WATCH: Video Tutorials of iOS 8’s Best Features

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iOS 8 is packed with cool features. Whether you’ve been downloading the Beta releases of iOS 8 this summer, or are waiting for the stable public release this fall, these videos offer you a glimpse at the best features, tips, and tricks in iOS 8.

1. iOS 8’s New Messaging Features

This great video from Bill Savage outlines the new messaging features in iOS 8. The new features include quick reply, quick type, and details. If you are a texting fiend, then these new features are definitely going to appeal to you.

2. New iOS 8 Camera Features

For amateur photographers, the new iOS 8 camera features are very enticing. Manual exposure and time lapse photography options are now available, along with a whole host of other touches that will take your photos to the next level. If you’ve always been underwhelmed with Apple’s native Camera app, iOS 8 might finally give you cause to take a second look at the iPhone’s camera features.

3. Hidden Features of iOS 8

Hidden Features of iOS 8Hidden Features of iOS 8 on iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus (iPhone 6+). Comparison, Drop Test, Water Test, Bend & bendgate, 50+ Tips and & Tricks on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Whats on my iPhone, here's Hidden iOS 8 Features! iOS 8 beta 1 just arrived today with some Hidden Features and…2014-06-03T01:18:23.000Z

The video above from TechSmartt offers a look at the hidden Features of iOS 8. These features include quick reply and a Shazam-like Siri add-on. Additional cool features in this video include improvements to the Weather app, and new options in Safari.

4. iOS 8 Offers Medical ID on Your Lock Screen

iOS 8 beta 5 – Top 5 new additionsCheck out Austin Evans' guide on how to get a great experience for little outlay: Simple Mobile: Cam goes over five of the changes noticed in the latest version of iOS 8 beta. It's the 5th iteration of the next generation OS and it comes with a few neat touches. Among them is…2014-08-08T18:43:52.000Z

In iOS 8, you can have your medical ID on your Lock Screen. This is great if you have any allergies that people need to know about, or in case you get into a car accident. The video above outlines how this feature works, as well as a couple of other features the first showed up in iOS 8 Beta 5.

5. HealthKit for iOS 8 Is Packed With Features

New in iOS 8: Health App And HealthKit (App For iWatch?)Apple's new iOS 8 Health app (Healthbook) is an aggregator for HealthKit compatible apps in iOS 8. May work great with "iWatch" Subscribe for more: Follow me on Twitter: Like my Facebook page: Check out my audio/video gear: Check out my SoundCloud: Free iTunes and Amazon Gift Cards: FREE…2014-06-03T03:57:58.000Z

iOS 8 will introduce HealthKit, Apple’s new health monitoring platform. There are tons of cool features in HealthKit, and a huge array of health indicators can be monitored from within the app interface.

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