Wisconsin Recount Results Day 8: Trump Leads, Milwaukee a Mystery

MADISON, WI - DECEMBER 01: Tabulators separate ballots into piles for each presidential candidate during a recount in Dane County (Wis.) on December 1, 2016 in Madison, Wisconsin. Green Party candidate Jill Stein has requested Wisconsin and other states to recount the U.S. presidential election. (Photo by Andy Manis/Getty Images)

Tabulators separate ballots into piles for each presidential candidate during a recount in Dane County, Wisconsin. (Getty)

Day 8 of the Wisconsin recount followed the same pattern as the days that came before: Candidates won and lost votes, but nothing came close to altering Donald Trump’s November 8 victory.

The Wisconsin Election Commission reported that Hillary Clinton was up a net 61 votes on day 8. That’s the figure that matters; however, that’s an insignificant number considering that Donald Trump leads by about 22,000 votes in Wisconsin overall. Green Party nominee Jill Stein spent $3.5 million on the Wisconsin recount.

(Update: You can now see specific tallies for day 9 here. They show that Clinton is now up a net 49 votes with 88.58% of votes completed. The City of Milwaukee is still not included in the tallies, leaving it a big mystery.)

On December 9, a judge said he was rejecting Trump supporters’ legal bid to stop the recount.

However, there was also a report that an election observer from Indianapolis named Amber Cleveland was going to allege in a press conference that she observed election irregularities in Republican stronghold, Waukesha County, at the urging of the Democratic secretary of state.

On December 7, the Election Commission had decried claims it said were being made on “fake news” sites about Waukesha County, writing, “Votes for Trump/Pence are not being counted twice in Waukesha County. Ballots can be inserted in scanners face up or face down. Before ballots are scanned, campaign representatives have already had a chance to view and question them.”

“The results of the election are not going to change in this recount,” Joe Czarnezki, Milwaukee County clerk said to Fox 6 Milwaukee on December 8.

There’s one big caveat though: The City of Milwaukee recounted results are still unknown. That’s because Milwaukee has still not added its absentee ballots into the Election Commission spreadsheet.

The city wards show huge deficits for each candidate, but they are misleading until the absentee votes are counted. That leaves Milwaukee a big question mark, and it’s obviously the populous area where Hillary Clinton would be most likely to gain votes as it historically skews Democratic.

However, it’s looking like Milwaukee’s totals will soon be known. WISN TV-Milwaukee says Milwaukee is now complete; however, as of late evening on December 9, the returns still had not materialized without explanation as to why not. WISN-TV Milwaukee quoted Milwaukee County Clerk Joe Czarnezki as saying all Milwaukee ballots had now been counted. He told the TV station only “minor errors” were found; Channel 12 said reports were being finalized and data needed to be entered.

As of 9:30 a.m. CST, though, on December 9, Milwaukee’s final totals had yet to be posted by the Election Commission.

The Wisconsin Election Commission reported on on December 8 that 82 percent of ballots had been recounted and 53 of 72 counties are done with their recounts, up from 70% of ballots the day before. According to the Commission:

“Including the December 7 results, Trump/Pence are up 495 votes, Clinton/Kaine are up 556 votes, Castle/Bradley are up 20 votes, Johnson/Weld are up 63 votes, Stein/Baraka are up 64 votes, Moorehead/Lilly are up 8 votes, and De la Fuente/Steinberg are up 15 votes.”

However, the Commission noted, “Trump/Pence originally led Clinton/Kaine by 22,177. So far, not including the City of Milwaukee, Clinton/Kaine have gained 61 more votes than Trump/Pence, but still trail.”

As the recount chugged along, there was still legal maneuvering attempting to stop it. The Trump supporters who had sought to halt the recount say it’s unfair because it’s not uniformly conducted (some counties are conducting hand counts, and others are not, for example.) The hearing was underway on the morning of December 9.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, a federal court will conduct a hearing on December 9 as well into Green Party nominee Jill Stein’s request for a recount in that state. In Michigan, a federal judge has ended the recount there saying Stein had no standing to ask for it; in Nevada, a partial recount requested by Independent candidate Rocky De La Fuente into the state Clinton won resulted in only 15 votes falling off for both Trump and Clinton combined.

wisconsin recount

A designated observer, right, watch as presidential ballots are recounted in Wisconsin. (Getty)

The Wisconsin recount has found a smattering of errors throughout the state; they just aren’t big enough in number to make a difference. You can see county-by-county spreadsheets with recount tallies and original canvassed numbers here.

Here’s what the Election Commission reported as reasons for Day 8 changes:

Dane County: 20 Absentee ballots were left in their certificate envelopes on Election Night for the City of Madison Ward 29.

