Sylville Smith: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Sylville Smith was fatally shot by police in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, leading to riots in the city’s North Side. (Facebook)

A 23-year-old black man armed with a stolen gun was fatally shot Saturday afternoon by police in Milwaukee during a foot pursuit, authorities say.

The man has been identified as Sylville Smith, police said. Smith was shot in the chest and arm, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said.

He fled from a car during a traffic stop Saturday about 2:30 p.m. in the Wisconsin city’s North Side, police said in a press release. He was chased by two officers and was shot during the foot pursuit, according to police.

Peaceful protests turned to violent unrest Saturday night. One police officer was hospitalized after a brick was thrown through his windshield. Three others were hospitalized with unspecified injuries, but all were released by Sunday morning. Six buildings and several vehicles were burned, including a police car. Seventeen arrests were made, officials said.

The scene was calm Sunday morning, with community members gathering to cleanup and hold a prayer service. Governor Scott Walker activated the state’s National Guard as a precaution. They will be available to assist police Sunday if needed.

The investigation into the shooting is being conducted by the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation. The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office will then review the findings of that investigation.

The officer who shot Smith, identified as Dominique Heaggan-Brown, has been placed on administrative leave. His name has not been released, but police say he is a 24-year-old man who has been with the department for six years. He has worked as an officer for three years.

The officer is black, Police Chief Edward Flynn said Sunday at a press conference.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Officers at the Scene of the Shooting Were Wearing Body Cameras, the Mayor Says

Milwaukee Police say the incident began when two uniformed officers stopped a car with two people inside in the 3200 block of North 44th Street about 3:30 p.m. Saturday.

“Shortly after stopping the suspects, both occupants fled from the car on foot. The officers pursued the suspects, and during the foot pursuit one officer shot one suspect, armed with a semiautomatic handgun,” police said in a press release.”

Sylville Smith died at the scene, police said.

The shooting happened in a yard in the 3200 block of North 44th Street, police said.

Police said the other suspect, who has not been named, was taken into custody and is facing charges.

Mayor Tom Barrett said the two officers involved in the chase and shooting were wearing body cameras, WISN-TV reports. The cameras were operational, Barrett said.

He said the officer ordered the man to drop his gun twice and then fired several times when he refused. Barrett said a photo from the body camera clearly shows Smith had the gun in his hand when he was killed.

The body camera footage has not been released, and officials have not said when it could be made public.

Dominique Heaggan-Brown: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Milwaukee Police officer who fatally shot Sylville Smith has been identified as a former classmate of Smith and is an amateur rapper.

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2. A Loaded Gun Stolen From a Home During a Burglary Was Found After the Shooting

Police said the semiautomatic handgun recovered at the scene was stolen in a burglary from a home in Waukesha, Wisconsin, in March 2016. The burglary victim said 500 rounds of ammunition were also taken.

Mayor Tom Barrett told reporters the gun was loaded, according to The Associated Press.

“This stop took place because two officers … saw suspicious activity,” Barrett said. “There were 23 rounds in that gun that that officer was staring at. I want to make sure we don’t lose any police officers in this community, either.”

Milwaukee Police Assistant Chief Bill Jessup told the Journal Sentinel it has not been determined if the gun was pointed at the officer or if shots were fired by the suspect.

“That officer had to make a split-second decision when the person confronted him with a handgun,” Jessup said. “This is a risk they take every day on behalf of our community.”

The shooting came after five fatal shootings during a nine-hour stretch from Friday night to Saturday morning. It occurred just blocks from three of those homicides, police told the Journal Sentinel.

“As everyone knows, this was a very, very violent 24 hours in the city of Milwaukee,” Jessup said. “Our officers are out here taking risks on behalf of the community and making split-second decisions.”

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3. Smith’s Criminal Record, Which Police Called ‘Lengthy,’ Included a Misdemeanor Conviction for Carrying a Concealed Weapon & Traffic Offenses

sylville smith, syville smith, sylville smith milwaukee, sylville smith police shooting, sylville smith photos, sylville smith pictures, sylville smith facebook

Sylville Smith. (Facebook/)

Police said in a press release that the 23-year-old man who was fatally shot had a “lengthy arrest record.”

A search of Wisconsin court records revealed several arrests, but only one misdemeanor conviction for Sylville Smith. His record also included traffic offenses. No felony convictions were found.

The misdemeanor conviction, for carrying a concealed weapon, came in July 2014. He pleaded guilty to the charge and was fined $443 and ordered to serve one day in jail.

His record also included guilty findings on traffic offenses for speeding, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, possession of open intoxicants in a motor vehicle and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.

