Wisconsin Recount Day 2 Totals: Trump Inches Further Ahead in Dec. 3 Numbers Update

Wisconsin recount, wisconsin recount results

Tabulators work on recounting presidential ballots in Dane County (Wis.) on December 1, 2016 in Madison, Wisconsin. (Getty)

Wisconsin recount totals for day 2 show that Donald Trump has inched ahead by a couple additional votes. Three to be exact.

(UPDATE: You can now see recount results through day 5. They show that Trump’s lead has continued to grow, now extending to a few dozen more votes.)

The Wisconsin Election Commission posts recount data on a spreadsheet every day. The latest spreadsheet totals as of 1:30 p.m. CST on December 3 show that the recount isn’t changing much, although a smattering of errors have been found throughout the state. The candidates each lost and gained a smattering of votes in towns, cities, and villages that are reporting, so any losses were basically cancelled out.

The Election Commission doesn’t tally the returns, but, rather, just posts a raw spreadsheet of numbers. Heavy went through the spreadsheet and tallied the lost and gained votes for Trump and Clinton for each county so far, and then subtracted the two totals for a net gain or loss for day 2.

Here’s what the returns show so far:

Day 2 totals

Clinton gained 89 votes but lost 86 for a net gain of 3 votes.
Trump gained 98 votes but lost 92 for a net gain of 6 votes.

Clinton gained 3 votes
Trump gained 6 votes
Net Trump gain of 3 votes on Day 2

Trump won Wisconsin by more than 22,000 votes.

That means that Trump inched ahead by a grand total of 3 votes in a recount expected to cost more than $3.5 million. Green Party nominee Jill Stein raised more than $6 million to fund recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The latter two recounts are now bogged down in legal issues and challenges. On December 3, Stein dropped her request for a Pennsylvania recount, saying she couldn’t afford the $1 million required, even though she raised $7 million overall for recounts. Clinton would have needed all three states – Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan – to flip in order to take the White House back from Trump, an exceedingly tall order.

In Wisconsin, Trump supporters sued to stop the recount, alleging it was not being conducted uniformly (some counties use paper ballots and others use machines). A judge said the recount could continue at least until a December 9 hearing. The Wisconsin recount is the first in the 2016 presidential election.

wisconsin recount

Tabulators hand count ballots on the presidential recount on December 1, 2016 at the Green County Courthouse in Monroe, Wisconsin. (Getty)

The figures listed above for day 2 do not include partial returns from the City of Milwaukee that are in the spreadsheet. That’s because the Election Commission reports that the returns don’t yet include the city’s absentee ballots, so it’s impossible to tell yet how many votes the candidates have gained or lost in the City of Milwaukee wards (if you just look at the spreadsheet, they are all reporting huge losses for each candidate, but as noted above, it’s misleading because those figures aren’t factoring in the absentee ballots).

The other issue: The Wisconsin Election Commission’s spreadsheet is reporting that the tiny Town of Woodland in Sauk County is reporting large losses for each candidate (negative 203 and negative 132 for Trump and Clinton respectively.) However, this seemed odd, so Heavy contacted the Clerk of Courts for Sauk County. Clerk of Courts Becky Evert told Heavy the actual Woodland returns are as follows: After the County Canvass – Town of Woodland had: 206 votes for Trump & 135 votes for Clinton. After the Recount – Town of Woodland had: 207 votes for Trump & 135 votes for Clinton. Thus, Heavy has chosen to use Evert’s numbers in the day 2 calculations. She said that the Election Commission sheet had mistakenly placed Woodland’s results on the line for another village. (That village reported no change after the recount).

Be aware that the numbers do not mean that the counties have completed their results; almost all haven’t. Rather, some townships, villages, and cities within many counties had completed their results,and Heavy tabulated those. Thus, the county overall net loss or gain numbers will change as the recount continues. You can find the raw day 2 spreadsheet here.

Here are the Day 2 tallies:


Adams County -11
Brown County -1
Buffalo County -3
Clark County -1
Columbia County -1
Crawford County -4
Dane County -3
Dodge County -3
Douglas County -1
Dunn County -1
Fond du Lac -8
Forest County -2
Green Lake County -3
Iron County -9
Marathon County -4
Menominee County -2
MKE County – City of Cudahy -2
MKE County – Village of Brown Deer -1
Monroe County -5
Outagamie County -1
Pierce County -1
Polk County -4
Portage County -10
Price County -3
Richland County -3
Sauk County -1
St. Croix County -2
Washington County -1
Winnebago County -1
Total lost without Woodland: -92
Town of Woodland, Sauk County (per the Election Commission’s spreadsheet) -203
Town of Woodland, Sauk County (per the Clerk of Courts in an email to Heavy) no votes lost
Using the Clerk’s totals, Trump’s total votes lost in day 2 was 92 votes.


