Numskull DOOM Collectible Figurines Revealed

Numskull DOOM Collectible Figurines


If you’re a fan of Doom Eternal, you’re going to love the Numskull Doom collectible figurines.

The first wave of the new collectible figurines is set to drop this coming July, and will feature four figures: Doom Slayer, the Cacodemon, the Arachnotron, and the Imp.

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The first pack of four is available to pre-order now and will cost $39.99 upon release. If the designs look familiar, that’s because they’re based on the in-game Doom Eternal collectibles, albeit in vinyl form.

That’s not all that’s coming, though. Numskull has a plan to release new entries roughly every eight weeks. You can get a sneak peek at what’s coming in the image below.

How to Pre-Order

Numskull Doom Figures


You can pre-order the first set over on the Numskull website right now. As mentioned above, the first wave is set to launch in July 2022. So yes, you’ve got plenty of time to clear some space in your display for them.

How Much Will the Numskull Doom Collectibles Cost?

Upon release, the first pack of four collectibles with cost $39.99. Conversely, Funko Pops cost around $20 a Pop, so for the price of two Funkos, you get four figurines. It’s pretty good value if you ask me. Plus, although the images used are the prototypes, they do look really freaking cool. And kind of cute. Who knew a Cacodemon could be cute?

How Big Are They?

For once, we have exact measurements. I know, I’m just as shocked you are! Doom Slayer comes in at 6.3-inches in height, the Cacodemon, the smallest of the bunch, rocks at 5.1-inches, the Imp is 5.9-inches, and the Arachnotron is a massive 7.3-inches. 

As a quick comparison, Funko Pops – broadly – are around the four-inch mark with the exception of the larger (more pricey) six-inch figures, meaning the Numskull Doom figures will blend in almost effortlessly.

What Figures Are In The Other Waves?

There’s set to be five waves in total, with waves two through five offering up two collectible figures per set, bringing the total collection to 12 figures. More than enough to build a stylish display.

Below is everything that’s on the horizon.

  • Wave Two: Pinky and Revenant
  • Wave Three: Archvile and Baron Of Hell.
  • Wave Four: Hell Knight and Mancubus
  • Wave Five: Marauder and Solider

What Other Numskull Doom Toys Are Available?

If you’ve yet to check them out, you should really take a look at the Numskull Tubbz Line. Imagine a duck bath toy. Now pretend it’s cosplaying as your favorite characters. That’s exactly what the Tubbz range is.

Sure, it’s a little out there, but if you’re after something that’s a fun, silly alternative to Funko, you won’t go wrong with Tubbz.

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