Michigan, New Hampshire & Arizona Election Results: Have Those States Been Called?

Republican nominee Donald Trump (L) and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton arrive for the first presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York on September 26, 2016. / AFP / Jewel SAMAD (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. (Getty)

If you looked at electoral college maps from major news organizations several days after the election, one thing jumped out: Michigan, Arizona, and New Hampshire were still up for grabs.

What gives? Did President-Elect Donald Trump really win Michigan and Arizona? Did Hillary Clinton really win New Hampshire? Michigan has 16 electoral votes, Arizona has 11, and New Hampshire has 4.

The Washington D.C. Bureau of the Associated Press told Heavy on November 11 that the AP still had not called Michigan and New Hampshire as of that date but called Arizona for Donald Trump on November 10, two days after the election. All other states have been called, said AP. However, on November 14, the AP called New Hampshire for Clinton after Donald Trump chose not to seek a recount in that race, said The BBC.

Many news organizations follow the AP, although CNN has now called New Hampshire for Clinton on its own. The reason the states are still up in the air: Very slim margins that still need to go through canvassing processes. Provisional and last-minute absentee ballots can come into play when margins are close.

“The races in New Hampshire and Michigan remain too close to call, with recounts possible in both states,” Lauren Easton, media relations manager had explained Heavy. “So long as recounts are possible, AP will not call either race.” As of November 15, that leaves Michigan as the lone state not called for either candidate.

However, the spokesman for the Michigan Secretary of State’s office told Heavy, “We have no reason to believe that there are significant numbers of votes that are unaccounted for. All cities and townships in the state (1,500 of them) have reported unofficial vote totals.” He said that no recount has been requested because recounts wait for certified results, not unofficial tallies.

The AP did call the election overall for Donald Trump, despite remaining unsure about Michigan and New Hampshire. Here’s why:

Let’s do the electoral math. Trump has a slim lead in Michigan and a stronger one in Arizona. Clinton has a slim lead in New Hampshire (maybe those midnight votes at Dixville Notch really did matter!) When margins get razor close, such things as outstanding provisional, write-in votes, and uncounted absentee ballots can matter more.

Clinton backers won’t find much consolation in these findings, though, because Trump would still have enough electoral votes to win even if Clinton won Michigan, Arizona and New Hampshire, which is why she conceded and everyone is moving ahead with the phrase “President-Elect Trump” despite those states being shaded gray in many people’s electoral maps for days after the election. Clinton did win the popular vote, and the margin of victory for Trump in three rust-belt states that were crucial to his win was a total of only about 112,000 votes.


Furthermore, Trump has now been declared the Arizona winner. One political scientist, though, is arguing that maybe Trump didn’t win Wisconsin (the state Elections Board county-by-county totals and all the media say he won by a slim margin of about 27,000 votes in a state that went for Barack Obama last time. A recall is triggered at 0.5%, which is less than that. The state has one of the most restrictive and controversial Voter ID laws in the country, and that law was in place for the first time this election.) The AP analyst named Michael McDonald, who teaches political science at the University of Florida, told Newsweek that a recount and provisional ballots in Wisconsin could change things. That seems like the most unlikely of scenarios, though, with Arizona called for Trump and due to his margin.

The AP explains how it calls races, saying, “The responsibility for calling races rests with experienced journalists in each state. They are armed with on-the-ground knowledge of their territory that no other national news organization can match.” In addition, says the AP, “On election night, race callers in each state are assisted by experts in AP’s Washington bureau who examine exit poll numbers and votes as they are counted.”

Here’s a closer look at the three states:


Trump has a slim lead in Michigan. As of November 11, the Secretary of State in Michigan was reporting the following totals:

Trump: 2,277,914
Clinton: 2,264,807
Johnson: 172,726
Stein: 51,420
Castle: 16,125
Soltysik: 2,231

That’s a margin of victory of just 13,107 votes. A margin of under 2,000 votes triggers an automatic recount in Michigan, but candidates can seek a recount even if the margin is larger. You can learn more about the Michigan recount rules here.

Fred Woodhams, spokesman for the Michigan Secretary of State’s office told Heavy: “It’s not for the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office to get involved in when national media outlets “call” a state. At this time, county boards of canvassers are verifying election results and will certify them. At the end of the month, the Michigan Board of State Canvassers will certify the results after the county boards complete their work. At that point, election results will be final.”

