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Kindi Kids

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Moose Toys line of Kindi Kids dolls, the company’s line of toys aimed at children in between preschool and kindergarten, is a smash hit. If you’re looking to snag this year’s must-have toy, here’s everything you need to know.

The Kindi Kids first wave is made up of four different dolls – Marsha Mello, Jessicake, Peppa-Mint, and Donatina. As you can probably guess, the naming conventions here are sure to grab every child’s attention.

Conversely, wave two features Rainbow Kate who, as the name suggests, boasts bright rainbow hair and a technicolor dress, as well as Summer Peaches.

Each of the dolls come with gorgeous glittery eyes, rooted hair – each with its own unique style – as well as changeable clothes.

What’s more, every doll is set to come with magical food-themed accessories that move, which we’re certain will be interesting to see in action.

As well, there will also be three playsets to go alongside the four dolls, which included a bear fridge, kitty supermarket, and a bunny shopping cart. We have no idea what a bear fridge is, but it sure sounds awesome.

Moose Toys have been on fire as of late. In fact, not so long ago we included the company’s range of Fortnite figures in our Best Toys for 8 Year Old Girls. Between Fortnite and capitalizing on a target demographic that isn’t particularly being catered to, there’s a strong possibility you’ll be seeing the Kindi Kids on every Christmas list.

If you want to avoid tears at Christmas, as much as we all hate to think about Christmas this early in the year, we’d strongly advise ordering ahead of time. Like, seriously, seriously, these things have consistently topped many a wish list.

If you’re interested in grabbing the Kindi Kids in the hopes of avoiding trouble later down the line, below has everything you need.

Wave 1 – Amazon: $24.99

Marsha Mellow

Amazon is always a solid choice when it comes to buying items likely to sell out fast.

Amazon, thankfully, has most of the Kindi Kids range in stock at the moment, though that could change as we move throughout the year.

Buy them on Amazon here.

Wave 2 – Amazon: $24.99

Rainbow Kate and Summer Peaches

‌Rainbow Kate and Summer Peaches

Both Rainbow Kate and Summer Peaches are out now, so if you’re looking to add these cutesy bobble-headed toddlers to your collection, you totally can.

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