10 Best Resistance Bands for Workouts (2019)

Training with resistance bands can help prevent injury and strengthen muscles, making you a stronger athlete overall. They’re also a convenient size for traveling. Resistance bands come in tube and loop styles. Tube bands often have handles and are ideal for strength training exercises. Loop bands generally don’t have handles and tend to lie flat against the body.

Here are our picks for the best resistance bands for workouts regardless of your fitness level.

What Are the Best Resistance Bands for Workouts in 2019?

best resistance bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Online workout guide
  • Five resistance levels
  • No rubber smell
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resistance bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Made with natural latex material
  • Soft grip handles
  • Several available resistance levels
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resistance bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ideal for lower and upper body
  • Useful for toning and rehab
  • Wide and comfortable
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exercise bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ideal for most workout routines
  • Targets muscle groups
  • Several resistance options
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workout bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Sturdy enough for heavier body types
  • Comes in single band or set forms
  • Bands can be combined
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resistance bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Every band is a different resistance
  • Soft-grip handles
  • Has a lifetime warranty
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exercise bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Includes five color-coded bands
  • Door anchor attachment
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
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best resistance bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Snap-resistant material
  • Comes with quick start guide
  • Carrying pouch included
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resistance bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Two eBooks included
  • Several resistance levels
  • Ideal for athletes of all levels
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best resistance bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Comes in five levels
  • Odor-free material
  • Includes an eBook
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Fit Simplify Resistance Bands

    • Made with natural latex material
    • Includes instructional booklet and eBook
    • Each band is tested before it’s shipped
    • Some find them a bit too short
    • A handful of consumers note that the bands occasionally roll up during exercises
    • May not offer enough resistance for more experienced users

    These durable resistance bands are made with a natural latex material and are ideal for a wide variety of workouts. There are five distinct resistance levels to choose from based on your fitness level. Each band is hand tested before it’s shipped to ensure the highest quality product. An instructional booklet is included along with an eBook to help you get started. You can also consult the online video workout guide.


  2. 2. Reehut Single Resistance Band

    • Includes starter guide and carrying case
    • Ideal for physical therapy and home workouts
    • Available in several sizes
    • A handful of consumers find the door anchor a bit awkward
    • A bit too rigid for some users
    • Some complain of a strong initial odor

    This resistance band and exercise tube comes in various sizes, each of which offers a different intensity level. You can choose one that matches your fitness level or use several to vary your workout routine. This band is made of natural latex and includes a door anchor for your safety. Soft grip handles make it easy to hold onto the bands. A starter guide and carrying case is included. Use this band to target specific muscle groups using controllable tension for effective results.


  3. 3. TheraBand Resistance Band Set

    • Available in two resistance levels
    • Color-coded progressive resistance
    • Each band is the same size
    • Resistance level isn’t imprinted on the bands or the included booklet
    • Very basic instruction book
    • May cause skin irritation among those who are sensitive or allergic to latex

    Choose between the black and blue advanced set and the beginner set with yellow, red, and green bands to find the optimal fit. You can use them for fitness along with rehabilitation. The bands are color coded with progressive resistance levels and are the same size for added convenience.


  4. 4. AmazonBasics Resistance and Pull Up Band

    • Made with durable rubber material for long-term use
    • Available in several variations
    • Can be used at home or in the gym
    • A bit stiff for some users
    • Slight rubber odor
    • Some wonder whether the thinnest bands will support their weight when doing chin-ups and pull-ups

    This resistance and pull-up band can be used for a variety of workouts at home or in the gym. It’s ideal for assisted chin-ups and pull-ups along with stretching, bicep curls, and more. There are several resistance variations depending on your fitness level. Band measurements vary depending on the specific resistance level. Each band is constructed with a durable rubber material for reliability over time.


  5. 5. WODFitters Pull Up Assistance Bands

    • Available in five resistance levels
    • Ideal for improving chin-ups and pull-ups
    • Useful for Crossfit athletes
    • Lower resistance bands are a bit narrow
    • Some complain of a strong rubber smell
    • Pricey

    These Crossfit-oriented bands come in five resistance levels and are sold individually except for the four-band set. You can choose an individual band or add resistance by combining them. This resistance band is geared towards those who want to improve their chin-ups and pull-ups. The blue band offers the highest resistance level and is ideal for exercises such as dead lifts and squats.


  6. 6. Black Mountain Resistance Band Set

    • Bands can be stacked for up to 75 pounds of resistance
    • Comes with a door anchor and ankle strap
    • Exercise chart and starter guide are included
    • A few users wish the handles were more firm
    • Resistance levels aren’t written on the bands
    • Some note that the bands show signs of wear and tear after long-term use

    This set of resistance bands includes five bands, each of which is 48 inches long. Each band offers a different resistance level, from yellow, which offers the least resistance, to red, which provides the greatest resistance. If you’re looking for an even more challenging workout, stack the resistance bands to produce up to 75 pounds. In addition to the bands, this set comes with a door anchor, exercise chart, starter guide, ankle strap, and carrying bag.


  7. 7. Fitness Insanity Resistance Band Set

    • Each band includes resistance markings
    • Includes an exercise guide book
    • Comes with a waterproof carrying case
    • Only includes one set of handles
    • Door anchor is a bit bulky
    • Some don’t receive the four free downloads that are supposed to come with the set

    Each resistance band in this set features clear resistance markings so that you don’t have to guess. The set comes with five color-coded bands, which you can use individually or combined for a more intense workout. Cushioned handles keep your hands comfortable throughout the workout. There’s also a door anchor and ankle straps. The anti-snap bands come with an exercise guide along with a waterproof carrying case.


  8. 8. DYNAPRO Resistance Bands

    • Sold individually or as a set
    • Designed for home or gym use
    • Five resistance levels
    • Door anchors sold separately
    • Some note that the handles may open up during a workout
    • Doesn’t come with a workout chart or guide

    If you’re looking for gym-quality fitness bands, consider this set. You can buy bands individually or as a set. There are five resistance levels. Blue offers extra heavy resistance while black offers extremely heavy resistance that’s ideal for experienced users. The D-shaped handles are designed for premium comfort, especially when performing repetitive movements.


  9. 9. sportbit Resistance Bands Set

    • Made with durable latex material
    • Designed for travel, home use and gym workouts
    • Each band is 10 inches long
    • Some wish there were more reistance levels
    • Latex may irritate those with sensitive skin
    • Bands aren't very wide

    Whether you’re just starting a workout routine and are looking for guidance, or you want to keep up your healthy habits, this resistance band set comes with more than just four bands for working out. You’ll find eBooks for workouts and recipes. The workout book has 51 pages of suggested exercises, while the recipe book provides healthy breakfast ideas.

    The bands come in four levels, ranging from beginner to sportsman difficulty levels. Each band is made with high-quality latex material, and can be used for home workouts, physical therapy, at the gym and while traveling.

  10. 10. Limm Resistance Bands

    • Each band is 12 inches long
    • Lightweight and compact for portability
    • Ideal for physical therapy, home workouts and more
    • May roll up during certain exercises
    • Some find the bands a bit too long
    • A few mention some bands are too light

    The best resistance bands for your current fitness level are likely to change over time. While the lightest band is plenty for a beginner, you’ll find yourself needing more resistance as you get stronger. There are five resistance levels to choose from in this set. Each band is 12 inches long and can stretch even more. If the different colors aren’t enough on their own to help you remember the resistance level, each band is also marked. The bands feature a natural latex material and are free from odors.

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