Asked whether he expected the results to change substantially, he responded, “No, but in every election small vote shifts occur during the canvassing process.”

“The canvassing process takes weeks to complete to ensure that voters can have full confidence in the accuracy and integrity of Michigan elections,” Woodhams said. “The canvassing boards are made up of equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats.”

The Detroit Free Press reported in a blaring headline that Trump had won Michigan, giving the margin as 13,225 votes. However, the newspaper had earlier mistakenly called the race for Clinton based on an analysis of early returns from key precincts.

The count is unofficial, meaning it will go through a canvassing process.

New Hampshire

The Secretary of State’s office was reporting the election returns county-by-county. New Hampshire newspapers have declared the race for Clinton.

The New Hampshire Union Leader reported the day after the election that Clinton’s lead in New Hampshire was 2,687 votes, and that the Trump campaign was reviewing it as a result. One catch: The total did not include write-in votes. Here is information on the New Hampshire recount law:


The Arizona Secretary of State on November 11 was reporting that 99.86% of precincts were in and Trump won Arizona by these totals:

Trump: 1,021,154
Clinton: 936,250
Johnson: 80,151
Stein: 25,255

That means Trump leads Arizona by 84,904 votes, the largest margin of the three states. According to Arizona Central, as of Wednesday evening, the day after the election, “there were nearly 628,000 votes still to be processed statewide, with 470,000 of those in Maricopa County.”

The newspaper said the state has a large number of early voters, and ballots dropped in the mail on election day are counted after the election; the same is true of provisional ballots. However, Trump’s margin of victory in Arizona was larger than his margins in New Hampshire and Michigan. The fact that Clinton came so close in a traditionally red state shows the shifting nature of American demographics and the electoral map, though.

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    • IN CASE YOU DON’T KNOW WHY WE HAVE THE ELECTORAL COLLAGE: The Constitution is about a balance of power. It won’t allow a few (4) big state to bully small states (46). If we relied on popular vote then California, Texas, Florida and new York would pick our presidents every time. Let California, Texas, Florida and new York do what they want at the state level. Federal law includes all the states. It’s a simple concept.

      • Virginia picked the president for the first 35 years. We got the electoral college so that Southern states could count 3/5ths of their slaves who couldn’t vote.

        • The electoral college was established by the founding fathers in the constitution prior to 1800. The person with the most electoral votes was President, the person with the second most electoral votes was Vice President. Virginia participated in the election process but did not solely elect the president.

          • Brent due to being able to count the slaves as 3/5s of a vote in the electoral college Virginia had more votes than Pennsylvania whose population of actual citizens was 10% greater
            than Virginia’s. Thats the point ash is making.

        • The 3/5 count was for all allocation of representation for all Federal purposes. The Electoral College was not created specifically for that purpose. Though you did not, many erroneously claim the 3/5ths count was based on denying Blacks’ full humanity. It was a GOOD thing. Since slaves had no vote, counting them as a whole person would have given the Slave States even more power than they had. If they were rightly counted as zero, the Slave States would not have had a lock on the Federal Government for almost the entire antebellum period.

        • False, the electoral votes were put in the original constitution. False 2, per the constitution a census is taken and electoral votes apportioned per the census. The North didn’t want the south to grow in power by having slaves count as 1 person, so the North forced the issue and compromised on 3/5ths. This cut the power of the southern states in federal elections, and probably made way for Lincoln to become president.

        • Wrong. The 3/5 compromise, which was proposed at the Constitutional Convention by delegates from Connecticut and NY, limited southern power. The north didn’t want the slaves to count fully because it would give the south more representation and more power. VA was the most populated state and also happened to have the most recognized statesmen for the first 35 years. The other states could have voted against them and carried the election for someone else. Who was going to vote against Washington, Adams, Madison and Jefferson. They were heroes of the revolution throughout the 13 states. We had the electoral college to avoid any faction from being able to gain a simple majority and infringe on the rights of another faction. Madison was trying to preserve democracy for all. De Tocqueville later termed Madison’s efforts as avoiding the tyranny of the majority. Now the electoral college serves to defend all the interior states, that have their own interests as states, from being dictated to by a voting bloc of the most populated cities. With no electoral college, 4-6 states will pick our presidents and the rest of the country will have no say. This is exactly the situation Madison sought to avoid.