Adams County +4
Barron County +3
Calumet County +2
Clark County +3
Columbia County +2
Crawford County +3
Dane County +3
Dodge County +1
Douglas County +4
Eau Claire County +5
Green Lake County +7
Jefferson County +6
Juneau County +3
Kenosha County +3
Kewaunee County +1
Manitowoc County +5
Marinette County +3
Marquette County +1
MKE County – City of Cudahy +1
MKE County – Village of Hales Corners +1
Monroe County +2
Outagamie +1
Polk County +1
Portage County +1
Price County +3
Richland County +4
Sauk County +3
Shawano County +7
St. Croix County +1
Walworth County +5
Washington County +3
Waupaca County +3
Waushara County +1
Wood County +1
The Town of Woodland Clerk of Courts tells Heavy that Trump gained 1 vote in the Town of Woodland recount.

+98 votes

Day 2 totals
Trump gained 98 votes
Trump lost 92 votes

Trump has a net gain of six votes in day 2 of the recount.


Adams County -8
Buffalo County -1
Calumet County -1
Clark County -3
Columbia County -3
Crawford County -3
Dane County -4
Door County -3
Douglas County -1
Fond du Lac County -9
Forest County -2
Green Lake County -4
Iron County -1
Juneau County -4
Manitowoc County -6
Marathon County -4
Marquette County -2
Menominee County -1
Cudahy (MKE Co) -1
Village of Bayside (MKE Co) -1
Monroe County -4
Polk County -4
Price County -3
Richland County -1
Town of Woodland, Sauk County (per the Election Commission Spreadsheet) -132 (However, the Clerk of Courts tells Heavy that Clinton actually lost no votes in the Town of Woodland recount)
Shawano County -1
Walworth -1
Washington County -3
Winnebago County -5
Wood County -2

Clinton lost 86 votes (counting Woodland as no loss)


Adams County +1
Brown County +1
Calumet County +1
Columbia County +1
Crawford County +1
Dane County +21
Douglas County +7
Eau Claire County +5
Green Lake County +1
Iron County +3
Jefferson County +8
Juneau County +3
Kenosha County +1
Marathon County +2
Village of Brown Deer +1
Outagamie County +1
Pierce County +1
Polk County +2
Portage County +8
Price County +4
Richland County +2
Sauk County +1
Shawano County +3
Walworth +7
Washington County +2
Wood County +1

Gained 89 votes

Day 2 totals: Clinton gained 89 votes but lost 86 for a net gain of 3 votes.


Clinton gained 3 votes
Trump gained 6 votes
Net Trump gain of 3 votes on Day 2

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  1. This article leaves out the most important detail….. Are they using the same machines that counted the votes in the first place? Machines that have been tampered..

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      • ES&S, Dominion, and Hart Intercivic own and control over 96% of the voting equipment in the USA all proprietary and no one is allowed to examine the software not even the Secretary of State. that is a fact Jack … look it up.

    • 47 counties plan to recount by hand
      13 counties plan a combination of optical scanners and hand count
      12 counties plan to use optical scanners

      • More than half that chose to recount by hand have no original ballots to recount. They are manufactured ballots printed out by the voting machine and may not be producing the same ‘images’ or tallies as the voters entered. There is no way to know. So hand counting these proves nothing.

      • exactly. while hillary was pushing for a mexican border wall and to criminalize flag burning back 10 years ago, the russians planned her concussion to reverse her politics and lose the election

      • No body tampered with ur machine, the truth is that u believe Clinton will so as a result good number of her supporter did not come out to vote. But Trump make sure that his supporters to the last person will come out. Trump campaign team were busy working to win the election why Clinton campaign team left what they were supposed to do but capitalised on cheap blackmail and propaganda. If u like recount it 200 times, Trump is the winner. Stop wasting money.

    • Doesn’t matter now.

      The green party dropped it’s bid to recount Pennsylvania.

      Besides, if the machines were really hacked, they would have been hacked for hillary clinton.

    • It has already been stated that the voting machines can’t be hacked because they ARE NOT connected to the INTERNET. This is true for all of WI, MI and PA. There has been no tampering.

      • OMG that is dumb. The hacking is done by the manufacturers ES&S, Dominion, and Hart Intercivic which own over 96% of the election equipment in the USA. Who needs the internet when you own and program the equipment? But alas, these machines also have wireless capabilities so the can get connected to the internet upon ‘wakeup’.


