Michigan Recount Results Day 1: Problems Found in Clinton Strongholds

michigan recount

A recount of ballots cast in Oakland County, Michigan from the 2016 US presidential race is seen at the Oakland County Schools building on December 5, 2016 in Waterford, Michigan. (Getty)

The Michigan recount finished its first day, and there were already reports that half of Detroit’s votes might not be recounted, as well as other problems with ballots.

The reason so many Detroit ballots could get left out of the recount: The number of ballots listed in poll books is not the same as the totals given on machine printouts.

The recount, though, is now in jeopardy. On day 2, December 6, a state appeals court ruled that Green Party candidate Jill Stein did not meet the standard of “aggrieved party” necessary to force a recount; however, a federal appeals court refused to block a federal judge’s order that the recount commence immediately. A hearing was underway on December 7 before the latter judge, who was expected to decide whether the recount would now cease completely. You can read more about that here.

Clinton rang up huge margins in Wayne County, home to populous Detroit, and she would likely need her margin there to grow in order to shrink Trump’s 10,704 vote margin in Michigan. Clinton received 66 percent of the Wayne County vote on November 8.

The news of the Detroit problems broke in the Detroit News on December 5 as two Michigan counties started recounting ballots from the 2016 presidential election. The newspaper reported that “one-third of precincts in Wayne County could be disqualified” from the recount because of ballot problems. According to the newspaper, officials “couldn’t reconcile vote totals for 610 of 1,680 precincts” during last month’s countywide canvass of Election Day returns, adding that most are in Clinton stronghold Detroit, “where the number of ballots in precinct poll books did not match those of voting machine printout reports in 59 percent of precincts, 392 of 662.”

The Detroit Free Press quoted an expert who questioned the Michigan recount law, which varies from other states in that, if there is a discrepancy between the number of ballots and those listed in poll books, a recount can not be done in that precinct, and original results stand if the “difference is not explained to the satisfaction of the board of canvassers.” This happened on day 1 of the Michigan recount, when a Rochester Hills precinct could not be recounted because of a missing ballot, said the newspaper.

This led filmmaker Michael Moore to tweet, “Michigan recount already screwed up, ballots missing.”

The Michigan Secretary of State’s office told Heavy it will likely start posting some recount results starting November 7. Two counties started recounting votes December 5. The Clerk of Courts for one of them, Oakland County, provided Heavy with these unofficial results as of December 6 (the second county has not yet done so, despite a request):

The Free Press said that the canvassing process that found the Detroit mismatches often involved just comparing poll books to machine printouts, not ballots, so the results might change as ballots are now hand counted. If they still mismatch, though, the precincts can not be officially recounted.

In Michigan, on day 1, there were also problems in other Democratic leaning areas, said The Detroit News, such as in Genesee County, home to Flint, where “at least 13 of 222 precincts in Genesee County are not balanced” and in Ingham County, where, “six of 30 precincts from Lansing could not be recounted” because of a hole in a ballot container.

michigan recount

A scene from the Michigan recount. (Getty)

You can read the applicable passage of the Michigan recount law here. State law says ballots can not be recounted with such problems, but the original tallies would then stand.

The Detroit development comes as the Wisconsin recount, into its fifth day, isn’t changing the Trump victory margin there much. In fact, Donald Trump has extended his lead by a couple dozen votes (Green Party nominee Jill Stein is suing in Pennsylvania to try to force a recount there). Clinton would need to flip all three states to win the Electoral College.

The Guardian said that, in Michigan, “Eighty-seven of Wayne County’s decade-old voting machines broke on election day.” It’s possible the election machines might have counted jammed ballots more than once, said The Guardian.

The County is hoping that a hand count of ballots will clear up discrepancies, said the news site.