        • Here is the full context in which the deplorable thing came from. So get off your cross. The people who ran with that never bothered to find out the entire bit. If you consider yourself a deplorable than what she said fits.
          “In too many places still, LGBT Americans are singled out for harassment and violence. You can get married on Saturday, post your pictures on Sunday and get fired on Monday. That’s why we’ve got to continue the forward march of progress.”

          “And we cannot do it alone. I cannot do it alone. I’m not like Donald Trump, who says, ‘I alone can fix it.’ I’ve never quite figured out what it is he alone can fix. But that’s not what you’ll hear from me. I think we have to do this together. So, together we’re gonna pass the Equality Act to guarantee full equality. We’re going to put comprehensive quality affordable healthcare within reach for more people, including for mental health and addiction. We’re going to take on youth homelessness, and as my wonderful, extraordinary, great daughter said, we are going to end the cruel and dangerous practice of conversion therapy. We’re going to keep working toward an AIDS-free generation, a goal that I set as secretary of state, and with your help we’re going to pass comprehensive gun laws. …”

          “I know there are only 60 days left to make our case — and don’t get complacent, don’t see the latest outrageous, offensive, inappropriate comment and think, well, he’s done this time. We are living in a volatile political environment. You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people — now 11 million. He tweets and retweets their offensive hateful mean-spirited rhetoric. Now, some of those folks — they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America.”

          “But the other basket — and I know this because I see friends from all over America here — I see friends from Florida and Georgia and South Carolina and Texas — as well as, you know, New York and California — but that other basket of people are people who feel that the government has let them down, the economy has let them down, nobody cares about them, nobody worries about what happens to their lives and their futures, and they’re just desperate for change. It doesn’t really even matter where it comes from. They don’t buy everything he says, but he seems to hold out some hope that their lives will be different. They won’t wake up and see their jobs disappear, lose a kid to heroin, feel like they’re in a dead-end. Those are people we have to understand and empathize with as well.”

          “And what I hope is that in addition to your extraordinary generosity, you will go to our website,, or text to join at 47246 to see how else you can get involved.”

          • The full context really doesn’t make it any better. Spout one GOP false stereotype after another another, and then perpetuate another stereotype about Trump voters … It is bizarre

          • LOL Hillary is done you might as well go to your safe place. Nothing can be done to change the outcome. The election is over You can not change or Amend the Constitution. It takes about 7 years and you need 2/3 the Congress then 2/3 of each state with 2/3 of all states to Amend. The true un Americans are those that hate our system those that burn our flag, those that say everyone is a racist but they forget to look in the Mirror at the racialism inside of them.

        • I 2nd that! Bexar County, where I live, called the County count for Cankles about 9pm that night! Ticked me off because I saw non-English speaking illegals voting for Grand Ma!

      • Amen Diana. Our founding fathers knew that popular vote would eventually lead to corruption. Candidates would simply spend all their time in dense populated states to persuade their way to become President while smaller populations would have to bend over and accept someone else’s opinion every single time, which by the way would be a Liberal’s dream come true.

      • Each voter in the US should have equal say. But the biggest problem now is that the primaries don’t give people enough say. We should get rid of primaries, and choose the president by ranked choice voting, starting with 6 or 7 candidates. The parties can still exist, and they can back more than one candidate.

    • Yes, please give us the final votes with All states included. Unofficially I understand Trump has 306 electoral votes to Hillary’s 232. Trumps also wins the popular vote however, I ask that someone give us an official count of the true Final results. thank you.

    • You’re despicable Johnny. Trump might be president but the filth you’re espousing is evil. Slavery was an evil proposition to try to own other human beings. Think about what you say before you vomit all over your keyboard.

      • The Immorality Of Slavery Is A White Christian Concept Not Even 400yrs Old.
        In Terms Of Human History, It May Turn Out To Be Just A Passing Fad.

        • What? Slavery has been a part of human history for a lot longer than the 400 years of the founding of this county, and it wasn’t created by white Christians. Egypt kept Jews as slaves thousands of years ago.

          • The *immorality* (of slavery) is a concept of recent (<400 yrs) origin. You are both right, though one seems to be more intelligent.

