25 Best Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls: The Ultimate List (2018)

Christmas Gifts for 8 year old girls

Buying birthday gifts can certainly create a stressful time for those needing to buy their loved ones or friends a cool gift. Luckily, Heavy.com has a neverending stream of helpful gift guides to help you get what you need quickly without the headaches.

If you’re spending less time in the stores, you’ll have more time for the other things you need to accomplish. Just saying.

We’ve already got quite a few new gift lists up already, and we’ve got plenty more on the way. But the list below will focus on the young girls you have to buy for — specifically, the birthday gifts for 8 year old girls you need to shop for. Whether it be cool toys for girls, the hottest toys of 2018, or other fun gifts, the list below has you covered with some great options.

1. Kuroba! Toys

kuroba toys

Kuroba! toys is a super cool new take on the rock, paper, scissors formula in toy form, with a fun twist – A fun COLLECTIBLE twist that will likely cost you a lot of money!

Just kidding; they’re not that bad at $19.99 for a set.

Each Kuroba toy represents one of the five elemental tribes: terra, fire, ice, water, or night. Your kids create unique Kuroba by mixing their tribe panels – meaning the more Kuroba toys you have, the more combinations you can make.

To play, you take two Kuroba toys, one for each player. Each player picks one of the five elemental tribes (secretly, without telling the other player), and then the two toys are rolled towards each other, and a winner encapsulates the other Kuroba.

Price: $19.99

Buy Kuroba! Toys here.

2. Pottery Cool Studio

christmas gifts for 8 year old girls

Crafts are usually a great gift choice, especially since they can provide hours of fun and creativity. This Pottery Cool pottery set comes with six projects that can be made with the kit, from a smartphone speaker to a jewelry holder. Want to customize? This set comes with metallic paints and sculpting tools for hours of creative, hands-on activity. It’s a perfect choice for the artist-to-be, and one of our favorite Christmas gifts for 8 year old girls this year.

Price: $34.94 (13 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Pottery Cool Studio here.

3. Karaoke Singing Machine

christmas gifts for 8 year old girls

One important aspect of a teenager’s life is their music. Belting out their favorite songs and jams is part of the fun, and now they can with this cute Karaoke Machine. Plug in the mic and let the music blast through the speakers complete with a disco light effect. For songs without the vocals, there are several CDs also available, from Disney favorites to pop and more. This machine is also great for parties, sleepovers, and fun with friends.

Price: $39.97 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Karaoke Singing Machine here.

4. Alex Spa Sketch it Nail Pens

Alex spa sketch it pens

Manicures and nail art can be a girl’s best friend, but these nail pens take it to a whole new level.  This Alex Spa Sketch It kit, complete with 190 pieces, is perfect for the manicurist and designer at heart. Instead of simply applying a color, this kit allows users to design however they feel like, whether it be a drawing, jewels, or more. There are even fill-in appliques for those who want to make specific designs. It’s cute, fun, and another way to get creative this holiday.

Price: $17.33

Buy the Alex Spa Sketch It Nail Pens here.

5. Build a Bear Workshop Stuffing Station

Build a bear stuffing station

Although it’s nice to receive an adorable stuffed animal for a gift, how about making one instead? Build-a-Bear is known for its stores and locations across the nation. However, a trip might not be necessary with this at Build-A-Bear Workshop Stuffing Station that you can do right in your own home. Users can stuff the plush bears themselves, making a new friend. It even comes with official certificates to name your bear-y awesome animals. Like some of the items on this list, this toy can appeal to a wide variety of ages.

Price: $29.97

Buy the Build-A-Bear Workshop Stuffing Station here.

6. Butterfly Garden Gift Set

butterfly garden gift set

Catching butterflies on a hot summer day is always fun, but so is growing your own and releasing them to the wild. This Butterfly Garden Gift Set allows you to raise caterpillars, eventually releasing them into  the wild. Using the shelter, children can watch their caterpillars grow into beautiful Painted Ladies. Although it may not be the best choice to hatch caterpillars in the cold winter months, it’s still a great gift for the future.

Price: $27.99

Buy the Butterfly Garden Gift Set here.

7. Barbie Careers Game Developer Doll

game developer barbie

Many children stop playing with Barbies at a certain age, but sometimes they hold a special place or significance in one’s heart. The Career Barbie line has really stepped it up over the years, especially with the Game Developer Barbie doll. It’s really inspiring to see a Barbie designed for girls who are interested in fields like game development, or those who would consider themselves avid gamers. The accessories and overall design is cute and perfect for play–or even a collector’s item.