Smith was arrested in 2015 on a charge of intimidating a witness by a person charged with a felony, which is itself a felony offense. The case was dropped later that year by the prosecutor.

He was also charged with first-degree recklessly endangering safety, a felony, and misdemeanor possession of THC earlier in 2015. Those charges were dismissed by a judge based on a motion by the defense.

According to the Journal Sentinel, both cases stemmed from a February 2015 shooting in which he was a suspect.

Smith was accused of calling his girlfriend from jail to tell her to call the victim in the shooting case to get him to fill out a sworn affidavit saying Smith didn’t commit the crime, according to court documents obtained by the Journal Sentinel.

The victim recanted his identification of Smith and the case was dropped after the victim did not show up to court and was uncooperative, the newspaper reports.

In 2013, Smith was charged with retail theft, but that case as also dropped by the prosecutor.

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4. The Shooting Sparked Unrest in Milwaukee That Led to Several Police Vehicles Being Damaged & Businesses Burned

The shooting led to unrest in the city Saturday night, with several buildings, including a gas station, auto-parts store, hair salon, bank and liquor stores set on fire.

Shots could be heard being fired near the scene of the shooting, and multiple police vehicles were damaged. One was set on fire and two others were hit by rocks and other debris, sending one officer to the hospital with a head injury. Three other officers were also hospitalized.

Rioters were firing shots, and first responders were unable to render aid to burning businesses, reported WTMJ.

Assistant Police Chief James Harpole said there were three people who were in the gas station when it was set ablaze, and all were able to safely escape.

As the chaos unfolded, officers got into their cars trying to leave when people in the crowd started smashing the windows of their squad cars.

Officers in riot gear moved cautiously into an intersection of the chaos later in the night, and told a crowd to disperse. Rioters reportedly threw rocks at police as they held up their shields, according to CBS.

Bus shelters were torn from the ground littering the street with shattered glass.

Crowds chased reporters and a photographer from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, punching one reporter to the ground, the newspaper reported.

Photos and videos from Sunday morning showed the damage caused by the fires:

Order was restored by Sunday morning.

Heavy spoke with a man, Tory Lowe, who was at the scene after the riots began. “This is after years of abuse by the police from 2011 until now,” one person who was at the scene, Tory Lowe, told Heavy. “It has built up for so long, and now people are acting on it.”

When asked if he condoned the violence, Lowe stated:

I don’t condone it. But I understand it. People are upset over the deaths of, let me see…we’ve got Derek Williams, James Perry, Corey Stingley, Brandon Johnson and Dontre Hamilton. Over 101 black men were illegally strip searched in Milwaukee. I’m talking pulling their pants down sticking their hands in their anal cavity with no gloves or anything. I’m talking about how bad it has been from 2011 until now.

He said citizens of Milwaukee are fighting for justice for these men, who were all killed by police or “failed by the system in Milwaukee.”

Police said there were between 200 to 800 people at the scene of the riots, but said 800 was likely a high estimate and the number was somewhere in the middle.

You can read more about the unrest at the link below:

Riots on the Streets of Milwaukee: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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5. A Friend Says Smith, a Victim of a Previous Shooting,’Was a Nice, Good Person’ Who Was ‘Really Respected’

sylville smith, syville smith, sylville smith milwaukee, sylville smith police shooting, sylville smith photos, sylville smith pictures, sylville smith facebook

Sylville Smith. (Facebook)

A friend of Sylville Smith, Nefataria Gordon, told the Journal Sentinel that he “was a nice, good person. He was really respected. That’s why everyone came out. They’re angry.”

Smith was shot six times in a previous shooting, his family said. Details of that incident were not immediately available.

According to his Facebook page, Smith was the father of a 2-year-old son.

His mother, Mildred Haynes, told the Journal Sentinel, “My son is gone due to the police killing my son. I am lost.”

Sylville Smith’s father, Patrick Smith, told Fox 6 Now he blames gun laws and poor role models, including himself, for what happened:

Everyone playing their part in this city, blaming the white guy or whatever, and we know what they’re doing. Like, already I feel like they should have never OK’d guns in Wisconsin. They already know what our black youth was doing anyway. These young kids gotta realize this is all a game with them. Like they’re playing Monopoly. You young kids falling into their world, what they want you to do. Everything you do is programmed. I had to blame myself for a lot of things too because your hero is your dad and I played a very big part in my family’s role model for them. Being on the street, doing things of the street life: Entertaining, drug dealing and pimping and they’re looking at their dad like ‘he’s doing all these things.’ I got out of jail two months ago, but I’ve been going back and forth in jail and they see those things so I’d like to apologize to my kids because this is the role model they look up to. When they see the wrong role model, this is what you get. They got us killing each other and when they even OK’d them pistols and they OK’d a reason to kill us too. Now somebody got killed reaching for his wallet, but now they can say he got a gun on him and they reached for it. And that’s justifiable. When we allowed them to say guns is good and it’s legal, we can bear arms. This is not the wild, wild west y’all.

