TOP 5 BLACK FRIDAY VIDEOS: They Were Ready to Rumble

Did you make it out of your house today for some Black Friday shopping, or did you stay at home in your stretchy pants, recovering from your Thanksgiving food coma?

We’re betting after you watch these videos, you’ll wish you’d put on some combat armor and headed out to throw your best punches over some $5 headphones, or some cheap cell phones. Because after all, nothing says “Christmas spirit” like wrapping up a blood-stained cheap electrical gadget you’ve beaten up someone’s grandma to get.

So make yourself another turkey sandwich, grab a brew, and sit back and enjoy our top 5 Black Friday smackdowns. Because after all, what better way to continue the weekend of gluttony that started on Thanksgiving than kicking each other’s a*sses over stuff we don’t even need?

5. Black Friday Arrest At Walmart Caught On Camera

You have girls, you have lingerie, and you have an incredibly hot store manager almost in tears trying to get the frantic young women to calm down. See what you guys missed by staying home? We’re betting someone’s top got ripped off.

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