WATCH: New Tech Lets You Charge a Phone By Playing Music

Good Vibrations: harvesting energy from sound – Professor Steve DunnLearn about cutting-edge research from QMUL's School of Engineering and Materials Science. Professor Steve Dunn, Reader in Nanoscale Materials, is investigating new materials that could help us with finding new sources of energy. Listen to the extended cut interview on SoundCloud: Subscribe to the official Queen Mary University of London channel – bringing you…2013-11-05T17:44:02Z

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have created a new technology that could someday enable you to charge your smartphone, simply by playing loud music. Learn how it works in the video above.

The Verge reports that this new technology is called a nanogenerator. It basically consists of a flat panel that gathers vibrational energy from ambient noise and music. This type of energy collection is called piezoelectric energy generation.

The charge can be created with nearly any type of noise. In addition to music, the ambient sounds of traffic or conversation could also generate a charge.

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The Verge notes that the Queen Mary University of London team worked with Nokia on the technology. The nanometer sheets generate five volts of electricity, the same as most smartphone wall chargers. The technology is a little ways off from being public-ready, but this is definitely a technology to keep your eye on.

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