        • RIGHT. Every single time you heard people report a problem, they were trying to vote for trump and it changed itself to Clinton. Not one report on any news outlets including YouTube ever said they voted for Clinton but it changed to Trump. Election rigging is always in favor of Democrats. After past elections, we heard about hundreds of dead people voting and oddly they were all voting democratic . And in the 2016 election it started way back during the Democratic primary where exiting polls showed Sanders with a strong lead but actual results had Clinton winning. I saw an interview with some democrat election officials who said the election for the primary between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton was definitely disturbingly rigged against Sanders. The interview said a 2% difference between exit polls and actual voting results is normal and consistent Nationwide. However in the Democratic primary there was a consistently increasing total of 30% difference between exit polls and actual election results. Bernie should have been the democratic nominee for the presidential election. He was robbed. We would have had a very different election if Bernie had been nominated.

    • Tabulators hand count ballots on the presidential recount on December 1, 2016 at the Green County Courthouse in Monroe, Wisconsin. It’s there in black and white in the article. What machines? There is no proof whatsoever that any machines have been tampered with.

      • They are not easy to modify. In order to modify you have to access each machine individually which means break into the warehouse they are in. Once you accomplish that you have to unlock the part of the machine where the memory card is. Different key for each machine. You will have to program each card individually and since each card and each machine or serial number matching this is a 3 to 4 month process. Then there is that nasty test they run on each machine before it is ready for voting.

    • It seems so, they are probably not doing a proper recount in all counties with hand ballots- 12 counties are refusing to do this. Look at pictures of the five machines with tampered seals at the Palmer report and at Jill Stein’s website. Observers photographed 5 machined with broken seals which is very serious. They should also have experts investigating for hacking.This election was fraudulent, I have no doubt about that. Whether we will ever be informed of it who knows. I have no faith in the process at all anymore.

      • While the contributions were to Jill steins cause, i am willing to bet most of the money came from hillary supporters. She raised more $ for the recount than the election. I guess you’re being deliberately misleading, or is it obtuse?

      • No Clinton paid Stein to do this and now its back firing on Clinton again, to lose twice, shes not the sharpest tool in the tool box now is she.

        • Clinton actually won the popular vote, so the majority of the country wanted her for president. So I wouldn’t say she will loose twice. She already won the popular vote.

          • Please. Complaining that she won the popular vote is like saying that you was robbed because your team had the most total runs but you still lost the World Series because the other team won the most games. Sorry. Those are the rules, and everyone knew them going in.

          • Nonsense. You are being fed a bunch of …… Clinton won in California by three million votes, This more than cancels out her two million. Getting that much of a lead in one State does not
            represent a Nationwide Plurality, This is why you need Electoral votes. All a person would have to do is win ion the ten most populated States or 20% and the other 80% have no voice.

          • Be if u do a recount in California I bet u will find a lot of illegals voted Clinton is not qualified to be president matter of fact she needs to be put in jail she is a corrupted price of crap

      • if you really think green party supporters raised 7+ million in a matter of days when they couldn’t accomplish it in 7 months you’re just foolish. The money came from democrats wanting this to be done.

        • Green Party has renounced this recount and Jill Steins actions. Even went as far as saying why not recounts in close states Clinton won. Nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!

        • 100% correct and no recount needed for the Soros comment. He thinks this is Joe Arpaio election which he funded $3 million against two years in a row and finally one. He is also supporting leftist DA’s he must be stopped. Absolute atheist globalist! He is

      • Hey dumb anonymous person. Hillary supporters paid to have the recount. There aren’t enough stein supporters to pay for this.

      • Clinton pushed stein too. Asclinton didnt want trump angeted so he would then cast her and her husband billary in jail for renting rooms in the whitehouse while they eete there for 200,000 per night to drug dealers

      • She gathered the money from contributors within the general public. Given that no Trump supporters would do such a thing, who do you figure gave $7 million to the recount funding? Duh.

  2. Trump has to say he’ll accept the results, Trump not saying he’ll accept the results damages our democracy……funny how now that it is kook Jill Stein with Hillary jumping on board to make sure the recount is done “ethically” the precious snowflakes, SJWs, buttercups and bombastic dem warriors have gone silent on that language. Not surprisingly they are cheering this effort as the best thing for our country. Hypocrites……

    • The “results” of an American presidential election occur AFTER any recounts AND AFTER the Electoral College votes. THEN you have “results” to talk about.

      Before then you’re either ignorant or delusional to talk about “results”.

  3. I do not believe the number of the elections in Wisconsi. I believed that Russian tried to hatch US election because they wanted to support Trump. I am very upset because Trump already called the World Leaders without the permission by State Department or Congresses or US Senators. Trump is not official as president now until January 20th. Boyscott to watch the inaugural day. We should remove College Electoral. Hillary is leading for Population Election over 2.7 millions. Trump is not my president because he is business man, not polician man. If Trump is becoming president, I refuse the raise the flag at my yard until he and Pence will leave their officers.

