Ninja Bots: Spin Master Reveals New Line of Interactive Battlers


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Ahead of Toy Fair 2022, Spin Master has given Heavy an exclusive look at the company’s forthcoming range of Ninja Bots.

Due for release fall 2022, the Ninja Bots range of toys are poised to be the go-to interactive battle bots. They’re packed full of personality and are certain to result in lots of giggles and mayhem.

Ninja Bots

Spin Master Ninjabots

‌HItting store shelves this fall.

So, what are they exactly? Imagine Robot Wars USA, only on a smaller, more hilarious scale. Two bots enter, the smack-talking between bots begins, but only one can reign supreme.

Each Ninja Bot has its own personality. We’ve seen bots Black Tiger and Red Dragon in action. The former is the cooler-sounding bot of the two, while the latter opts for a more high-pitched, cartoony voice.

What sets these battle bots apart from others on the market is the sheer amount of clever tech on the inside. Each bot comes with a zany selection of weapons, including a frying pan, spatula, tennis racket, to name a few, as well as more traditional ninja weapons like nunchucks. What’s more, each of the weapons are recognized by the Ninja Bots when you place them in their hands. It’s magic I tells ye!

But that’s not all. Each bot has different modes of play – training, single-player battle, and two-player battle. Should you wish to test your skills against a training dummy before you jump into one-on-one battles, the training dummy can literally be smashed to pieces by your bot.

Using the bots is all highly intuitive as well. There’s a button on the head which cycles the different game modes, then it’s just a case of karate-chopping in front of the robot to select a fighting style.

Once both bots are locked into their battle style, simply place them on either side of the battle wall, then when the wall is removed, both bots will engage in some healthy smack-talking before the pummeling begins. Whichever bot knocks the other one down, wins. The winner even gets to perform a little victory dance in celebration.

Although the goal is to win, losing has its own rewards. Much like in video games, each time the bots fight they level up and progress through four different belt levels (white being beginner, while black belt is master). Kids can easily check what level their bots are by looking at the color of their eyes. If you see a bot with black eyes, that means you better run for the hills or get to training ASAP.

Each of the bots come with a total of 14 different fighting styles to choose from, feature over 100 sound effects, and boasts high-end tech thanks to the bi-directional communication, IR sensors, multi-directional movements, and weapon recognition.


There’s currently set to be two buying options when they launch. The single pack comes with a Unique Ninja Bot, a trainer, three weapons, and a battle shield. That pack is expected to retail for $29.99.

If one isn’t enough, and let’s face it, two really is the magic number here, there’s a two-pack which boasts two unique bots, six weapons, two battle shields, and two training targets. The suggested retail price for the two-pack is $49.99.

New York Toy Fair begins on February 22, and not only will you be able to see these little guys in action for yourself, it’s also worth keeping an eye out for Jazwares’ highly-anticipated line of All Elite Wrestling Figures, which, like the Ninja Bots, are expected to be some of the heaviest hitters this fall.

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