          • No Americans brought slaves here. Period don’t blame other Cultures. WE TOOK people from Africa Not Willingly and exploited them and even after the 13th Amendment they were lynched for another year until the civil rights acts and the voting rights act came about but no this country is scared of what it doesn’t understand. This election, and the people who pretend to be rightful Christians that voted for Trump has made me doubt that God even exists. This talk is like cancer. And once you realize that Trump doesn’t give a shit about you, and he never has. He has never known what being hungry is like, he has never had to work paycheck to paycheck he has no frame of reference outside of a New Yorker Billionaire class. How can someone make promises to working people when he doesn’t even know what a gallon of milk costs. He is now taking his orders from the beltway GOP elite. So expect Mitch and Paul to do the governing like ending medicare, Medicaid, the ACA, and that’s just first couple of days..

        • you do realize every country since the dawn of time at some point or another had slave trades right, but remember if you want to talk about slavery in America Africa wasn’t forced to sell there own people to americans for that purpose,african was greedy and sold their people to feed that greed

          • THE TRUTH is the Nigerian country went into inner africa stole people and marched them to the coast.. million died on the way.. Funny how no one talks about that part.. millions of blacks died on the march.. and then they were sold to the brits and the brits sold them to America..

          • another tid-bit is that one Freed Black man named William “April” Ellison.. because rich by breeding and selling slaves.. this man had more slaves than 99% of all SOUTHERN SLAVE OWNERS.. WHY ISN’T THAT EVER MENTIONED? WHEN WILL OPRAH DO A MOVIE ON THIS INFORMATION.. AND MANY FREED BLACKS WHO HAD SLAVES FOUGHT WITH THEIR SLAVES IN THE CIVIL WAR…

      • It was a simple yes/no question, and yet you failed to definitively answer it. You scribbled a lot of ephemera, but I still don’t know the answer to the question the headline poses. Can’t get a succinct, straight answer anywhere.

    • ‘pig skin blue eye devil any way these devils are power hungry!!!!!’ –if I was you, I would worry more about your out of control niggs, that are destroying many American Cities than the ‘blue eye devils’ except the ‘blue eye devil’ is going to remove all of you niggs ENTITLEMENTS, and hit all of you between the eyes with Law and Order….We The White People spoke loud and clear on Tuesday…

    • I have seen the power hungry from hillary.. with all that money she took from the Middle East.. now she will not be able to do their bidding.. Trump owes no one but THE PEOPLE.

    • I say both are despicable, Judah made the first racial comment then Johnny stooped to his level and returned the race slam. Johnny isnt the only one that is in the wrong, Judah did stare it , but doesn’t give johnny the right to retaliate. why would you not say that Judah is despicable as well since he started the race slamming. Oh thats right my bad whites are the only ones that can be racist.

  1. I am not a republican, but I do have a brain.

    A ONE TIME EVENT does NOT indicate a shift or a trend. A one time event shows what happened ONE TIME under a certain set of circumstances. PERIOD. In order to indicate a shift or trend you would have to see similar results under varying circumstances. (e.g. you would need to see democrats grabbing a higher percentage of the votes over several elections – THAT would indicate a shift in either demographics or changing values. This is the 2nd article I’ve read by you and the other article had even worse logical flaws. I hope this is a volunteer position, I hate to think you get paid to write such garbage.

  2. Why do post this trash? Does it make you happy? A 200,000 difference is not really the “popular vote” since you call TRUMP’s leads “razor thin.” As an aside, she did not WIN the popular vote. We are still counting. Do you understand how WINNING works? Jesus.

    • It is more than that. She did not win the popular vote in the sense that she did not get above 50%. She just got a few more votes than anybody else. The distinction comes into play if the argument is that she is supported by the majority of Americans. she is not, nor is President Elect Trump, nor does any of it matter

  3. You state “The responsibility for calling races rests with experienced journalists in each state.” Since when does a “journalist” call an election? How about the Secretary of State for each State. You think too highly of yourselves.

  4. To be clear: Hillary didn’t gain ground in Arizona. In fact, the current tally has her with nearly a hundred thousand fewer votes in the state than Barack Obama won in 2008 or 2012. In other words, the Democratic candidate received approximately 10% fewer votes in Arizona in 2016 than either 2012 or 2008. That isn’t something for them to be “encouraged” about.