Patrick Smith said it’s up to the community to change.

“They targeting us, but we know about it so there’s no reason to keep saying it’s their fault. You play a part in it. If you know there’s a reason, don’t give in to the hand, don’t be going around with big guns, don’t be going around shooting each other and letting them shoot y’all cause that’s just what they’re doing and they’re out to destroy us and we’re falling for it,” he said.

You can see video of his father speaking about the shooting here.

His family and friends said they had nothing to do with the riots.

“I’m not going to say he was an angel. He was out here living his life,” his godmother, Katherine Mahmoud, told the Journal Sentinel.

“He was always kind of a troubled kid,” Darin Ware, who worked at the local Boys & Girls Club, where Smith went while growing up in the Sherman Park neighborhood of MIlwuakee.. “He was a fun kid but he was not without issue. … Without knowing all the details I don’t want to say he was at fault or the police were at fault. It’s just a shame”

Smith’s brother talked to CBS 58 about the reaction to the shooting.

“Once again the police have failed to protect us like they say they was going to do,” Smith’s brother, who did not give his name, told the news station. “If we don’t have anyone to protect us then this is what you get. You get riots. We losing loved ones everyday to the people sworn in to protect us.”

His brother said, “it’s the police. This is the madness that they spark up. This is what they provoke. This is what you get. … You taking get a lot of people that’s hurt and they can’t vent the right way. So this is what you get. … We not the one’s that killing us, ya’ll are killing us. We can’t make a change if ya’ll don’t change.”

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  1. Violent protests do nothing for the black community but reinforce the negative stereotypes that too often get folks killed. Before one goes out to march he or she really needs to reexamine what the word “peaceful” means to them. Do you have any clue, any idea what it means to be peaceful or at peace? If not you cannot protest peacefully and chances are that you will be ineffective, it will get out of hand and the blowback will be white folks rolling their eyes and saying “there they go again”. This world is going to hell in so many ways it breaks my heart. Sometimes it feels as if we are doomed. We are all in this together people. Treat others as you would like them to treat you. Pray for peace. Be a good citizen. Obey the law. Raise your children to respect our laws and if by some chance someone reading this is in anyway a racist I would ask that you examine your heart, ask God for forgiveness and change your evil ways. If we don’t change the path we’re on we’re gonna get where we’re headed soon. Straight to hell.

    • You assume that Black people do not raise their children to obey the law. You’re and ignorant fool and YOU should ask God forgiveness for being so ignorant in the Information Age. Posting a comment like that riddled with racist stereotypes = racist. How many burned down stores is your child’s life worth? Is there a number?

      • Did he say anything about blacks not obeying laws? So you want one death to cause more deaths among other innocent lives? Can you act like the police if you’re facing a situation against a man who’s filled with criminal records? Those who act big are selfish fools who would do everything to defend what they want from the community and the government, even if it means by hurting others.

  2. Why did he run from the Police carrying a stolen gun if he had nothing to fear, the Police have a right to protect themselves, this
    young man did the wrong thing and paid for it with his life.

      • Smith was shot in the chest and arm. (Not in the back.) He was shot by a black police officer after refusing two commands to drop his (loaded) weapon. The officer had just cause to discharge his weapon. Sad and unfortunate for all involved. Smith’s family should be angry at Smith. He created the situation. The body cam footage will support the officer. Anyone that self-describes himself as “laughing my ass off” over any of this needs to reevaluate his purpose on this planet.

        • You have not even seen the footage but yet you are certain the cop was justified. Explain to me how you are certain, without being racist…i’ll wait.

          • Uh it’s easy. He was shot in the chest….unless he’s a backwards sprinter he was facing the cop. With a stolen gun…why is this so hard to follow?

            Figures the anti cops out there don’t care about the kid in the video saying “it’s not us out here killing us! It’s them out here killing us”

            When in fact, blacks killing blacks vs cops killing blacks ratio is 40:1….for every death of a black person every year, there are 40 black deaths at the hands of another black. But that doesn’t matter though huh? Don’t care? Always easier to look somewhere else? Smh grow up, stop breaking the law and stop killing each other. It’s not science.

