READ: Electoral College Voter Calls Clinton ‘Despicable Individual,’ Threatens Letter Writer

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Texas presidential elector John E. Harper (LinkedIn/John Harper)

Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States despite earning an estimated 2 million fewer votes nationwide than his opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton. Alarmed by this result, millions of Americans have signed an online petition calling on Electoral College voters — the voters who, under the U.S. Constitution, will actually decide the presidential election — to switch their votes from Trump to Clinton.

Some voters have also written letters directly to the actual electors, the individuals selected by state political parties to cast ballots is what is traditionally considered the ceremonial vote that takes place on December 19.

Though traditionally electors vote for the candidate who won the most votes in their specific states, no federal law or constitutional requirement prevents them from voting for any candidate they choose.

But the chances that electors will change their votes based on the letters and petition is remote at best, as demonstrated by a letter received by one voter who appealed directly to electors about making a vote-switch.

The elector, John E. Harper, described Clinton as “a despicable individual” and signs the letter, “Deplorably yours,” in apparent reference to Clinton’s remark describing a portion of Trump supporters as belonging to a “basket of deplorables.”

Harper also concludes his letter with a threat of “legal action” against the voter, Hannah Moskowitz.

Here is the original letter sent by Moskowitz.

The elector, John E. Harper, is a former mayer of Rowlett, Texas, a Dallas suburb of about 58,000. Harper resigned in 2011 with two years left in his mayoral term, over a dispute with the city manager — and what Harper claimed were “name-calling and unwarranted personal attacks on my integrity and character.”

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  1. can’t you even spell “mayor”? (and yes, the question mark is outside of the quotations because I speak English from England)

  2. I am so upset right now how could anybody be that mean look at all the things trump have said about people so what u are saying that it is ok for him to say anything he won’t to say just look at all the things she have done

  3. i think the electoral college should do the right thing by voting hillary,she won the popular vote,the people mandate.i dont have a steak in the matter,i am nigerian living in nigerian but will always stand for the truth.its absurd to sit a man as president who did not win the peoples mandate,and what is the result?protest everywhere.i think donald trump is despicable.think abiut it.

  4. Hannah, your tone was arrogant, entitled and uppity. You have to use a more humble approach. You don’t want to put people on the defensive. Remember, you’re trying to persuade an individual with values that are different from yours to do something they may not agree with.

    • LOL…really? You must be joking. The writer was far more humble and professional, while his was more the typical “Trumpesque” of ugly, insulting and hateful ways of putting down folks with an opinion different than his! An Elector is supposed to be neutral and based on the will of all people he/she represents which he is obviously not, calling Clinton despicable and signing off with the Trump supporter logo “deplorably”. The writer may not be neutral, but the elector is someone considered honorable and willing to fulfill their obligation to be true to the system they are tasked with. It is obvious he is not! I am not sure what scares me most, that he is an educator or an elector, or for that matter, a former mayor! Then to threaten legal action for her right to free speech and protest. She was not threatening, rather gave a strong argument, albeit obviously supportive of the voice of the majority of the popular vote (I thorugh that was democracy?). This is also a huge reason why we need to go with the Maine and Nebraska models where the Winner does Not TAKE all, but still gives smaller rural states their voice, but give all people in the state a voice as well, not just the one that got one more vote than the rest of the people in that state. The Electoral Colleage puts too much power in too few hands and does not follow democracy of one person, one vote. On the contrary it gives a Wyoming voter 3.86 votes to a California voter’s 1 vote. It makes states like OH, PA and FL the main factors on who becomes president because one vote in those swing states has the ability to hand the election over to someone who only got half the votes plus one! Silly and archaic system and is why we have so many folks who do not participate. Winner takes all in a state with high concentrations of one demographic will always vote in the favor of that demographic, hence the minority in that state will NEVER have a voice, so why bother voting? If they got a portion of the electoral college, then they would more likely participate and isn’t that what democracy is all about?

  5. I think the electoral college should vote for Hillary Clinton. Yes I know there’s a small fine you have to pay and I’m sure there’s many Hillary voters that would be glad to help you pay that fine but the main point of this is who’s better for this country?
    Hillary has spent her life in the government, helping children and she knows how to lead the country. From the moment Donald Trump started his election he’s not paid federal taxes for 20 years, misogynistic, racist, he made fun of the handicapped person on television. He incited violence at his rallies. Trump did we all watched him tell his people to kick that guy out, no don’t give him his coat. This is not the type of man we need for president. Just by him not paying federal taxes for the last 20 years he has not supported our veterans in any form or fashion. He hasn’t helped out our schools, our teachers nobody. The only person he cares about is himself. He’s going to divide this country farther than it already is and we were making progress. Real progress. There are many disparaging things on his character which was proven on television. We all heard what he said on that bus about how he could grab a woman’s private areas and do whatever he wants to them. He has had multiple Women even a girl accused him of rape. Now it’s hard enough when you’ve been sexually violated but when you’ve been sexually violated by a man that has this type of money and now he’s the president elect I can’t even blame the poor girl for not wanting to go through the court system. The victim is always always tormented. Trump should absolutely not be running our country! He has no idea what it takes to run a country or even deal with our allies. Which that brings up another point how come he’s so friendly with Putin in Russia when they are definitely not one of our allies? He talked about him numerous times during the campaign. Manifest fill that rush I had something to do with how this election turned out. I implore the electoral voters of Texas to please please reconsider and think about this before you put in your votes on December 19th.

    The whole world is protesting and not just our country but there are other countries that do not want this hat is our president. He is only going to divide our country much worse than it already is. Please Think about this before you put in your vote. He is going to be the absolute worst president in the history of our Nation. Look at how he’s already divided all of us with his hate and violence. He had scared so many people in our Beautiful country one of which many of us were always proud to say that we were US citizens. Scaring millions with his threats that he’s going to kick people out of this country. Our country which was founded on the principle that it was welcome for people to come here which many of our ancestors did.
    Now he’s going to build a wall. What is this East Germany all over again? Is he going to bring back all of his businesses that he has in other countries back to the United States? Or is he going to pay the 2 to 3 times whatever he said he’s going to charge everyone else if they do business out of this country?
    Trump is not a leader and he has no business being the president of the United States.

  6. I guess you all aren’t going to stop all of this bickering are you. You know what I’m going to do? I’m going fishing with my husband and not worry about it anymore, If this isn’t going to end, I’ll just get away from it until it does

  7. Uh, she asked him to completely ignore and bypass the voting system and just vote as she told him to.
    Where I’m from, that’s called “cheating”.

    Like I can’t even believe this needs to be explained lol

  8. Looks to me like these Republican “electors” are a bunch of throw backs, losers according to their own biographies, anti-science, flat-earthers. The electoral college system is no longer relevant or necessary.

    • Only if you don’t understand that we are a Republic (for which it stands) and this is the system we have had in place since the formation of the United States of America. And you don’t understand why the Electoral College exists and you never cried for the constitutional changes when your candidates have won through the Electoral College vote.