‘Still Hoping:’ Lamar Jackson Pushes Ravens for Antonio Brown

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Getty Reigning MVP Lamar Jackson will look to take the Baltimore Ravens another step forward in 2020.

The Baltimore Ravens have flirted with Antonio Brown this offseason, and their quarterback Lamar Jackson wants to see a full fledged relationship blossom.

Jackson met with the media at the beginning of Ravens camp and explained that he still wants to see the team make a big ticket addition in Brown, and said he has been lobbying the team to get the job done and make a move to sign the wide receiver.

Adding Brown doesn’t seem to be in the cards for the Ravens, but with Jackson putting his neck on the line, it’s possible the team would decide to take a look at Brown should they need a wideout. Recently, Brown said he was retiring again. It’s possible that won’t last long if he gets the right NFL offer from the right team.

With Marquise Brown in the mix and Jackson serving as spokesman, the Ravens could end up being that team.

Lamar Jackson Spoke About Antonio Brown Addition

Earlier this offseason, Jackson broke his silence on the matter for the first time and hinted that he wouldn’t mind seeing Brown on his team for 2020. Speaking with BaltimoreRavens.com, Jackson was asked about the workout and his opinion on the team potentially adding Brown.

As he said, he wouldn’t have a problem with the Ravens adding Brown to the mix.

“I’d be happy if they signed him. He’s a great player. He shows up each and every year. He was with the Steelers in the past, but it’s really not my decision,” he said.

In the end, the fact that the players were working out might only be a coincidence more than anything else. Marquise Brown plays for the Ravens and is related to Antonio. Since, there’s been no rumors of the Ravens looking at signing a free agent wideout, and talk has shifted to the team likely selecting a wideout in the draft.

Still, if there is a move to be made, Jackson wouldn’t mind Brown coming into the mix.

Why Ravens Aren’t Likely Signing Antonio Brown

While many thought a signing could be in the cards after the highly publicized workout, it isn’t likely according to ESPN’s Jamison Hensley. As Hensley wrote, the Ravens are ignoring the wideout market this offseason for a pretty good reason, and it has everything to do with the players already on the roster.

Hensley said:

“This social media connection will cause many to speculate that Antonio Brown is joining Baltimore. But the Ravens haven’t gotten involved in the free-agent market for wide receivers because it’s believed they feel the NFL draft is the best way to improve that position group this offseason.

The Ravens are expected to upgrade their wide receiver group in the draft; they have nine picks, including five in the first three rounds. In Baltimore’s run-heavy offense, its wide receivers totaled 115 catches last season, which were 22 fewer than any other team in the NFL. The Ravens’ top returning receivers are Marquise Brown, Willie Snead, Miles Boykin, Chris Moore, Jaleel Scott and De’Anthony Thomas.”

Indeed, the risks seem to outweigh the benefits in terms of the Ravens signing Brown. The wideout himself still has some major issues to iron out off the field, and the Ravens have young players they are committed to including Brown’s cousin Marquise Brown. The team could also prioritize a wideout at some point in the 2020 NFL Draft.

It’s not wise to think the Ravens will take a chance on Brown at this point, no matter how much it seems they could use another elite player at the position he plays.

Lamar Jackson Worked Out With Antonio Brown

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was video taped working out with Brown, and firing the controversial wideout and former Pittsburgh Steelers star some passes on the field. Here’s a look at some of their connections with the ball:

Obviously, Jackson and Brown working out together will make some waves in the NFL community, but there is some simple context. Marquise Brown, Antonio’s cousin, plays wideout for the Ravens. It’s probable that the family as well as the team connection led to this meeting taking place in the end between the parties.

Still, that won’t stop folks from wondering or dreaming of the potential of Brown teaming up with Jackson and the Ravens. It’s possible the only thing the team is missing is another elite pass catcher, and these guys getting together as well as the connections will only fuel the rumors that there is a potential fit with Brown from a football standpoint.

Antonio Brown Stats

Brown was an elite player for the Steelers for 8 seasons, racking up 7 Pro Bowls as well as 4 first team All-Pro nods for his work. The numbers were just as good, with Brown putting up 11,263 career yards and 80 touchdowns. Those stats put him with the elite of the elite at the position.

Brown, however, has generated a reputation as a troublesome locker room presence. His exit from the Steelers was well documented, as was his eventual release from the Las Vegas Raiders, as well as his signing and subsequent release from the New England Patriots. This offseason, Brown has found himself in the news again, with the police getting called to his Florida residence in January.

When he’s on, there is no doubting the former Central Michigan stud as being one of the best in the business. The only question at this point, however, is how much the 31 year old has the ability to be on.

Apparently, Jackson still has a strong opinion about Brown potentially joining the mix. Whether or not the team signs him or not is still left to be seen.

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