            • 40-1? Where’d you get that number? The Blaze? Or just Faux News? GTFOH! Police have killed over 250 black men, this year, in this country, alone. Meaning, by your dumb ass estimation, that black men have killed 10,000? If it sounds right…

              • I’m sorry, but it is us killing us. I live on the west side of Chicago. This younger generation is out of farking control. They’re shooting people just for bragging rights. They’re not shooting people who they have NO beef with, they’re shooting up blocks. We need to own up to our own shiat. I’m just so farking sick of people blaming everyone else but themselves and their horrid parenting(ALL RACES PULL THIS SHIAT) for the shiat their ;snowflake/baby’ bullshiat.

          • Wait a minute…the same can be asked of you. Explain how you believe the police officer acted incorrectly and that Smith was either not armed or not holding the weapon, yet you have seen the video either?

            And why would you accuse someone of racism if they accept the information already given by police? Yes, that information may be incorrect, but we’ll all see once it is released to us.
            Seems you want to believe that the black officer is trying to hide something and that that is what we should believe until proven other wise, but those who accept that the officer shot Smith because he wouldn’t drop his weapon are being racists. You’re being as prejudicial as anyone else you’re accusing of such action.

            The other aspect to this incident is that the officer that shot and killed Smith is a black man. Most of the accusations about police and young black males is that it’s racially motivated. Do you believe that the black officer is a racist against black people? Is it that hard on your part to believe that a black officer actually did do the right thing?

      • Maurice, the police have the responsibility to protect the community they serve. In this case, the police stopped Smith and his associate. Both then decided to run. It is the police’s responsibility to give chase and attempt to apprehend those who would run because it’s quite likely that those who do attempt to flee have done something wrong. The law also recognizes this and thus it’s part of the law in most municipalities that if you attempt to flee the police, then you just broke the law by that action.

        If Smith and his associate would have remained in the car as they should have, then the officers would have discovered the gun and then found that it was stolen. Smith and his associate would likely have been arrested. I’m sure Smith knew that and that is why he chose to run. He knew was guilty and thus ran. That is why the officer gave chase.
        Then, when he caught Smith, the officer claims that Smith had the gun drawn and that the officer told Smith to drop the weapon and that he told him to drop the weapon twice. The officer claims Smith did not comply and that’s why the officer fired and shot Smith. Yes, that is legal if that is what happened. A citizen does have the right to draw a weapon at anyone, including police, and it required to comply with the officers command/request to drop the weapon. That is in the best interest of everyone’s safety. If what the officer states is true, Smith decided to once again not comply with anything the officer asked of him and kept his gun drawn at the officer. Again, in that situation the officer is justified in shooting Smith or anyone acting in a threatening manner with a deadly weapon.

        Smith’s sister is even more confused as she doesn’t want to believe that here brother had his weapon drawn, claiming that if he did, then he would have fired back and at least had a shoot out. It’s amazing that his sister believes that that is how things are between her community of people and the police. That is a major disconnect between law and lawlessness, where she believes both are acceptable.

      • So what if he was running away? He had a gun in his hand! It’s not real complicated to point a gun backwards while running away. I just love how some people seem to expect the cops to get shot before they shoot. And it’s not as easy as you make it sound when you take into account he was almost definitely in fear of his life and adrenaline was was telling his brain its him or me. Apparently common sense isn’t so common.

      • That’s exactly how many blacks see these situations time and time again…it’s ALWAYS someone else that is at fault. There are several photos of this thug over the internet splashing money and holding guns. One looks exactly like the one the police retrieved after the shooting. So go ahead, give that same old lame ass he was a good boy pillar of the community crap.

      • If he was a fleeing felon running away from cops while armed, the police had a DUTY to shoot him to protect law-abiding citizens. Sorry another one of your boys got himself killed. J/K, I’m not the least bit sorry!

  3. Its funny to me that people are not talking about the Police murdering someone who was RUNNING AWAY, but instead, choose to talk about stuff like rioting, or his brother, or black people who kill other black people! Its like you people are angels or something…”we are all upstanding citizens, we would never burn down anything, we don’t kill anything, we would never run from the Police, we never disobey traffic laws, we do caffeine and nicotine, we would never do real drugs”… etc. Yall are really comical!.

    • No, it is like many black people are angels and the liberals think they are too. You can do no wrong. And p.s. take a minute to read comments on white murderers and rapists. You might just change your tune. Whites are just as quick to condemn their actions. Sometimes you have to take off the blinders….stop feeding your personal ideology…open your eyes.