Price: $12.96

Buy the Barbie Careers Game Developer Doll here.

8. Brightlings Talking Plush

christmas gifts for 8 year old girls

We may have Hatchimals taking over the holiday toy craze, but Brightlings shouldn’t be overlooked. This adorable plush repeats and speaks with the player, having over 100 phrases and responses. This toy also has the capabilities to record and playback audio. One of the most unique features is that it can create different songs to genres of music such as pop and jazz. Like the name, its face shines brightly in the dark and glows and it’s a very cute design.

Price: $29.97

Buy the Brightlings Talking Plush here.

9. American Girl Crafting Set

American Girl crafts

Making accessories and jewelry is a fun activity for all ages to enjoy. For fans of American Girl dolls, this kit includes supplies to make jewelry for both yourself and your American Girl doll. Unlike a lot of bracelet kits, the American Girl Crafts Kit includes more complicated tools like wire cutters, bottles, and twine, which is great for older girls nearing their teens. Bracelets can be customized in several ways, making it a very versatile gift that encourages a lot of creativity.

Price: $34.52

Buy the American Girl Crafting Set here.

10. DC Superhero Girls Batgirl Accessory Set

batgirl accessory design kit

The DC Superhero Girls line has been a very cool and positive addition to the toy aisle, featuring awesome redesigns of the DC favorites. Ranging from dolls to accessories, there are a lot of options for fans of comics. This batgirl accessory set looks great and allows for customization. The Batgirl Accessory Set includes plastic cuffs and a headband that can be bedazzled to your heart’s content. It’s a good choice for fans of the line or for anyone who wants to become a hero.

Price: $16.90

Buy the DC Superhero Girls Batgirl Accessory Set here.

11. 3Doodler Pen

cool gifts for 8 year old girls

From the makers of the first 3D pen, the 3Doodler is the newest model that allows users to draw on paper or freehand. Using new technologies, this special pen hardens plastic instantly for live creations. The great thing about this pen is that it isn’t just for professional artists or crafters, it’s easy to use for everyone. She will love this gift, especially if she likes to draw or create something unique.

Price: $99.99

Buy the 3Doodler Pen here.

12. Zoomer Meowzies

Zoomer Meowzies

Robot toys are always in, and this cat is super adorable and a great choice. Patches, this interactive kitten, rolls around the floor meowing and acting like a real cat. There also is an option to collect all the Meowzies and have them play together and socialize. This toy is perfect for a cat-loving girl.

Price: $33.99

Buy the Zoomer Meowzies here.

13. MC2 Ultimate Spy Bag

project mc2 ultimate spy bag

Project MC2, an original Netflix series, has developed a line of unique toys for girls based on the show. The Ultimate Spy bag focuses on science and forensics, all compiled into an adorable pink bag. This kit allows you to become your own sleuth with a lip gloss voice recorder, a decoder ring, and a fingerprinting kit. Within a perfume bottle is an air blower which allows you to investigate scenes. This kit is great for the future sleuth or spy at heart.

Price: $41.37

Buy the Project MC2 Ultimate Spy Bag here.

14. MC2 Lab Kit

christmas gifts for 8 year old girls

The last MC2 kit features forensic investigations, but this set focuses more on science and chemistry. Complete with 15 experiments and a 4x power working microscope, this kit is perfect for the science lover in your family. Aside from the initial set, there are also 30 additional pieces which allow for fun experimentation like the girls on MC2. It’s also an interesting way  to encourage science and education through a fun gift.

Price: $34.88 (37 percent off MSRP)

Buy the MC2 Lab Kit here.

15. Orbeez Relaxing Hand Spa

Orbeez Relaxing Hand Spa

Sometimes after a stressful day at school, relaxation is needed. This hand spa by Orbeez is very comforting, including 600 “Orbeez” that shoot out of a waterfall and into a pool that creates a soothing sensation. This spa also includes a nail kit for cuticle care and manicures. If hand spas aren’t her thing, Orbeez has several other relaxing options like a body and foot spa.

Price: $19.97

Buy the Orbeez Relaxing Hand Spa here.

16. SELFIE Mic

cool gifts for 8 year olds

It looks ridiculous as it sounds, but it is undeniably fun. The Selfie Mic allows users to perch their phone up for ultimate music video recording or singing to make that karaoke experience even more memorable. The companion app for smartphones includes a variety of songs, many which are added every day. This is a good choice for the singer at heart who wants to record or share their voice with the world.

