receiver. Also, the team does have reported interest and we’re just waiting to see how things played with his suspension.

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NFL MVP Wants Brown on His Squad

Another team to keep an eye on is the Baltimore Ravens. Quarterback Lamar Jackson hasn’t been shy about wanting to sign Brown.

“I was hoping we would get him,” Jackson said, per ESPN. “I’m still hoping — a little bit.”

Jackson also dropped some very surprising comments about the controversial wide receiver.

“There’s no quit with him,” Jackson said. “That’s the type of guy we need in our locker room. I feel like the locker room here is different than any other locker room. There’s a brotherhood going on. None of that outside noise. It’s strictly inside.”

Obviously, Jackson’s comments don’t make a lot of sense. Brown without a doubt quit on the Raiders. They gave him everything he wanted, yet he still quit on the team. Now, there’s no doubt the Ravens have a strong locker room and Brown’s cousins plays on the team. Perhaps it would be a good situation for him to turn things around. That said, it’s hard to imagine he doesn’t start causing trouble again at some point.

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