      • Enough of the “liberals” BS as if one political party is in support of rioting and burning private business’s. No, democrats and liberals do NOT condone burning neighborhoods nor rioting. The peaceful demonstration is what the left has always supported. So, this ridiculous accusation that the left is somehow in support of criminal activity is nothing but Trump like foolish schoolyard ignorance. One thing we say that is different between liberals and conservatives is that liberals know there are problems within our greater society and we acknowledge them and want to work on helping everyone without finger pointing and grouping “all” of an ethnic group as being “all the same”. Conservatives on the other hand are more comfortable when people are grouped into subcategories so that they can be easier to identify and vilify, without having to think that not everyone fits any one category of explanation. Yes, accepting the individual requires more interaction and experience, something conservatives would rather hide from.

    • Ha. Your first point is incorrect, he was shot in the chest. Is he a backwards sprinter then? Probably not lmfao.

      What’s funny to me is that instead of seeing people’s faults (committing crime, running away during a simple traffic stop, possessing a stolen fire arm, etc) you only see a cop killing a black guy.

      Yes, people talk about how we kill ourselves. And they’re right. Average annual Black Death by another black vs black killed by police ratio is 40:1 and that means that for every Black Death at the hands of a police officer 40 black deaths at the hands of other blacks. You can’t ignore our own problems because it’s easier to look else where.

  4. Gah damn I see a lot of white people who have no common sense. Intelligent idiots. Yall can solve a math problem with a formula given to you but can’t wipe your ass well enough to keep your underwear from staining. That’s because a lot of yall are full of sht! What do ANY of your comments have to do with the Police shooting someone RUNNING AWAY? Is it that difficult to think for yourselves? Oh, never mind. I almost forgot that common sense isn’t really that common, OBVIOUSLY!

    • I don’t know if your trolling or your really serious? I’m going to assume your serious. Let me break it down for someone of your limited critical thinking skills. Syville Smith was stopped because of suspicious activity, and surprise surprise they were right. When a officer sees someone doing something illegal (running away cops) its their job to apprehend the thug. If someone stole your property you would want the officer to pursue the criminal. When a officer pursues a criminal he must put his life in danger, if a criminal pulls out a gun during the pursuit he’s gambling away his life. This should be common sense. Let me break it down to a SIMPLE equation you might understand…

      Running from cop = resisting arrest = conflict = conflict + gun = potential death.

      This simple equation would of saved Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, and countless others.

      Its all simple common sense, if you people understood that maybe you wouldn’t be shot. By the way, the 48hrs preceding the officer involved shooting, saw 9 different shootings reported resulting in 5 deaths. Of which were BLACK ON BLACK CRIME. Where is your outrage Maurice?

      • This case has nothing to do with race or the black lives matter movement. This is one of the many deaths that happen as a result of a police officer defending themselves against an armed suspect.

        “This simple equation would of saved Michael Brown, Alton Sterling” – false, this equation would have an added race factor in those cases

        Those who make this about race are extremists on either end – the people rioting are extremists and so are those trying to pair this up with BLM, Alton Sterling et. al

        • I never insinuated this case has to do with race. Also the equation is correct, if a white person would of been in the same situation in both the Brown and Sterling cases, he would of also been killed. If a gun is involved and you resist arrest you have a good chance of getting shot, plain and simple. Also I brought up the black on black crime because in previous post Maurice kept stating that only Black people get shot by the cops, when in reality more whites are shot by cops nation wide.

          By the way I don’t think linking BLM and the resent unrest within the Black community is extreme. BLM is a powerful black movement that places the current social economic status of the African American on a “white” government and a oppressive police force. When BLM goes out and basically chants death to cops, and victimization, people believe this false rhetoric and act upon it believing they have a civil right to destroy other peoples property because of their current economic status.

    • Running away or not, if the officers thought he was a threat, t the officers or others, deadly force was justified. If he were unarmed, and not deemed a threat, then it would not have been justified, but you are ignoring the fact that he was ARMED and the police were there to protect not only themselves, but any other member of the community. You talk about common sense but you obviously don’t know anything about the escalation of force or use of deadly force, which is not “common sense” but learned knowledge.

    • You seriously dont get this and we’re the idiots. let me break it down for you. If someone is RUNNING AWAY, the part of their body that would be FACING the cop is their BACK. The man who was killed was SHOT in the CHEST, which means he WASN”T RUNNING, but rather he was FACING the police officer.

  5. I love how people are making this about police racism. The police officer who shot this man (a black police officer by the way) and he is an adult, and made a decision to run from the police with a fully loaded STOLEN weapon, because he knew he had a record. He didn’t stay around because he knew he would be arrested for the weapon and his record.
    His parents failed him, by not instilling values, and appropriate respect for the property of OTHERS, and the laws we are bound by…ALL of us are bound by, not just certain people.
    Both officers were wearing body cams. The truth will out.

