WATCH: Gold iPhone 6 Revealed in YouTube Video

The iPhone 6‘s official release is just around the corner, and the leaks are coming fast and heavy. One of the most interesting leaks is the video above, which purportedly showcases a gold iPhone 6.

YouTuber iCrackUriDevice uploaded the video above, which claims to show off the difference in the components used to make the iPhone 5s against those used in the iPhone 6. Business Insider notes that while the “iPhone 6” housing in the video seems consistent with other leaked images, there are some intriguing, odd differences. The phone does not say “iPhone” on the back, and part of the packaging refers to the phone as the “6G.”

9to5Mac suggests a reason for these oddities. They write:

“There’s no way to tell if these parts are genuine, but the layout designed for internal components does seem pretty intricate. Alternatively, it’s possible that the housing was designed for the iPhone 6 clones that have surfaced which run a heavily skinned version of Android that’s meant to look like iOS 8.”