WATCH: 9-Year-Old Girl Shoots Gun Instructor With Uzi

A 9-year-old visiting the Bullets and Burgers shooting range in White Hills, Arizona, accidentally killed her instructor on Monday.

A video of the incident, filmed by the girl’s parents, has just been released by the local sheriff’s department. Watch it above.

charles vacca, uzi

(Bullets & Burgers)

Charles Vacca, 39, was teaching the girl to shoot an Uzi when the accident occurred.

An Uzi is a type of sub-machine gun.

After successfully teaching her how to shoot it on single-shot mode, he tells her, “Alright, full auto,” and switches it to automatic.

The girl begins to shoot, but the kickback causes her aim to swerve up and left, and she ends up shooting Vacca in the head.

Vacca was a military veteran, a staff sergeant in the United States Army.

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  1. What the hell is a 9yr old even doing with an Uzi in her hands, Instructor should have never allowed any of this to happen. You just don’t put the weapons in the hands of a child NEVER!

  2. Stupid asshole killed himself, inadvertly …9 yr old with an automatic Uzi?? Stupid stupid stupid and now that young girl is scarred for life….stupid

  3. And to think the child is going to have to live with guilt for the rest of her life..That’s the real shame in this whole situation…How dumb could that instructor be?? Probably just got done smoking a joint..!!

  4. How’s that Second Amendment working out? Oh, wait, it says ‘well-regulated’? Like not handing a gun–of any kind–to a 9 year old?? The parents should be charged with child endangerment. I feel sorry for her having to live with the trauma of what happened. This was no accident, this was plain stupidity on the part of every one involved, except the poor, innocent girl who was just trying to impress her beyond-stupid parents. ‘Merica wins again!!

    • Giving her an Uzi was dumb but teaching a kid the proper way to use a gun including and most importantly gun safety is normal pretty much everywhere besides your suburban hellhole. Would you prefer that kids be allowed to go buy guns when they become adults without ever having any training? The Uzi again, not smart and neither is the rest if your comment.

    • Shut your stupid ass yap you dumb cunt. The instructor should have anticipated the force of the kickback for a girl her age. Pussies like you only ever focus on incidents such as this which are few and far between compared to the incidences where firearms actually save innocent lives.

      • They’re close enough for the whole world to notice. And it doesn’t happen once, or twice. It happens a whole heck of a lot. So fuck you gun nuts and your 2 amendement bullshit. You fuckers should spend a day with your heads out of your asses and sniffing some fresh, real world air. The rest of us countries are doing more than fine. With less gun accidents and mass shootings per capita.

  5. Seriously ! What are these parents thinking? Any parent with half a brain would know this is dangerous. What a shame, and the poor little girl. Real stupid.

  6. Are you flipping kidding me, this was self inflicted if you ask me. What business did the instructor have giving a UZI to a 9 year old. Come On!!!!!

    • Did you notice that all the comments are pretty much the same? NO ONE thought this was a good idea. I feel bad for the kid

  7. And WHY did anyone think it was a good idea to put a full-auto Uzi in the hands of a 9-year-old? This instructor was an absolute fool. Tragic, but stupid and unnecessary.

  8. How n the hell parents let training a 9 years old to shotting i dont see the point….this people n this days wtf!

  9. I see I am not alone in my thoughts that the parents as well as the instructor are assholes, and the kid is scarred for life… put a gun in a small childs hands and an Uzi no less WTF hope the parents are charged with child endangerment.

  10. Who’s at fault here? AMERICA is at fault here! Your crazy gun culture caused this! Nobody to blame but yourselves!

      • You’re the only country where this happens on a scale – per capita – than anywhere else in the world. Please, get your head out of your ass, you stupid NRA worshipping shit.

  11. I learned to shoot at age 7. I’m not saying everyone should learn at this age but it’s not the fact that she is 9 that makes the instructor or the parents irresponsible.
    To this day, I have never used a FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPON. Why? because I like to go to a shooting range a shoot a target. Not destroy it.
    So yes, it was irresponsible and stupid for that instructor to be teaching this 9 year old girl to shoot an Automatic in the beginning stages of her learning. Really stupid. You just need to be more experienced first. When you start math you start simple… Not straight to Calculus.
    I’m saying this because people need to chill. I get that you’re anti guns but most of Americans aren’t and you can NOT just blame guns for this death or any other gun related accidents.