    These rioting miscreants are now threatening to go to “white neighborhoods” to rob, kill and set fire to *their neighborhoods. (Whatever that means)
    I live in a neighborhood of all races, colors and backgrounds. How would they pick which house to burn? I can guarantee you that mu neighbors would be out defending each other, no matter what.

  6. A BLACK cop pulls over a BLACK man in Milwaukee.
    Said BLACK man flees
    Said BLACK man is in possession of a stolen semi-automatic with an extended magazine.
    BLACK cop orders BLACK man to drop the weapon.
    BLACK man refuses and raises the weapon to the BLACK cop.
    BLACK cop saves his own life by shooting the BLACK man.
    The BLACK reaction?:


    Watch the video …. all of it.

  7. “They should have never OK’d guns in Wisconsin”
    Seriously?? He STOLE the gun. What a bunch of stupid BS. And everyone “respected” him? For what selling them better drugs?

  8. “Like, already I feel like they should have never OK’d guns in Wisconsin.” Oh yeah, RIGHT!!!!! Hey asshole! YOUR son’s gun was NOT anywhere near OK…it was a stolen weapon! And he was trying to shoot a cop with it! A BLACK cop, no less! So guns should not be “OK’d in Wisconsin”??? Blame guns! What a douche! How about trying to raise your kids right!!!

    • give the father credit for his accountability, he unlike the brother understands his son was in the wrong and that he was not a proper role model

  9. So Smith had an arrest record (even got off the hook several times), a ‘gangster’ by all accounts including his FB photos, ran from the cops (because he ROBBED someone and took a gun + 500 rounds of ammo), then refused to drop his weapon and is shot yet is somehow an innocent victim. So the response: burn down tons of crap, riot, loot, rage against the police and random businesses (and attack journalists?). News flash: Black Lives Matter is the most pathetic excuse for a bunch of thugs and bullies to go around infringing on rights of whoever the mangled, mass mob targets. As I said a year ago, that movement will worsen the entire situation and it has. Smith is apparently the victim here? Really? His sister wants people to burn down suburbs? Others want to target random white people that have absolutely nothing to do with anything to beat them up? Really? Are people hopped up on crazy pills? 2nd News Flash: THESE are the modern day racists.

    How about the black community start fixing families. Men, commit to a woman, stay away from crime and drugs entirely, stay in the home, RAISE your child right, get an education, get an honest job, and work hard. If your parent left you when you were a kid, THEN DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE. Rob gang’s of recruits from broken families and break the criminality/poverty cycle in black America. There’s your solution ‘Black Lives Matter’, if you really care about Black Lives, how about instituting some practical policies instead of hate mongering.

  10. Yeah he had three felonies dismissed though. One was “Witness Intimidation”. This happens all the time, Smith probably did not show up to court over and over and over, finally the victim probably got tired of coming to court and decided not to pursue the charge. You guys should really do some research before putting crap on the internet for idiots to believe,

  11. time for the BULLDOZERs to come in and GENTRIFICATION to commence as this neighborhood is beyond rehabilitation………… the olde dayz we would simply burn out the tenants but these dayz we hand out section 8 housing vouchers to the elderly and military disabled and relocate them before we PLOW down the buildings with also spreads the THUGs to various and sundry parts of the country braking up their structure………a dozen years from now that area will be high-rise luxury condo units and an ALL WHITE neighborhood

  12. Bodycam Shows Black Milwaukee Officer Shot Suspect, Sylville Smith, Who Was Raising Gun.

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin – An officer-involved shooting on Saturday afternoon prompted a massive riot in Milwaukee. Word about the shooting quickly spread on social media about a white officer who shot a black man in the back while running away. It is no surprise that the information that was spread by agitators on social media was entirely false.

    The officer involved in the shooting was a black police officer, and he had his body camera on at the time of the shooting. The suspect, Sylville Smith, 23, was indeed black, but he wasn’t shot while just running away.

    After reviewing the shooting footage, Milwaukee Chief Edward Flynn said, “The individual did turn toward the officer with a firearm in his hand.” Chief Flynn added that Smith was “raising up with” the gun at the time that he was shot by the officer.

    The initial stop occurred at around 3:30 PM on Saturday when Milwaukee police officers conducted a traffic stop on a suspicious vehicle. After the car stopped, at least two of the vehicle’s occupants, including Smith, fled on foot.

    An unidentified 24-year-old black male officer chased after Smith. During the chase, Smith pulled out a stolen pistol that was fully loaded with stolen ammunition, and Smith raised the pistol to the officer. The officer ordered Smith to drop the gun and shot when he did not comply.

