25 Best Batman Toys: Your Ultimate List (2019)

batman toys

There’s a lot of things to love about Batman. For one, he’s still considered a superhero, even though he doesn’t have any superpowers. Secondly, his tale is rooted in darkness, and as his current run continues, he’s getting darker and darker (yes, even with the big changes in issue #43 if you think about it). But, what really makes Bruce Wayne’s tale great is that it means we get cool Batman toys to play with (some of which we included in our roundup of cool toys for boys).

Batman merchandise isn’t anything new, and there have been action figures and everything else under the sun based on the Dark Knight since before, well, he was even called The Dark Knight. DC action figures are always on every outlet’s list of hot toys for the year come Christmas time, and it’s mostly because of Bruce Wayne’s alter ego. Have you ever met someone that has said, “I hate Batman?” No, I don’t think so. (Also, check out a separate post for the best toddler toys).

So without further ado, here are the top 25 best Batman toys:

1. DC Collectibles Batman: Arkham Knight Action Figure

batman toys

One of the newest Batman action figures is from the Arkham Knight video game, which took the gaming world by storm earlier this year. He stands 6.75″, and is intricately sculpted and highly detailed. The character design from the game is unique, and you can instantly tell that this cool action figure was taken directly from the game.

Price: $22.11 (12 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Arkham Knight Action Figure here.

2. Arkham City Action Figure 4 Pack

batman action figures

The Dark Knight isn’t the only important character in Gotham City, of course. This is why you need the Arkham City Action Figure 4 Pack which also includes Nightwing, Robin and Harley Quinn. They’re designs are taken from the video game, and are highly detailed and look fantastic.

Price: $36.25

Buy the Arkham City Action Figure 4 Pack here.

3. Classic TV Series 8 Inch Action Figures Set

Batman collectibles

Any Batman fan needs something in their collection that is based on the 1966 TV series. This set of the dynamic duo figures are based on the classic show, and both include authentic cloth outfits with capes. It’s one of the coolest Batman collectibles from the original series.

Price: $59.99

Buy the Classic TV Series 8 Inch Action Figures Set here.

4. Arkham Knight Batmobile Vehicle

batmobile toys

One of the biggest (and coolest) changes brought to the Batman mythos with the most recent game is the cool new Batmobile that came with it. It’s not a standard Batmobile like we’ve seen before, as it turns into a highly functional tank. This batmobile toy is modeled after the the one in the game, although it doesn’t turn into the tank. Bummer. Still, it’s one cool toy.

Price: $49.99

Buy the Arkham Knight Batmobile here.

5. LEGO Superheroes: The Penguin Face off

lego superheroes batman

Penguin isn’t very prominent in the current run of DC comics, nor the most recent trilogy, but at one point, he was just as formidable as The Joker. This LEGO Superheroes Penguin Face Off kit honors the villain and is complete with Batman’s scuba vehicle as well as The Penguin’s duck boat.

Price: $10.99

Buy the Penguin Face off here.

6. Hot Wheels Elite One The Dark Knight Trilogy Tumbler

batman tumbler

The Batmobile from The Dark Knight trilogy was actually called the tumbler, and it was one cool creation by Lucious Fox. Hot Wheels has an incredibly impressive 1:50 scale replica of the tumbler, which is a must-have for any Hot Wheels collector.

Price: $15.69

Buy the Hot Wheels Tumbler here.

7. Batman The Dark Knight Rises The Bat Vehicle

bat vehicle toy

If Batmobiles aren’t really your thing, and you’d rather take your fight to the air, check out the Bat Vehicle from The Dark Knight Rises. It’s his newest flying vehicle named The Bat and has an easy grip handle for flying around. It launches projectiles and allows you to shoot Batman, himself, out of the vehicle.

Price: $19.70 (38 percent off MSRP)

Buy the The Dark Knight Rises Bat Vehicle here.

8. Bandai Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts Batman (Injustice Version)

cool toys for boys

There are quite a few great uniquely designed figures on the market that stylize Batsy in a cool way, and one of the coolest we’ve seen is the Bandai Tamashii Nations, Figurearts Batman. It includes interchangeable hand parts, two batarangs, a bat grenade, and a grapple gun. He’s easily maneuvered into different positions and makes a great toy for pretend or for display with the rest of your Batman collectibles.