  5. It’s hilarious for these loser “experts” to still try to pontificate to ordinary Americans, ridiculously and absurdly to still try to drag the Clinton corpse across the finish line. Their arrotang, self-righteous bigotry is what cause them to miss projecting Trump as the winner in the first place and yet even after being shown the egg all over their asinine faces they still can’t stop. Give it up boys; you’re finished. Intelligent Americans know your “expert” emperor has no clothes and won’t listen to you again, though sadly and surely the sheeple will, especially stupid Dim sheeple wanting handouts instead of actually working for a living. DEMOCRAT Kennedy once said ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country; his party of now lefty, lunatic, lying, hypocritical commie treason abandoned that so long ago and were he to come back the party would never tolerate those words and risk losing the ;insatiable lust for their exploitation of their slaves. But they really will lose Senate seats in 2018. It’s a miracle, thank God, the GOP didn’t lose its Senate majority 11/8.

    • It must really get under your skin that a ‘corpse’ has beaten your psychopathic candidate in the popular vote. As such, Trump is and will always be an illegitimate president. Nothing you say or do will ever change that. He is the loser he’s been running from all his life.

      • The way our system works, you need the most EV (Electoral College) votes to win. That’s why you didn’t see the popular vote totals up on your TV screen on election night. The popular vote total is irrelevant to the result. SO our Orange Oompa-loompa beat the “smartest woman in America” fair and square, by the rules of United States elections for the office of President. President-Elect Trump must be feeling very DJ Khaled right now.

      • Why doesn’t anyone pushing the majority vote idea, realize that was not the game plan either candidate were using. Meaning it would have been a whole different game plan and you would have seen a different campaign driving voters is states like California to turn out the Republican vote instead of many of those voters saying my vote doesnt matter Cals 55 Electoral votes are going to the Dem every election.

        How about this for an idea? Keep electoral college and implement Maine’s way of breaking up the Electoral votes so it is not all or nothing?

  6. Those who want to steamroller us by shredding the Electoral College forget we are the United STATES of America, not an amorphous national mass. Each state counts, not just the national total, something America-haters can’t stand in their lust for power to bend the nation to their lawless, fascist will; as with crooked Hillary (any of us who did what she did would be facing jail time, like some actually are who didn’t do nearly as badly as she, laws are only for little people, not them. That’s why Trump won: the anger of ordinary Americans the arrogant, self-righteous elites stupidly took for granted as they looked down their beclowned, hypocritical noses at those they accuse of being arrogantly self-righteous and in so doing made utter fools of themselves, though as usual (e.g. 9/11) too arrogant and ignorant and asinine to learn from their errors.

      • Each PERSON’s vote should count equally, NOT each state’s. A person’s vote shouldn’t matter less or more based on what state they’re in. That being said, as per the current rules Trump did win more or less fair and square. I think his term is gonna be a huge disaster for America—so bad that I’d really love to be proven wrong.

        • Dennis obviously you don’t get it. America is not a democracy which is mob (majority) rule. America is a representative republic which means we elect representatives. If we went by popular vote, which you seem to want, it would mean states like California, Texas, New York because of their large populations would make all the decisions for the U.S. It would mean smaller states would get no say on how this country is run. That, thank goodness how we have set up this republic. It would be like two wolves and one sheep and the wolves decide what’s for dinner.

        • If you believe so, move to a Democratic rule country. The USA is a Republic.

          Before you leave; please explain why Hillary DIDN’T campaign in SMALL states or deep red states if ‘popular vote’ matters one iota.

    • I’d love to see the electoral vote broken-down nation-wide as it is in Nebraska and Maine – the candidate who takes the district wins it. Not expecting this to happen EVER, though, since it means that the Democrats would only win cities and a few outlier districts (like college town districts). We would see huge parts of traditionally very “blue” states switch to red – e.g., non-coastal California, Upstate New York, Maryland outside of the I-95 Corridor, Massachusetts south of Boston, etc.

  7. I’m wondering if a “fix” was in for Arizona. BUT there wasn’t one in for PA or MI because they already thought those two states were “in the bag” Numbers from AZ sound suspicious

    • You’re over-thinking it. The states results aren’t ‘suspicious’. They’re incomplete because all the counties haven’t finished their final counts and certification. That is true in MOST states, including those where a winner has been declared – because the margins in the latter group are almost impossible to reverse.

      If you want to discuss why results are close(r) in some states, look into the impact of voter fraud 4 years ago, 8 years ago, 12 years ago, and consider the new voter ID laws in effect in 2016.

  8. “The fact that Clinton came so close in a traditionally red state shows the shifting nature of American demographics and the electoral map, though.”

