WATCH: First CCTV Footage of Execution in Westgate Mall Attack [GRAPHIC]

CNN has released new exclusive startling footage from CCTV cameras inside the Westgate Mall during the September 21 attack in Nairobi, Kenya.

The chilling video, which you can watch above, shows a crowd of shoppers fleeing from a gunman. When a man trips, the armed militant calmly approaches him, shoots him once and saunters away. Moments later, as the man struggles to get up and bleeds onto the ground, another gunman returns to finish him off.




New kenya mall footage

WATCH: Hero Policeman Saves Woman & 2 Kids in Kenya Mall Attack

They were so paralyzed with fear, he had to talk them out of moving and leaving the scene.

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INSANE VIDEO: Biker Robbed at Gunpoint, Thug Shot by Cop, All Caught on Helmet Cam

A man on a motorcycle is robbed at gunpoint by another biker — who is then gunned down by a cop — in this insane helmet-cam footage out of Brazil.

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