Drew Carey Joins Gary Johnson’s Campaign

gary johnson drew carey, drew carey libertarian

Drew Carey has been named the Honorary Chair of California for the Gary Johnson campaign. (Getty)

Drew Carey is joining the Gary Johnson campaign for president, Johnson-Weld 2016 announced Tuesday.

The actor, comedian and host of The Price is Right, Carey has already endorsed Johnson for president and has considered himself a libertarian and has done some fundraising for Johnson‘s bid for the White House. Now he’s part of the team, acting as the Honorary Chair for California.

The position means Carey will “help lead the campaign’s efforts” in California, the Johnson team said in a release.

Other state chairs include 1990s TV star Melissa Joan Hart, who lives in Connecticut and former State Treasurer of New Jersey Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff.

Johnson’s campaign announcement comes on the heels of high notes, like being endorsed by the Chicago Tribune newspaper, but also embarrassing gaffes, like not being able to name a world leader he respects.

Gary Johnson on the Issues: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Gary Johnson's stances on the issues include support for gay marriage and legalized marijuana and opposition to government spending and foreign intervention.

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