Sci-Fi Movies

  • Worst of Netflix: Gene Generation

    This week's Worst of Netflix features Bai Ling's worst movie, but only because she got cut out of Revenge of the Sith.

  • Total Recall Remake

  • Full Release: DVD/Blu-Ray

  • Inception Review

  • Predators Review

  • Full Release: Movies

    All sorts of awesome movies this week, from Predators hunting people like the good old days to a heavy-cursing Winnebago Man. Check out capsule reviews.

  • Splice Review

  • New Tron: Legacy Teaser Posters

  • Full Release: DVD/Blu-Ray

  • Star Wars And Zombies: Two Great Tastes That Suck

  • The 7 Scariest Sci-Fi Surgeries

    Sci-fi opens up a world of possibilities to us, but some of them are just damn creepy. I was watching the Repo Men trailer and thought about how gross it would be to get a vital organ extracted from you against your will, no doubt using nasty future organ-...

  • What I Know About Aliens

  • Avatar Scheduled for 3D Blu-ray November 2010?

  • The New Riddick: A Little Different, A Little The Same

  • Worst Of Netflix: Lightspeed

  • Avatar Is The Top-Earning Movie Of All Time

  • Aliens Rap

  • Star Wars Vs Star Trek

  • Avatargate: The Case For The Prosecution

  • The Repo Rundown

    I don't think I was alone when, watching the trailer for Jude Law's upcoming sci-fi thriller Repo Men, I briefly wondered if it was a sequel to Alex Cox's '84 punk classic Repo Man.

  • Did Avatar Completely Rip Off An Obscure British Comic Called Firekind?

  • George Lucas Gets Fairy

  • Avatar On Facebook

  • Worst of Netflix: Transmorphers

  • Avatar Leads To Depression

    Or so say some very delicate flowers, who claim that James Cameron's half-billion epic made them have suicidal thoughts and bummer times. I'm not kidding. Watch the video....

  • The Avatar That Almost Was

  • Avatar Earns $1 Billion

  • Worst of Netflix: Outlaw Prophet

  • How Not To Do Avatar Makeup

  • Avatar Review

    So, after aeons of speculation, Avatar is finally out. Can James Cameron catch lightning in a bottle once more, or is this going to be his Titanic (the boat, not the movie. He already made that one). I just got back from a screening and my answer is... a little of both.