Eau Claire County: Decrease of 48 votes in City of Eau Claire Ward 36 due to human error during original Board of Canvass. -18 Votes for Trump/Pence, -30 votes for Clinton/Kaine.

Grant County: Recount vote totals for City of Platteville Wards 7-9 adjusted from Election Day totals due to discrepancies discovered during hand recount. Ward reported tabulator issues on Election Day.

Juneau County: Corrected Day 7 vote counts for Town Lyndon Wards 1-3. Trump/Pence now accurately reflect a total of 328 votes.

Manitowoc County: Increase of 9 votes in City of Manitowoc Wards 3-4, 22, increase of 11 votes in City of Manitowoc Wards 15-16, and an increase of 24 votes in City of Manitowoc Wards 19-20, 27 due to ballots that were marked incorrectly on Election Day. Voter intent was determined during recount canvass.

Outagamie County: Increase of 13 votes in Town of Grand Chute Wards 11-14 due to ballots that were marked incorrectly on Election Day. Voter intent was determined during recount canvass. +7 votes for Trump/Pence and +6 votes for Clinton/Kaine.

Price County: Net change of 10 votes in Town of Lake Wards 1-2 due to tally errors on Election Night.

Waukesha County: Increase of 12 votes in City of Brookfield Ward 5. Recount Board of Canvass determined absentee ballots originally rejected on Election Day were valid.”

You can see county-by-county net gain and loss statistics for day 8 here.

Nevada Recount Results: Final Tallies Show Only 15 Vote Change

Nevada recount results are in, and they show that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump lost only 15 votes. Meanwhile, a Wisconsin recount continues.

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  1. Milwaukee County the lover of Clinton/Barrett aid to blacks who do not want to work, they )blacks) will try every thing to post liar Hillary as the winner, won’t work boys//////////////////////////////

  2. Hang on a minute – the daily tally sheet at is showing HRC losing 50,000 votes in Milwaukee. Why aren’t you reporting on that? You don’t have t wait for the county to complete – you can see for yourself.

  3. Isn’t this the expected results so far? Isn’t Hillary’s campaign (the one really pushing for the recount) planning on an upset win by all of a sudden ‘finding’ a few thousand extra votes for Hillary in corrupt, democrat controlled Milwaukee?

    It would make sense for democrat controlled Milwaukee to wait until the end of the recount, since they don’t want to ‘manufacture’ many more votes than Hillary needs to win the state.

    Either these phony votes will show up tonight, or the Hillary campaign is not only corrupt (having been already caught on video advocating and organizing voter fraud), they are incredibly dumb as well.

    Their plan may be failing, but their last hope now is that a last minute win in Wisconsin will mean that the recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania will be ordered to start up again. Then their hope would be that they have stuffed enough ballot boxes since the election in the corrupt democrat controlled cities of Detroit and Philadelphia to win in those states as well, which would make Hillary the next president.

    This may seem like a pipe dream, but it’s the only reason that makes sense for them to spend all this time, money, and legal maneuvering to get recounts in these 3 states.

    Milwaukee voter fraud is now the key to her presidency.

    • Pipe dreams? Actually your comments just make you sound ignorant. It is impossible to attempt to have any kind of an actual conversation with your kind- you just flap your gums but the best you can do is be arrogant and condescending. I did not vote for Ms Stein (and by the way she is not a Democrat or a Republican) but she was within her LEGAL right to request a recount and she raised the funds to pay for it – You did not pay a dime for it so your endless condescending comments are completely uncalled for. Furthermore your boy Donny was yapping fraud before the election when he thought he was going to lose and now he is still yapping fraud even though he is President . What about that makes any sense at all? But who do you think will pay for that investigation? You and I both are going to pay for that even though the majority of your own kind and even his own attorneys have said repeatedly that there is NO evidence of widespread fraud.

  4. Milwaukee has to wait until they know how many votes to “find”. It would do no good to find 5,000 and realize they needed 6,000, Likewise “finding” 30,000 when they needed only 5,000 would just trigger another re-count.

  5. The Milwaukee situation is no mystery. Yesterday’s tally showed Clinton’s votes, after recount, were lowered by 53,000, while Trump’s votes were lowered about 8500. That is not small change. Unless there’s some miracle in the remaining few Milwaukee county districts, Trump will win Wisconsin by many thousands more than originally reported.
    Milwaukee looks completely corrupt.

  6. I am confident, that just enough new Democrat votes will be “found” at the last minute to propel Clinton into the lead. This always seems to happen and the Republicans always let them get away with it. This fraud has been going on since 1960.

  7. Hmmmmmmm .. 61 vote increase for Hillary … wow!! That’s a 00.005 percent increase … wow!! Makes total sense that Jill NEEDED to force a recount down everyone’s throat .. for first time in history (i.e. under these non-event circumstances). If this is result of Russian hacking then they will be the laughing stock of the world.