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25 Best Avengers Endgame Toys: Your Ultimate List

If you’re looking for the best Avengers Endgame toys out there, we’re here to help you sort through all of the toys out there. From Funko Pops to S.H. Figuarts, we’ll be looking at the greatest Marvel Avengers Endgame figures for any budget.

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Avengers Endgame Power FX Toys

What are the Avengers Endgame Power FX toys? Well, the Power FX toys are the larger 12-inch toys. What they lack in decent articulation, they definitely make up for in size and affordability. 

They also come with an accessory/weapon, which when plugged into the toy makes it speak. 

For example, Cap's shield makes a whizzing noise and makes Captain America speak. But plug the shield into Thanos and it'll still whizz, but Thanos will speak instead. They're pretty cool!

The full line-up of Power FX toys that come with the key to activate all the other toys are as follows: 

Best Marvel Action Figures

That would be Hasbro's Marvel Legends range, which is a range I swear by. Although they do cost a little more than the basic, $10 figures, these toys are the best Marvel action figures around. 

They get the likeness right, they're each packed with a ton of articulation - something Hasbo is keen to keep iterating on in new and exciting ways - and each figure comes with some sort of accessory, be it weapons or extra heads or hands. 

Plus each figure comes with a piece which if you buy all the figures in a wave, can be constructed into a larger figure. 

Most importantly, unlike the cheaper toys, these things are designed to be played with. My kids both have Marvel Legends and neither of them has managed to break any yet. 

Best Avengers Action Figures

Again, you should be looking at Marvel Legends. There's been two waves of Endgame figures (wave one and wave two).

Wave one came with the Thanos build-a-figure, while wave two offered the buildable handsome Hulk figure. 

There was an Infinity War wave prior to both of the above, but as it's an older range, picking up these figures cost a little more than I'd like, so let's stick with the more recent waves. 

Best Thanos Toys

This depends what you're after. The best? Or the most affordable? The best Thanos toy is the Marvel Legends Thanos build-a-figure you get buy purchasing every figure in that wave.

Hasbro sent me that wave and I instantly fell in love with the Thanos figure you can build. 

That said, I don't expect every parent to drop over $100 on an entire wave just for one figure (although I would recommend that if they like the other figures in the wave like my kids did). If you're after the best affordable Thanos toy, that'd be the 12-Inch Titan Thanos toy.

[For Reference: The cutest Thanos toy is the Ugly Sweater Thanos Pop]

Thanos 12-inch Action Figure

This is one of the questions we get, and while it's not super specific, we can answer is easily enough.

You're most likely looking at either the Endgame Titan Figure or the Infinity War Figure

But what are they? They're the Titan FX toys, which basically means if you've got one of the Power FX toys (mentioned above), you can plug in a piece into the toy to hear it speak. 

The 12-inchers have become super popular in recent years thanks to their much lower price point. Especially so when you've got younger kids with their allowance money. These things are inexpensive enough for kids to be able to buy them for themselves. 

Iron Man Toys

Of course! There's the very excellent original Iron Man Marvel Legend, the UBTECH Iron Man Robot from the top of this list, the 12-inch Hulkbuster Titan, the LEGO Hulkbuster which I LOVE, and for younger kids, the Playskool giant Iron Man toy. 

There's also this really weird DJ Iron Man playset, but the less said about that the better. 

Where Can I Get Even More Gift Ideas?

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