As noted, only two Michigan counties started recounting ballots on December 5, the first day of the recount. The rest of the county recounts are staggered throughout the week:

The Electoral College meets on December 19. The Michigan recount was requested by Green Party candidate Jill Stein, and a federal judge ordered the hand recount to commence; the Republican Party on December 5 appealed that ruling and is seeking to stop the recount; a court will hear oral arguments on December 6. Michigan would need to recount 4.8 million ballots by hand.

You can read Stein’s Michigan recount petition here:

Read more about the Wisconsin recount results here:

Wisconsin Recount Results Day 5: Trump Holds Lead in Updated Totals

Wisconsin recount Day 5 results show that Donald Trump has again extended his lead over Hillary Clinton as updated, latest recount totals come in.

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  2. heavy democrat stronghold stuffed the counting machines…the paper ballots dont match….so trump really won michigan with more then 10,000 votes….i hope for the INTEGRITY of voting we fix this for future elections…

    • Your reading comprehension skills are seriously lacking. You see a discrepancy as a ballot stuff. Without a recount it could also be the exact opposite. Re-read the information. There isn’t data on what the discrepancy has found. It could be a positive or negative number.

    • Did you notice Obama and the Democrat Party, were against the recounts? Ballots and Registered Poll numbers don’t match in the Democrats strongholds? Cheaters never prosper is an old saying. I hope Project Veritas is on top of this.

      • Trump doesn’t want the entire state disenfranchised if they can’t complete recount in time for Electoral College vote. Trump is also trying to protect appearance of voting integrity despite obvious Democrat shenanigans.

      • He tried to stop it because he already won. He doesn’t know if someone there has a storage box full of Hillary votes, he already won fair and square. But, this is good though, since its come out that HILLARY cheated…cheated on votes, cheated the American people…and I cannot fathom that there are people that are this fckn stupid that they would vote for her.

        • Believe me, if it does turn out in fact that there was cheating on Clinton’s end, that Stein witch will quickly change her course. She already looks foolish enough.

        • Are you part of the fake news circuit? Please provide a credible reference re: ” Hillary cheated.” BTW, I was one of the ones who voted for her. There were about 3 Million more of us than voted your way. Since you brought it up, the demographics with respect to stupidity show Trump overwhelmingly garnered the white, male, uneducated vote.

          • I am a white male…but EDUCATED and have a great career….you must be a whiny, cry-baby, liberal…probably black or illegal immigrant…that is uneducated and living on government assistance…get over it…Hillary lost and Trump is OUR President!!!

          • You voted for one of the MOST CORRUPT Old HAGS of the Century and you have the Stupidity to admit it yet??!!! LOL!! Wonder how CORRUPT you are, or just Stupid!!?

      • You’re aware that the intention is to tie up Electors from voting, not to overturn a result. They chose enough states to try and tie up the EV so that Hillary could steal it that way. Trump tried to stop the obvious tie up of the Electoral College that the rest of us can see.

        • If the recounts aren’t finished by the 13th then the current official results will stand. I don’t think the results are official in PA yet though, but it doesn’t look like WI or MI will be stolen.

      • Don’t you understand the recount does nothing? Trump would have to lose all 3 states…and that’s not going to happen. The whole purpose of this recount, by hand nonetheless, is try to make it so that these states will not be done in time for the electoral college vote. If that were to happen, the house selects the president, which will be Trump. The only thing that happens is Stein gets her name out there and gets to line her pockets… And the Democrats get to use this event to try and deligitimize Trump’s presidency by claiming he didn’t get the required 270 electoral college votes to win.. But, all it takes is the recount in one state to be completed..and that game is all over anyway. Only the sheeple buy into that checking the integrity of the voting system crapola.

