Alix Tichelman Arraignment: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

alix catherine tichelman


Alix Catherine Tichelman is being charged with the murder of Google exec Forrest Hayes. Get the latest news on Tichelman’s arraignment here.

1. Alix Catherine Tichelman Was Arraigned on July 16

alix catherine tichelman


After a postponement was agreed on earlier in the month, Tichelman’s arraignment was moved to July 16. At the arraignment, Tichelman simply answered “Yes” on the two occasions the judge asked her if she understood the charges.

2. Diana August Did Not Appear at the July 16 Arraignment

You can see the back of August’s head in the image above.

Diana August was the public defender originally assigned to Tichelman. She was present at Tichelman’s last court appearance. According to the information provided on the California Bar website, Diana August has been practicing law for 28 years.

Before she made headlines as the public defender for Alix Catherine Tichelman, Diana August was involved in another notable case in the Santa Cruz area. August represented Dylan David Greiner, a surf instructor who was charged with possession of child pornography.

At the July 16 arraignment, Tichelman was instead represented by new legal counsel: Larry Biggam. USA Today notes some of Biggam’s comments about Tichelman:

“‘To demonize Alix Tichelman here is just wrong,’ he said. ‘This was a consensual sexual encounter initiated by Mr. Hayes. … She had no reason to harm him. He was a lucrative source of income to her.'”

USA Today also notes that Tichelman’s legal team included a different pubic defender who was not Diana August. The new public defender assigned to the case is Athena Reis.

3. Alix Catherine Tichelman Entered a ‘Not Guilty’ Plea

alix catherine tichelman


According to a report in the Houston Chronicle,Tichelman pleaded not guilty to charges of manslaughter, great bodily injury, and heroin possession at the arraignment. Further charges may be leveled against Tichelman by the prosecution as the investigation continues to unfold.

4. The Tichelman Family Appeared in Court

bart tichelman, alix catherine tichelman, synapsense, forrest hayes, alix tichelman


Above is a picture of Alix Tichelman side-by-side with her father, Bart.

ABC News reports that Tichelman’s mother, father and sister appeared in court, but did not make any comment on the case. You can learn more about Alix Tichelman’s father, Bart, in this article.

5. Alix Tichelman’s Next Court Appearance Will Be in October

alix catherine tichelman


Alix Catherine Tichelman’s next court appearance has been set for October 20. That date may be subject to change, however. You can see raw footage from Tichelman’s July 16 bail hearing in the video below.

Raw Video – Alix Tichelman Bail Hearing July 16 2014KRON 4 Coverage View full story at news.kron4.com2014-07-16T15:58:11Z

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