Price: $50.33 (13 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Bandai Figuarts Figure here.

9. Hero Buddies Plush

batman plush doll

When I was a kid, I had just about every Hero Buddies plush toy you could imagine, except at the time, there wasn’t a Batman one. Now, there is. The Hero Buddies action figure plush is 16″ and features his signature style, with eyes that look like they’re glowing (they’re not, though). This plush toy says stuff that the Caped Crusader would say.

Price: $27.53

Buy the Hero Buddies here.

10. The New Batman Adventures Action Figure

new batman adventures toy

One of the most instantly recognizable versions of the Dark Knight is from his days in The New Batman Adventures. This figure takes its design from the animated series and stands 6.25″ tall. It comes with multiple accessories, including a grappling hook and two capes.

Price: $24.99

Buy the New Adventures Action Figure here.

11. Black & White by Jae Lee Statue

black white batman

This black and white statue is based on the designs of Jae Lee and is sculpted by Jonathan Matthews. It’s a collectible that instantly takes your collection to the next level. There are only 5,200 of these made, so it’s a limited edition. It’s approximately 7.8″ high and is modeled after the Dc Comics series Batman/Superman. We included this in our list of the Top 50 Best Gifts for Boys list as well.

Price: $62.99 (21 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Black & White Jae Lee Statue here.

12. Animated Clayface Action Figure

clayface action figure

Clayface isn’t as popular as he once was, and it’s likely because he would be difficult to translate onto the big screen. While we’ve seen Clayface in the recent trilogy of games from Warner Bros., we haven’t seen him in the comics in quite some time, and I don’t think we’ve ever seen him in a movie (please, someone correct me in the comments if I’m wrong). But his most recognizable form is from the Batman: The Animated Series TV show, which is what this toy is based on.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Animated Clayface Action Figure

13. DC Comics Mr. Freeze Figure by Greg Capullo

mr freeze action figure

After Arnold Schwarzenegger pretty much ruined Mr. Freeze for us, we haven’t been able to look at this cold villain the same. That was until artist Greg Capullo drew him. Now, Mr. Freeze looks terrifying again, and this toy is based on Cap’s design. He stands 7.25″ tall, with superb detailing.

Price: $14.44 (42 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Mr. Freeze Figure here.

14. Nightwing Action Figure (Son of Batman version)

son of batman

Son of Batman had some interesting character designs that basically sleeked out all of Gotham’s characters, and this version of Nightwing exemplifies that pretty well. Instead of a black and blue suit, Nightwing is pictured here with a gray suit and a blue emblem with two nightsticks. He stands 6.85″ tall.

Price: $11.33 (43 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Nightwing Action Figure here.

15. Gotham City Showdown Figure 7 Pack

gotham city showdown figures

A 4 pack is cool, but a 7 pack is even cooler. This pack includes The Joker, Green Arrow, Robin, Deathstroke, Azrael, Clayface, and Batman. All of these figures for under $50 total? Yeah, count me in.

Price: $45.88 (10 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Gotham City Showdown Figure 7 Pack here.

16. Thrasher Suit Deluxe by Greg Capullo

batman thrasher suit

Another cool bit of art from Greg Capullo is Bruce’s powerful Thrasher suit, shown here. He stands 9″ tall and will tower over your other figures. It’s a limited edition that sort of looks like Zurg from Toy Story meets the Dark Knight. In fact, I think it’s time for a Zurg vs. Thrasher Suit Batman battle.

Price: $29.74 (26 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Thrasher Suit Deluxe here.

17. The Joker Action Figure (New 52 Look)

sinister joker new 52

Not all versions of the Joker have to be so…safe? The newest version of The Joker from New 52 is terrifying, and this action figure exemplifies that nicely. Complete with the Joe jumpsuit, this Joker is ready for some sinister fun.

Price: $15.01 (25 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Joker Action Figure here.

