101 Best Toys for 8 Year Old Girls

Buying birthday gifts can certainly create a stressful time for those needing to buy their loved ones or friends a cool gift. Luckily, Heavy.com has a neverending stream of helpful gift guides to help you get what you need quickly without the headaches.

Specifically, we’re looking at the Christmas and birthday gifts for 8-year-old girls you need to shop for. Whether it be cool toys for girls, the hottest toys of 2020, or other fun gifts, the list below has you covered with some great options.

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What to Buy an 8 Year Old for Her Birthday

While this may seem obvious, I can't stress this enough: Think about what your child likes. 

While age recommendations are helpful, they're not always right. Take my 9 year old, for example. According to 'the rules.,' they're too old for Imaginext, and yet they still love playing with them because they're such good figures, not to mention they're priced low enough they can buy them with their allowance money. 

If your child has a particular brand they absolutely adore but you're worried they're too old to play with them, it may be worth considering whether to drop that rule in favor of getting them something you know they'll love. You'd be surprised how many parents religiously stick to age recommendations instead of what their child likes. 

In terms of general Birthday gifts, you want to go with the big-ticket items. Now, that doesn't mean you need to sell a kidney to afford something - my rule is always stick to a budget your comfortable with. What you're looking for is something with the wow factor. 

Think tech-related toys like a tablet or Nintendo Switch, Lego sets, a selection of different dolls they like. Anything they're going to audible 'wow' at when they open it is sure to work. 

Just, as I say, make sure it's something specific to what your child likes to play with.

Birthday Present Ideas for 8 Year Old Girl

Heading a little deeper into the Birthday gift rabbit hole, it's worth breaking down the top gifts parents tend to go with when shopping for Birthday presents for 8 year old girls. 

My personal recommendation for everyone at the moment is the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite video game consoles. 

Video games help with hand/eye coordination, motor and problem-solving skills, and are just pure fun. 

I'll break down all the differences below, but suffice to say, the Nintendo Switch is a video game console designed for kids. 

Other Birthday present ideas for 8 year old girls I'd consider include the always-popular Barbie range, interactive plushies like the FurReal Ricky, the Amazon Fire Tablet, or even one of the mega Lego sets on this list. 

It all comes down to what kind of child your child is. 

Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite: Which One Is Better?

The Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite is my personal recommendation when it comes to gifts for 8 year olds. 

The reason I advise going with one of the Nintendo Switch consoles is due to how many family-friendly games there are. Nintendo as a company is built around making games specifically for kids, whereas other companies - mainly Sony and Microsoft - tend to gear games towards teens and adults (so lots of violence, essentially). 

In terms of the differences between the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, there are a few key points you need to consider. 

The Nintendo Switch can be hooked up to a tv and also works as a handheld tablet-like console, hence the name Switch. 

The Switch Lite, however, is purely just a handheld tablet-like console, which is why it's around $100 cheaper than the Nintendo Switch.

While that may put some people off, it's not necessarily a bad thing. I actually prefer playing on my Switch Lite. Even more so when my kids are gaming on the tv!

The Switch Lite has a much longer battery because of the fact it's purely a handheld device. It's also much lighter, and given the majority of Nintendo Switch players use that console primarily as a handheld device rather than hooking it up to the tv, the Switch Lite is the better pick for a lot of parents. 

I should note, the Switch Lite doesn't feature the motion controls the Nintendo Switch has, meaning it can't play a handful of motion-controlled titles. That said, most kids tend to stick with non-motion-controlled games anyway, so it's no biggie.

As for which games are the most popular right now, Fortnite is free-to-play and can be downloaded from the either of the Switch's online shop (though Fortnite is aimed at teens), then there's also Luigi's Mansion 3, Lego DC Super-Villains, Mario Kart Deluxe, Super Smash Bros., Just Dance 2020 (which only works on the Nintendo Switch), and my personal game of the year I think every child should play, Pokemon Sword

That's only a handful of the kids' games available for the Nintendo Switch family of consoles, but it's safe to say if you're after a console with a focus on child-friendly games, the Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite is the way to go. 

Best Games for 8 Year Olds

This depends what you consider games. Are we talking video games or board games? 

If it's video games, then I'm going to have to repeat myself by mentioning Luigi's Mansion 3, Lego DC Super-Villains, Mario Kart Deluxe, Super Smash Bros., Just Dance 2020 (which only works on the Nintendo Switch), and my favorite Switch game Pokemon Sword

All of the above are suitable for kids. It all just depends what they're into. 

Luigi's Mansion 3 and Lego DC Super-Villains are all about running and jumping around a world solving puzzles while beating up ghosts or superheroes, respectively. 

Mario Kart is a racing game you don't need to know how to drive to play. Smash Bros. is a fighting game with Nintendo characters. Just Dance is all about dancing to pop songs (like Billie Eilish's Bad Guy) and using the motion controls to match the on-screen dance moves. 

And lastly, Pokemon Sword is a game where you explore a luscious world as you collect different Pokemon to battle gym leaders and eventually save the world. 

As for board games or card games, this one's easy. While younger games are fun for 10 minutes, they don't have the lasting appeal to keep an 8 year old engaged, which is why I'll always recommend going with something families can all play together. 

Ms. Monopoly, Candy Land, Exploding Kittens, and Taco vs Burrito are four games every household needs in their collection. 

Taco vs Burrito is especially great as it was designed by a 7 year old and has gone on to become a staple in the family card game scene.

If you're after something as easy to play as Uno but want the cut-throat gameplay of Monopoly, Taco vs Burrito is a clear must for any gaming family. 

Birthday Gifts for 8 Year Old Boy

Although you can probably (but not always) take Barbie out of the equation, a lot of what's popular with girls is also popular with boys. 

Boys love Lego, video games, and action figures, so there's a lot of crossover potential between what you're after for 8 year old boys as there is for 8 year old girls. 

That said, and because we're nice, we do have an expert breakdown of the best gifts for 8 year old boys for your reading pleasure. 

More Gift Ideas by Age

If you're after more of our expert gift guides broken down by individual ages, be sure to head on over to our toys for kids hub. 

If you've got another child you're looking for ideas for, you can be sure we'll have the right gift ideas for the right child. 

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