Donald Trump Washington, D.C. Protest: The Photos You Need to See
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Donald Trump Washington, D.C. Protest: The Photos You Need to See


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These union-driven protests provide a passsionate platform where the future Democratic Party leaders will be forged. It is important for the National Communists of the far left to flex its muscle while the broken DNC arrives at a new narrative.


This is true! Trump pays no Federal taxes but countless undocumented people do pay Federal taxes. I know this to be true as FACT.


I welcome the day when these namby pambys and thugs are all thrown in jail. We took back our country. Accept it or get the hell out.

A True American

@ Phooey,

The dry cleaner called. Your KKK costume has been. You get the hell out of the country and take your inbred, raping, murdering, redneck brethren with you.

H8 No 1

Phooey, you sound like a complete moron. Furthermore, “you” didn’t take back anything and it is not “your” country. Stop walking around with your false sense of entitlement. You and the rest of Satan’s spawn will get what you deserve sooner than later. Take that to the bank. Freak!


Countless of undocumented workers do not pay taxes !
They pay taxes in the purchase of goods through department stores, gasoline station and so on !
Butt as to paying taxes yearly no they don’t why should they pay taxes they’re here illegally and they’re going to get as much money as they can without paying taxes ! 75% of there check go’s home ( that is to their own country ) and they eat beans and rice for a month and 10 people living in garage.
So ! your facts are wrong ,that you know that to be true.

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