18. DC Universe Total Heroes Batman Beyond

batman beyond toys

We couldn’t rightfully talk about the coolest Batman toys without talking about fan favorite Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond. This action figure comes with changeable heads, hands, and other accessories for playtime.

Price: $48.88

Buy the Batman Beyond Figure here.

19. The Joker (from Batman: The Animated Series)

batman toys

One of the most notable Joker designs is from The Animated Series TV show, with Joker sporting a purple suit. This Joker action figure is based on the series and has 18 points of articulation. It comes with a helmet, makeup sponge, knife, pearl necklace, telescope, Joker Card, brick, additional hands, comb and cologne bottle, too, so there are plenty of accessories to mess around with.

Price: $19.00 (24 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Joker From The Animated Series here.

20. The Dark Knight Bat Pod Vehicle

bat vehicle

Sure, the Tumbler is cool and all, but what about when it turns into the Bat-Pod? Yeah, that’s even cooler, in my humble opinion. This Batman Bat-Pod includes the Batman figure shown in the picture as well and makes a great addition to your lineup of vehicle toys.

Price: $34.99

Buy the Bat Pod Vehicle here.

21. Icons Joker Death in the Family Action Figure

dc icons joker action figure

You can’t very well role play with Batman toys without having some sort of Joker figure to play with as well, as the Joker is Batman’s greatest foe. The new DC Comics Icons Joker Death in the Family Action Figure brings us back to the Joker’s classic look, with his purple suit, hat, and classic shoes.

The classic-looking figure also comes with a Tommy Gun, as well as his iconic crowbar. On top of that, there are three hand variants to choose from. The figure stands at 6-inches tall, and it’s recommended for ages 13 and up.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Joker Death in the Family Action Figure at Entertainment Earth.

22. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Armored Batman Play Arts Kai Action Figure

play arts kai armored batman

Say what you want about the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, but it definitely spawned quite a few awesome Batman things, like this incredibly cool Batman Play Arts Kai Action Figure.

The Play Arts Kai line has always impressed me personally, giving its subjects a cool Japanese-inspired, action-oriented aesthetic. The Armored Batman figure does just that, standing at 10-inches tall. It comes with an action figure display stand and many interchangeable hands and accessories. What makes these figures most impressive is their level of detail and exquisite articulation, allowing you to maneuver Batman and pose him as you see fit.

While Play Arts Kai figures tend to be a bit pricey, this one is well worth it.

Price: $149.99

Buy the Armored Batman Play Arts Kai Action Figure here.

23. LEGO Batman Movie The Bat-Dune Buggy

lego bat dune buggy

The LEGO Batman Movie was absolute gold, and it is one of the funniest iterations of Batman we’ve seen to date. Of course, with a LEGO-themed Batman film comes LEGO Batman toys and one of the coolest in the new line is the LEGO Bat-Dune Buggy. It’s a cool 4″ long by 2″ high Batman-themed vehicle with a buggy look, including big tires and a roll cage. It also has spoilers on the back that look like wings.

The kit includes a Batman minifigure and Captain Boomerang minifigure, complete with their respective weapons of choice, Batarangs, and boomerangs.

The Bat-Dune Buggy is recommended for ages 7-14.

Price: $19.99

Buy the LEGO Batman Movie Bat Dune Buggy on Amazon.

24. Ninja Batman SH Figuarts Action Figure

Ninja Batman figure

A feudal Japan edition of Batman? Count us in! This is a cool-looking Batman figure based on the upcoming Japanese anime. It stands at 6 3/10-inches tall, and it comes with a katana, kunai throwing blades, a different set of hands, and a different head (one yelling, one not).

Price: $59.99

Buy the Ninja Batman SH Figuarts Action Figure here.

25. 1989 Movie Batmobile 1:24 Scale Die-Cast Metal Vehicle

1989 batmobile

Looking for a great 1989 Batmobile replica? Check out this one, which includes machine guns that open up and close, a rear exhaust flap that actually moves, and a cockpit door that actually slides open and close. It comes in a display-ready window box, and it comes with a Batman figure.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Batmobile Replica here.

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