Price: $19.69 (21 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Selfie Mic here.

17. Chocolate Pen Kit

chocolate 3d pen

Even though we listed a 3D pen already, what if it was edible? This Chocolate Pen Kit features a pen that write and molds in edible chocolate, making a creative sweet treat. In minutes, the chocolate hardens and stays the shape that was drawn. Best of all is that cleanup is easy. The included molds range from ghosts, dolphins, hearts, and smiley faces, but you can use any other chocolate molds you might already have in your kitchen as well. Chocolate art? Count us in!

Price: $29.93

Buy the Chocolate Pen Kit here.

18. Polaroid PIC-300

Polaroid 300

Most of us use our smartphones for selfies, images, or capturing short videos. But, remember when instant Polaroids were a thing? Now, instant cameras are back in, and cuter than ever. Available in a variety of colors, they are a fantastic gift for a future photographer or selfie queen.

Price: $69.99

Buy the Polaroid PIC-300 here.

19. Razor Pocket Scooter

razor pocket mod minature electric scooter

Inspired by vintage scooters, this razor pocket scooter has a great purple design with white flowers along the edge of the wheel.  Featuring a built in battery, the Razor Pocket Scooter can travel 10 miles on a single charge and can reach 15 mph. For traveling around the neighborhood in style, this scooter is an excellent way to go. While it’s designed for ages 13 and up, with proper supervision, an 8-year-old wouldn’t have any issues.

Price: $219.99 (24 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Razor Pocket Scooter here.

20. Crystal Growing Kit Experiment

crystal growing kit

Science kits are fun, popular choices for gifts year-round, and the crystal growing experiment kit is a bestseller. Including seven different growth experiments, this Crystal Growing Kit is great for science fans and those interested in geology. After the beautiful and colorful crystals are made, they can be displayed in a case. Encouraging experimentation and science is vital to the future of our society, so for that reason, it’s on our list of the best Christmas gifts for 8 year old girls.

Price: $15.38

Buy the Crystal Growing Kit here.

21. Furby Connect

christmas toys for 8 year old girls

Furbys made a comback a few years ago, for better or for worse. However, there is no doubt that they are cute (in daylight) and have a wide variety of features added over the years. The Furby Connect is specially designed to be used with the Furby Connect app, making for a unique experience. Because it is connected to an app, there are more updates so playtime will never get old. It’s one of our favorite new toys for girls this year.

Price: $86.96 (13 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Furby Connect here.

22. Nerf Rebelle Flipside Bow

nerf rebelle

Nerf wars between friends are always fun, no matter what age you may be. The Nerf Rebelle line is aimed at a female audience, featuring cute pastel colors and “equipment” that enhances the battle. The Flipside bow is really unique and allows for the fast draw of Nerf darts. This particular model includes two 5 dart drums and has the distinctive “Rebelle” look that any action-loving girl will enjoy. We have one of the Nerf Rebelle toy guns on our list of the best nerf guns.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Nerf Rebelle here.

23. Make Your Own Hair Garlands Kit

christmas gifts for 8 year old girls

Hair accessories are always trendy and popular to show off. This Hair Garlands Kit allows girls to make cute hair garlands that are customizable and fit with a concert/musical festival theme. Floral accessories can go with many outfits, and these are great to make and create.

Price: $15.50

Buy the Make Your Own Hair Garlands Kit here.

24. LED Gloves

led gloves

Want to have the coolest gloves in school? These LED gloves are the life of the party, featuring vivid colors that flash on your fingertips. They look cool and are great for the cold winter months. These are gloves you will love to show off to your friends.

Price: $12.99 (25 percent off MSRP)

Buy the LED Gloves here.

25. Miraculous Ladybug Roleplay Pack

christmas gifts for 8 year old girls

Miraculous Ladybug, a cartoon by Zagtoons that has increased in popularity this year, has released a line of merchandise for children and fans of all ages. One of the best Christmas gifts for 8 year old girls is the Marinette/Ladybug roleplay pack. The younger crowd will especially love the identical purse that they can bring on the go with them wherever they go, making those grocery store trips a much more pleasant affair. The set even comes with a light up Tiki can be placed in it, just like in the show. Also, the mask, gloves, and earrings are really great for fans or cosplayers!

Price: $19.97

Buy the Miraculous Ladybug Roleplay Pack here.

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