    • Nobody here is blaming the gun, all of the PEOPLE INVOLVED ARE AT FAULT, I shot a pellet gun when I was 11, that’s a lot different than a fully automatic Uzi, which is a killing machine in the wrong hands, a green 9yr old child!! The parents should be in jail!

      • Without America there’d been no nuclear threat. Without America it’d be going great with the global economy. Without America, there’d probably be no Communist China. Without America, that man would’ve not died so purposelessly by a bullet.

        • do you really need to blame america for everything cause i would love to see if you could give reason why everything is americas fault because i can gauntee there would still be world conflict wether or not america existed

  12. For goodness sake why on earth would any parent want their child to see a gun never mind fire one ? A 9 year old shouldn’t be exposed to this. The parents are to blame and unfortunately this little girl will now be scarred. So sad such a shame.

  13. I’m guessing the parents think its cute to see their little girl playing with a deadly weapon. Irresponsible parents and a bad judgement call by the instructor combined to make this tragedy.

  14. I don’t mind training kids to use guns, but to let a child fire an automatic weapon unassisted just sounds like a bad idea.

    • what do Americans hav to do with it if you think were all guns blazin your sorely mistaken what difference does it make where it happened the problem is still the same and thats that people need to learn gun saftey and not let people use guns they cant handle.

  15. I’ve read a lot more stories of entire families being killed in auto accidents. My real concern here is the auto industry. Let’s ban vehicles all around the world!! Or wait…maybe accidents are actually pretty rare in the real scope of how widely used vehicles are around the world. Never mind! Btw, if you want to bash on America, how about from now on you have to list what country you reside in so that everyone else gets a chance to tell you how fucked up your country is. UK…I’m looking at you with over 1400 child molestation cases reported yesterday.

    • Cars aren’t designed to kill people they’re an evolution from the stage couch/wagon which is completely different to a gun which its soul purpose is to kill and nothing else. Following an earlier comment about everyone being communist because of China, should really learn to read up on history before posting such a comment. Mostly political and against the soviet union (1945-1991 in case you missed out that period of history) a few what you Americans would call anti-‘commi’ conflicts (Cuba, Vietnam, Afghanistan etc etc) to prop up your military machine and drive for wealth and power. In case you hadn’t noticed, everything is now made in China so who owns who now?

        • You’re missing the point. Wanker. I may live in America but that doesn’t mean I agree with everything our government does or affiliate myself with some of the dumbasses that live here. If that’s your point of view and that’s how you feel about where you live, you’re a fool. People that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. No country is perfect and I’ve read enough comments from absolute lowest common denominator, mental midgets from other countries bashing on the US thinking that they’re somehow better. Quit watching our “reality” tv or “unbiased news sources” and believing that’s how we actually live.

      • Why are you trying to argue with me about a comment that I didn’t make. Direct your history lesson in someone else’s way. Maybe someone who gives a shit. I was being facetious with the car joke. I know how they came to be and it’s a “coach” not a “couch”. Having weapons to defend yourself is a right I stand by and that opinion is not going to change. I won’t stand idly by while a government takes what I have to defend my family while criminals will still have those weapons and use them any way they like.

      • Not only that, but America is indebted to China in a scale that’s beyond belief, that they would never be able to repay with all the useless pennies they can coin.

        • Do you know how much America is “indebted” to China? Without Googling it, I’d be surprised. Where are you from Jay? The UK? With almost 2 trillion in debt and a population 1/5 of the United States? There’s not much there to brag about. Why don’t you focus your attention on the problems in your country and not the freak accidents in ours.

  16. Great way for someone to disappear is to fake a death…. Or to start an uproar on firearms again…. Propaganda brain washing

  17. wanna make a target practice for kids…how about paint ball??
    how about some non-real weapons??
    this kid is gonna live with the weight of having accidentally killed an other person!

    • Instructor should of been instructed on how to teach a person how to shoot a weapon. Never stand on side of the shooter always behind shooter . He was a complete idiot

  18. “…alright! OK, full auto…..OK, good job. A little too much to the left, hang on, I need to scoop up my skull and some of these sticky brains…aw crap, now I’ve got sand in my brains, no biggee. OK little girl lets just take a moment here while I show you how to stop a head wound from bleeding…”

  19. I just watched a video of an actual small uzi being fired, with the shells flying off at 2 o’clock. I did not see any shells flying off in this video. The establishment’s owner showed no empathy when he referred to his employee. What really happened here?