    So the rust belt states voted for Trump as they hadn’t turned red since the 80’s. I’ll take that trade…

  9. Everybody knows why the lefty presstitutes have been stalling the count at 279–so they can falsely claim it was a close race. In fact it was a 305 vote blowout for TRUMP! Deal with it, you libtard losers.

  10. Don’t forget… The November election was for the Electoral College votes. The people that represent the Electoral College in each area does NOT have to vote the way of the people. Or another words Clinton can still steal the election.

  11. “Breitbart, a conservative site affiliated with Trump’s campaign CEO Steve Bannon”

    How come you don’t add this type of qualification/disclaimer every time you quote the NYT (owned by Mexico’s Carlos Slim), WP (owned by Jeff Bezos) or any other (and it seriously could be any other) big name media publication which either endorsed or is overwhelmingly staffed by pro-Hillary/NeverTrump staff? Bueller?

    “When journalist Jessica McBride penned a glowing, 5,400-word profile of Police Chief Edward A. Flynn for Milwaukee Magazine earlier this year, many in the Milwaukee Police Department jokingly dismissed it as a love letter to the chief.

    Little did they know.

    Sometime earlier this year, Flynn and McBride struck up a romantic relationship.”

    Oh…I guess ethics and objectivity isn’t your strongest point, is it, Jessica?

  12. Arizona blue? Seriously? 4.1% lead for Trump and it has been red for days, and you are showing it blue and giving the numbers to Clinton? Who is going to take you seriously after this pile of horse feathers!

  13. All this news is really a moot point. The electoral college votes have already decided Trump the President. Even if Hillary gets Michigan, New Hampshire, and Arizona (Trump got it anyway), Trump has still received well over the number of electoral college votes needed. There is no debate about that, so this article is in all honesty pointless.

  14. The current certified electoral college vote is Trump at 290 and Clintonat at 228. The final vote count is likely to be Trump at 306 and Clinton at 232. I do not understand where this author is getting their invalid data.

  15. I hear that the Cloven Hoofed Clinton Witch was kicking her stall to pieces on election night.

    Hey, libterds, get over it NOT., NOT, NOT.
    It’s a pleasure to watch you soil your panties over this.
    Keep it up, you’re the best show in town.

    • Hey dumb hillbilly, it’s ok, your delusions aren’t real, there are no ghosts, no devils, no witches, no goblins, no ghouls, Just ignore people who fear everything even skin.

  16. The Presidential election is over, the elections worked as intended and by design. All the people protesting look like fools, and calls for change of our constitution is absurd. Hillary lost, she accepts it simply put she underperformed badly, and the voters supported Trump. Cry ins, violent protests, are by extremist lefties and quite frankly is counterproductive to democracy and it will tarnish Obama’s legacy yet these anarchists and lefty pot smoking college kids selfishly dont care. America is ready for a more moderate shift to center, and homeland pride.

    • There you go again,
      being intelligent and rational.
      Now, now, we’ll have not more of that.
      When will you ever learn–
      such behavior is pointless when directed at the typically deceitful and despicable hollow-headed libterd.

  17. You guys are dumb if you don’t see the flawed system first off they shouldn’t give the ELECTORAL POINTS until all votes are accounted for! Sorry but why do they give the points before all of the votes are counted? The new system should be that the election will not be over until every votes are counted then the electoral vote points will be given to that candidate,

    • I don’t think it’s possible for you to be more stupid.
      You’ve pretty well topped out on this.
      Oh, by the way…

      I hear that the Cloven Hoofed Clinton Witch was kicking her stall to pieces on election night.

      Hey, libterds, get over it NOT., NOT, NOT.
      It’s a pleasure to watch you soil your panties over this.
      Keep it up, you’re the best show in town.

  18. “The fact that Clinton came so close in a traditionally red state shows the shifting nature of American demographics and the electoral map, ”
    Which “Red states” would those be? Wisconsin? Michigan? Pennsylvania? And what do razor thin margins in blue states like New Hampshire show?


  20. Michigan is an embarrassment to still not have their ballots counted and accounted for, PRESIDENT TRUMP won, turn it red as he is ahead and let it go🙄

  21. Had millions of votes not been wasted on Johnson and Stein, Clinton would have been President and we wouldn’t have to go through the impending doom of the economy again and the personal devastation that WILL happen in the next four years. Dumb fools.