WATCH: Man Shoots Himself Dead on Facebook Live After Being Dumped by Girlfriend

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Erdogan Ceren, 22, of Duzici, Osmaniye Province, Turkey, livestreamed his suicide with a shotgun after his girlfriend broke up with him.

In the video, the shirtless Ceren is seen talking to his computer camera while holding a shotgun. According to The Sun, he tells his viewers, “No one believed when I said I will kill myself – so watch this.”

According to The Mirror, “Before the act he also shared a poem that he had written to his allegedly adulterous girlfriend, saying: ‘Our love was going to be a saga, our eyes were not going to shed tears, now tell me love, are you leaving, will my hands burn without you.'”

His first attempt at suicide fails with his shotgun jamming so he tries again.

As he does, online viewers attempt to get him to stop.

His second attempt is successful.

According to Turkish news site, his body was discovered by relatives. He was rushed to a hospital where he died 12-hours later.

Officials are conducting an investigation into his death.

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  1. Oh come on! Where is the pure money shot with brains splattering all over the wall behind him? I rate this performance a 3 out of 10.

  2. Public shaming should be brought back… especially for the skidmarks that make the cruel comments here as “ANONYMOUS” … I KNOW for a fact that if they had to post their nasty heartless comments along with their real identities, they’d keep their thoughts to themselves! It’s amazing how they’re so damn brave sitting there in their dark little corners in their grease stained shit stained underdrawers…..

  3. This made me cry , These people saying rude comments like ” cool and Hilarious” perhaps one day your mother, father, sibling, or best friend will commit suicide and we’ll see how ” cool it is then.I have a feeling Karma is coming for you in a horrible way. Life is too short, suicide is Never the answer. This breaks my heart because I know this handsome young man would have had a happy life, if he just would have waited one more day, his circumstances could have been completely changed for the better. Please people ” Don’t ever put the key to Your Happiness in someone else’s pocket-Keep it in your own. I know break ups can be devastating, but seriously sometimes tho you can see it at the time, it’s paving the way for a much better person to come into your life. Someone you were meant to be with.I just hope anyone feeling suicidal will call someone, get help, maybe go to a church or a hospital just get around people who can help you. I promise you theses horrible times you’re going thru will pass, it will get better. Never give up, All suicidal people are in my prayers, I truly do care about you and don’t want you to do it.Ignore the idiots ” egging you on”, just wait one more day, talk to some one who will help you. You life Does matter.