      • Doesn’t matter. The recount is a setup to count the votes that have been inserted during the election. As in Pennsylvania, I watched election polling cameras catching voting officials stuffing boxes during the election. All I did was research it. Also, Trump was trying to stop the recount because why would he want the liberals to get away with yes, fixing the election in the recount phase. So now they will find enough votes for Clinton and she will get Michigan and probably Pa. (trump’s lead in Pa dropped from 71,000 to 49,000 due to absentee ballots that didn’t have a single vote for Trump? kinda fishy). So Clinton will win the electoral college with the extra delegates and the brokered (going on now ) remaining electors that will be persuaded to change their votes to clinton. You would be surprised what can be done by people with access to controlled documents and the direct and indirect support they have for their candidates. I have had 42 years in federal and state government and seen plenty of things. It doesn’t always have to be the candidate or party actually doing it and it can be just people who sympathize with a candidate and do it on their own or part of another kind of group. Clinton will be sworn into office as President and not Trump. I just wish Trump would stop making all those deals because he is still a private citizen and should not do this especially since he can’t deliver what he will not be in charge of. I didn’t vote for either of them. But I did vote to ensure the repubs gained control so that the liberals would not have a free pass to change our laws to ruin our great society. More than half of them can’t even name basic parts of the constitution or know who the current vice president is. But they can wail like babies, and run to pretty people in hollywood to make movies that are supposed to depict how our society should be. It’s a fantasy world these people believe in and they really ate up the choreographed Clinton campaign, especially when obama held her in his arms at the convention and they looked all starry eyed (vomit right here). Nancy Pelosi is a waste of air for the democrats too, she said America does not want change. That we are happy with the status quo. Could be part of the reason why Clinton had such a hard time convincing more than half the country to vote for her. Running against Trump should have been like taking candy from a baby – she got too bogged down in groups of people that would only bring in small numbers of votes and she failed to address the majority that could give her the votes she needed. I went to 2 of her rallies and 1 for trump. His was packed and hers was sparse and her larger crowds left after the hollywood hoopla was through.

  3. Sounds like they tried to make a Trump initiated recount not stick by sabotaging the efforts ahead of time. Little did they know that the rest of the state would show up bigly.

  4. How do the “machine counts” get to the “precinct poll books?
    Are the transcribed by a HUMAN?
    Are such transriptions signed or initialed by a human?
    Did these humans report any irregularities in this transcription on election night?
    Can these humans explain these discrepancies?
    And if a precinct is disqualified from recount, the original “unbalanced” results stand?
    Detroit, the new Chicago of election FRAUD.

    • James Comey was out hunting email wabbits the week before the election when he could have been insuring an honest election by deploying FBI agents at precincts. The NRA PAC raised 31 million dollars against Clinton, yet it would only take .1% of NRA members to gin the vote in Trump’s favor in key states by volunteering at polling stations in out of the way places.

  5. Wouldn’t it be really ironic if Jill Stein actually ended up disquailfying a lot of Hillary votes that were actually fraudulent . . . at least she would be correct in saying she did it to make the process more believable!!!

    • I’m waiting for the Hillary camp to contact the Stein camp, and request that they stop further humiliation of the Clintons.

    • It would be justice done by God’s hand, since He is more powerful than their stupid lies and deceits. Stein may have to go down with her tail between her legs.

  6. Jill stein is an idiot. this is proving trump’s case that there was fraud on Hillary’s behalf. WE !@#$ING KNOW THAT. Only “the delusionals” won’t accept that. they know it, they just don’t care. If Stein wasn’t doing this in ONLY STATES trump won, I’d say she’s a Trump plant because only more Clinton fraud will be exposed.

    The old lies don’t work anymore.

  7. YES!!! Count every single vote there folks. And verify each and every single one too. Hell, let’s do it nationwide!! What d’ya think the popular vote will REALLY reveal?
    Ha ha ha!!!

  8. It is time to clean this up nation wide. From Chicago in 1960 to present this has been going on. President Elect Trump had his popular vote win STOLEN from him.

  9. Ah you see, this is what happens when Democrats bus in voters from other counties to vote multiple times. Or when poll managers run ballots more than once so their candidates appear to have more votes. Looks like that Voter fraud is coming out.

  10. Well you KNOW the Republican administration is NEVER going to pay for new (and accurate) voting machines in Democratic areas!