    There is no audio on the body camera footage because there is a 30 second audio delay on the body camera.

  13. Stop blaming other things and just blame the young man for carrying a gun without a permit and not producing the permit. If he had nothing to hide, why run? Blame him for pointing the gun at the officer (black or white) . We all know that there’s injustice so why even fuel the fire even more with your own life?

  14. 13 % of the population 80% of violent crime. Gun control ban blacks from having guns they have proven many times over that they are not responsible with fire arms.

  15. Wow. There are some really ridiculous comments and twisted logic with comments from Smith’s family. His brother blames police both for creating the conditions for a riot to start, and then for not stopping the riots. This is kind of illogical ignorance that can drive people to believe what they want to believe rather than accept what’s really happening. His family know that Smith has troubles and that he was dealing with illegal activity in the neighborhood, but then they accept that it’s just part of life and that it’s ok. From that type of belief it then stretches into the police being at fault when they then catch and confront criminal activity. It seems some in that community feel that police should not look for or confront criminal activity? And when that happens, then the other parts of the community complain that police are not doing enough to protect the community? The lack of logic is palpable here.

    And then there is this:
    Heavy spoke with a man, Tory Lowe, who was at the scene after the riots began. “This is after years of abuse by the police from 2011 until now,” one person who was at the scene, Tory Lowe, told Heavy. “It has built up for so long, and now people are acting on it.”
    When asked if he condoned the violence, Lowe stated:
    I don’t condone it. But I understand it. People are upset over the deaths of, let me see…we’ve got Derek Williams, James Perry, Corey Stingley, Brandon Johnson and Dontre Hamilton. Over 101 black men were illegally strip searched in Milwaukee. I’m talking pulling their pants down sticking their hands in their anal cavity with no gloves or anything. I’m talking about how bad it has been from 2011 until now.”

    According to Tory, something started happening about 5 years ago and he calls this “…years of abuse by police…”. I think Tory is a young man who doesn’t have many years of experience or history by which to know anything other than being fed a lot of the same lack of logic that’s being thrown out as fact or wisdom. Also, I don’t believe Tory. I think he is only spewing back out what others have told him. Case in point, he accuses the Milwaukee police of conducting over 101 fully naked strip searches on black men, and that these searches included “…anal cavity..” searches and that police did those anal cavity searches “…with no gloves or anything.” There is no way I will believe that officers would put themselves in harms way by conducting an anal search and not wear protective gloves. Wearing protective gloves is not just to protect the person being searched, it is to also protect the person doing the search. Tory seems to be retelling what he has heard, which I see as hyperbole designed to make it seem that something even more extreme is going on than there really is.
    Again, no officer, doctor, or nurse is going to do an internal anal search and not wear protective gloves, not going to happen. However, Tory seems to believe it.
    And that’s part of the problem, the willingness to believe the unbelievable.

    Then there is Smith’s father, who on the surface seems to also blame himself. However, most of his commentary is also full of conspiracy theory with the belief that “THEY are out to get US.” And by “they” he implies while people, and by “us” he seems to imply “black people”. Once again, this is promoting a belief that even though one may be doing the wrong things, they are doing them because that’s how the system is designed to work. This is nothing but an attempt to reconcile knowing that ones criminal actions are wrong, while trying to also live with oneself in the belief that even that can’t be ones fault because “they system” or “the man” is making me do this. No, that has to end. That way of thinking has to STOP.
    There is racism still in this country. But, at the same time these excuses for certain criminal behavior can’t be excuses away because of racism that still lingers.

  16. Smith’s own little brother blames cops for his death. Ummm, hello? Live the life of a thug, die like one?

    Carrying a stolen gun with extended magazine, runs from cops, stops, and when told to drop the gun, refuses. Sounds like suicide by cop to me…

  17. Punk ass bitches watch y’all mouth when it come to my people…. that was my blood…. pussy the media put out there what they want you to know the police coward ass…

  18. Mildred Haynes really need to learn what a career criminal is… her deceased son was one. Just so sick of people defending the criminal acts of thier kids. Lock up the parents with their criminal children, I bet things would change then.

  19. I get a kick out of the attitude this guy’s family is displaying. His dad is talking about how if people weren’t allowed to have guns then his son wouldn’t have stolen one and tried to shoot at police and therefore his son’s death is the government’s fault. This kind of parenting is why so many black kids are being shot, going to jail, etc. If you can’t bring up your kid right, at least take some responsibility for the thug you raised. The problem is not the accessibility of guns. The problem is you.

