Middle School Teacher Suspended for Lassoing a Student’s Neck in Texas [VIDEO]

A Rowlett, Texas, middle-school teacher was suspended after he lassoed a student, causing bruising along the boy’s neck.

School district spokesman for the area Dick Garland told KHOU.com:

[The teacher] was visiting with the students, telling the students about how cowboys would corral maverick steers back into the herd.

Garland added that the teacher, who has not been named yet, had promised to stop his lassoing classes.

The school in question is Schrade Middle School which is in Rowlett in North Texas, east of Dallas.

Teacher Suspended for Lassoing Student

Another student released a cell-phone video of the incident to show the teacher meant no harm. Watch it above.

Teacher Suspended for Lassoing Student

Photo via KHOU.com

The student who released the video, Tristan McKissick said:

He didn’t pull or anything; he let go when he saw it go around his neck so it wouldn’t hurt him

Tristan’s dad Randy also weighed in saying:

He shouldn’t have done that, but he was just trying to teach them… to do something different, and I admire that. He probably shouldn’t have done it, but he didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

Allegedly police in Rowlett are considering criminal charges against the teacher. A student from the Garland School District Tweeted this:

According to the Schrade Middle School staff directory, there is an athletics coach on staff named Scott Ball:

Teacher Suspended for Lassoing Student

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