Danney Williams, Bill Clinton’s ‘Son’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Danney Williams, Bill Clinton's 'Son'

Danney Williams’ Twitter profile photo.

A man named Danney Williams, 31, has renewed claims his mother first made in the 90s. The claim is that he is the love child of Bill Clinton. It’s an allegation that has followed the Clintons around for nearly 24 years. Williams’ mother, an Arkansas prostitute named Bobbie Ann Williams, said in 1992 that Bill Clinton had been her only white client around the time she was pregnant. The story has been widely discredited but still gains traction in conservative media circles.

A few hours before the final presidential debate of the 2016 election season, Williams filed a paternity suit with the Clinton family.

In 1999, Star Magazine conducted a DNA test on Williams to see if he was in fact Clinton’s son. The results were negative. Though Williams says the test never took place. While the New York Daily News reported in 1999 that the tabloid’s results would likely be unreliable.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Williams Was on Alex Jones’ Radio Show Where He Was Incorrectly Labeled as Having No Criminal Record

Williams first began appearing on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ Infowars network in October 2016. Jones says of Williams, “You yourself got three children. No record. Hard working guy.”

A Smoking Gun report on Williams rebukes Jones’ claim that “Clinton’s son” has “no record.” The report also says that Williams has five children, not three. All of those children were born before Williams was 21. He also has a lengthy criminal record, according to the Smoking Gun. The website says that Williams was last released from prison in September 2015 after he was convicted of passing bad checks. Shortly after this release, Williams began his campaign to be recognized as Bill Clinton’s son.

Williams has other convictions for car theft as well as child support issues.

2. Williams Says That He Tells His Kids That Their Grandfather Was the President of the United States



In a video that was uploaded by Williams to his YouTube channel, he explains, “Recently I have been telling my kids that their grandfather was the president of the United States and they’re amazed by it, they’re like “No. Is it for real?” I tell them yes, he is my father and I will make sure you get to meet him one day.”

Williams also says in that clip that his mother was supported by Bill Clinton with $700 a month. That money, he says, was delivered to their home by an Arkansas State Trooper each month.

Also appearing in the video is Williams’ aunt, Lucille Bolton. She raised Williams because his mother was in-and-out of prison throughout his youth. Bolton said that she once took Williams to the governor’s mansion while Clinton lived there, she says the two were “chased” off of the grounds.

A claim put forward on Williams’ Twitter page alleges that Clinton had sex with Williams’ mother “13 or 14” times between 1983 and 1984. This claim also says that Clinton had an orgy with Williams’ mother and two other prostitutes at Clinton’s mother’s house.

3. On October 14, One of His Supporters Shouted: ‘Justice for Danney Williams’ at Bill Clinton During a Rally

As Williams’ continues his campaign amid Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the 2016 presidential election, a Williams’ supporter made himself known at a Bill Clinton rally. On October 14, that supporter can be heard shouting, “Justice for Danney Williams” repeatedly during a rally. Williams wrote on his Twitter page after the clip went viral, “I thank one of my supporters for chanting, “Justice for Danney Williams” at @billclinton event Friday. #ClintonKid.”

4. The Early Claims That Williams Was Clinton’s Son Were Pedaled by ‘Loose Cannon’ Activist Robert McIntosh

During Bill Clinton’s run for the White House in 2000, the allegations about Williams’ parentage first appeared. They were pedaled by a businessman from Little Rock who was frequently at odds with Clinton named Robert “Say” McIntosh.

The Daily Beast reports that during Clinton’s presidential campaign, McIntosh put posters in the Little Rock area that read, “The Hottest Thing Going: Bill Clinton’s Dick Will Keep Him From Running for President of the United States of America.” The poster was accompanied with a photo of Danney Williams.

An Accuracy in Media report on the scandal says that Williams “abruptly” ended his campaign in 1992. It adds that shortly after Clinton was elected as president, McIntosh’s son was pardoned by Arkansas’ acting governor.

5. There Were Rumors That Williams Might Be One of Trump’s Guests at the 3rd Presidential Debate

UNLV, University of Nevada Las Vegas, third debate venue, Thomas & Mack Center


In the run up to the final presidential debate of the 2016 election season, rumors appeared online that Williams would be one of Donald Trump’s guests. He would have been accompanied by President Obama’s estranged and embittered brother Malik Obama.

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  1. The clintons are always escaping their responsibilit, in doing the right thing
    Bill Clinton has a son
    as he was married to Hillary
    Chelsea has a brother but,
    Bill Clinton neglected his responsibilities as a good father to provide for his son.

  2. The Clintons are masters of deceit. I saw the news conference of this young man. The paternity test was consided a fraud. So he did some jail time. Who could blame him. He has spent his life trying to figure out who he is. But there will always be Clinton apologists who will come up with lies to defend them. He is now 30 and a responsible father trying to care for his children.
    Just another black mark on the Clinton’s very checkered past. And this is why the American people do not trust them.

  3. The fact is, there were rumors. I want to know if the family we are putting in the white house to represent us at home and abroad were breaking the law exploiting poor black women for sex, then letting the state of Arkansas pay for the kids health care

  4. You have the teat info wrong. The DNA test was done with the old DNA from the Lewinsky dress, They had removed the enzymes needed during the Lewinsky test….so the test was in conclusive and invalid.. FRESH DNA is needed, Clinton never gave DNA and the star magazine’s owner was bill’s good friend. It was a fix, just like the TV interview where Hillary maligned the women who assused Bill. My husband is from AK. They all know there.

  5. After reading the Smoking Gun criminal record of Danney Williams I have come to the conclusion that he is a Clinton. No DNA test needed.