  20. I love these reports. Suspect behavior by black people always bring out the racists that claim they aren’t. 1 black person represents the whole race or community while a white person, behaving the same way, only represents himself. Makes sense.

  21. Yes some cops are really ass holes but there are also good cops just doing their job, this guy got what he deserved cause when I cop say drop yr weapon, mean drop it dam it and if you want to play tough and point it at a cop you will get yr ass shot, yes the cops are suspose to protect the innocent. But some cops are dirty too cause alot of cops like to get their quota for the day, but others are doing their job like the officers that shot this thug. One less thug killer out on the streets, now hope these idiots learn from this.stop killing innocent people, robbing or stealing, cause once you get shot your going to hell where you belong. All these bad ass thugs will get shot sooner or later and that’s what you deserve then you will go to hell, this cop did his job told him to put the gun down. Sylville wants to be a dumb ass now whose hurting is his son. The parents are responsible for their kids doing bring your kids up the right way they won’t be doing dumb ass shit and getting shot. All these thugs say it’s bad cops well they are allowed to carry gun NOT THUGS SO THERFORE YOU GET KILLED IT’S GOOD. LESS THUGS ON THE STREETS

  22. In the past I didn’t care who you are if you was black or white or Hispanic or what ever now I am sorry but I hate all the wants to hurt innocent people, those kind of people makes me angry. And I wish that all the bad people will kill each other so there will be less gangs and violence. All these gangs needs too go kill each other so they all can go to hell, and this video with these stupid ass black people wanting to hurt white people just cause they went on their streets like really these dumb ass thugs all need to be killed. I know I stayed on the Southside in milwaukee for 43 years alot of the blacks people thinks their shit don’t stink and they can do what ever they want, but they are on welfare cause they can’t get off their ass to get a job. But they can stay out all night robbing and killing people. Go to schol and learn respect and how to work instead of robbing and killing people for their money. Wish the cops was there when they was fighting with the innocent people and wish the cops shot and killed every singal thug there. Less thugs on the streets the better. The cops are even scared of these idiots like really. God will punish al these stupid ass hole. Why do some blacks thinks they run the world well hello you don’t it’s just a matter of time the cops will find you and kill you hopefully.people need to all get along. Then we will have a good life, if it keeps going like this we won’t have a world god will just take it from all of us, the good ones go to heaven and the bad ass holes go too hell burn burn burn

  23. What happened. The Wisconsin Department Of Justice completed their investigation and sent their information to District Attorney John Chisholm to determine whether he will be issuing charges. It has been a number of weeks of now since being provided to Mr. Chisholm

  24. Hillary you do not get to change the truth to help you to make it sound just the way you want it. Hillary, I want you and all of your gang held accountable: Abused, abandoned, betrayed and attempted murder // others soldiers and veterans have died, been killed and you orchestrating murder, and orchestrating horrible sufferings against soldiers, and disabled veterans! You certain type of people have been murdering, stealing from our own, causing so much gross suffering on our own, and intentionally orchestrating — unlawful — harm on your own, just for fun! That is what you all are and have done out in open!!! It is the already actions that have been carried out is why we are angry and want you stopped so you will not destroy America!!! Hillary, you have abandoned us — on purpose — many Americans, while supporting terrorist! Hillary, you are lying about everything you are saying in Florida. You would have already carried out the corrections if you cared, especially when we came to request help / cry for correction, but you did not. Your corruption attacks people at VA hospitals for standing up for their rights! You are a big fat Liar, Hillary! 30 years you did not do the things you are saying!!! You allowed so much harm, yes stand up for our right doesn’t mean you attack like you all did!!! I haven’t forgotten all the evilness you did!!! Destroying Americans’ lives, even when we went to you for help! You cannot expect someone to forgive you when you keep on hurting them like what was done to me, doing unlawful harm, you kept on badgering in every job all out in the open, even on video. We have rights you are supposed to be serving Americans not special money deals, not just foreigners forgetting Americans, just your gang!!! (Military, WCI, government persons, and individuals carrying out personal unlawful attacks) We are sick of corruption that is destroying Americans’ lives, sick of your corruption and unfairness! Obama, arrest yourself for treason, please? You are going to be remembered for hurting so many soldiers, veterans, and Americans!!! Hillary, we cannot get past the murder! Our lives matter, my life matters, I have a right to legal help, but you have been blocking legal help! We want change, protection, support, and someone that respects our Constitutional rights!!! That IS NOT YOU, HILLARY!!! We don’t want a president that Abuses us – that Abandon us – that betrays us – that murders us and or tries several times to murder us!!! Hillary, we don’t want you for President we want to live!!! Vote for Trump, save America!!!