    • He’s your President. Deal with it.

      And the Democrat Party cheated AGAIN! They push ILLEGALS AND FELONS to vote. Get rid of them… and guess what…. TRUMP wins POPULAR VOTE by 10 million.


    • Trump doesn’t need permission to speak to any world leader, he’s a FREE man. Just because you don’t like it and the MSM is reporting on it in a negative fashion, doesn’t make it wrong or illegal.

    • Jimm – first, you should really work on improving your spelling and grammar.

      Second, the Electoral College was put in place to protect the rest of us from people like you, tyranny of the majority and such. The US is a Democratic Republic and was set up so that the more populated states could not just enforce their will on the less populated ones. As for contacting other world leaders, he does not need permission – and your attitude is but another example of how the left wants to control the thinking and actions of others.

      • I agree with you on everything you said with one correction: The US is not a ‘Democratic Republic’, it is a Constitutional Republic, meaning it is not a Democracy, but it is based on democratic principles such as the majority vote in each and every one of the 50 sovereign states. There isn’t ONE election in the US, there are FIFTY elections and the Electoral College votes for the president-elect based on the election results in those 50 states.

    • Hey you are welcome to vacate the US at any time – what is stopping you! The machines were not hacked. If so, thousands of voters would have been sent from the polls because their vote was already registered. There was not one case of voter rejection that was reported. Unfortunately, the CNN Clinton Crap has warped your brain. ADIEU CLINTON – nothing you can do

    • Guh, you said it. trump is not president yet. He needs no permission to talk to anybody. As president, he needs no permission either. Did you get permission for your post,,, OK Then

    • Jimmy really needs US government notes to review. Jill Stein has 1% of vote no legal standing but Hillary hides behind her because she is unwilling to let go of results. Being irrelevant is hard with aging!

    • Your a idiot plan and simple Obama Clinton’s they all idiots and should be in jail maybe you can visit them God I hate stupid people

    • With the way you have chopped up the English language, I’m willing to bet that you are an immigrant. If you were a naturalized citizen you would have been required to learn the constitution and how our system of government works. I question all of this after reading your post. If you were truly an American citizen, you would understand why Trump became president. What is great about our country is that one does not have to be a politician to become president. They only have to be a natural born citizen with a love for our country and a workable plan that will benefit every citizen, including those who do not support the sitting president. If you are truly a citizen, then you just wait and you will see why Trump is good for our nation! He will make America great again by putting Americans back to work! You must not know how things used to be compared to how they are now. This has not been the American I was born and raised in for 8 years. I’m looking forward to what the next 8 years will bring.

    • Jimmy, How about some proper English language here? And for once and for all, the ONLY reason Hillary led the popular vote is because she won in California by over 4Million votes. This is EXACTLY why we have the electoral college. California does not get to decide who the president will be. They do not get to diminish the value of everyone else’s vote. We are a country of 50 states, NOT one! To put it another way, without California Trump would have won both the popular vote and the Electoral College

    • Clinton pushed stein too. As clinton didnt want trump angered so he would then cast her and her husband billary in jail for renting rooms in the whitehouse while he was president for 200,000 per night to drug dealers

    • Political science is the art of being an effective lier. Obama won white votes in first election by saying he was going to tax wealthiest americans to resolve deficet instead during his presidency they have made more money then ever before lier cheat and supporter of all thats wrong with this country yes Obama worst president or second wosrt GWBush started americas decent into pergatory

    • Jimmy, if he’s not your president then who is? No, seriously, answer this question. Who is your president?

      I take it you’re from another country. Welcome to America, the land where anyone including a businessman or a community organizer can become president. Refusing to raise your flag indicates you do not agree with the outcome of a legitimate election, an election based on constitutional validity. If you dislike the rules you can use your power as a voter and contact your representative to voice you thoughts…as intended by the Constitution. Not raising your flag, that’s just sour grapes and a tad unpatriotic. Of course, there is also the option of going back were you came from and see if that has gotten better since you left. Otherwise you need to work with the system we have rather than disrespect it.

    • No proof from anyone that the Russians hacked the DNC. Besides, take a look a what the hacks proved instead of who did it.

      It was Bernie supporters inside the DNC who outed the Clinton crime family. Now one former employee has been questionably assassinated.

    • Her popular vote lead was given to her by the communist state of California. So according to you soar losses. This should be the voice of our country. And to think I pledged 22 years of my life fighting the Red Tide , so you clowns would not be speaking Russian. What a waste.

      • Instead you got a clown of a pussy-grabbing president who was AIDED by the Kremlin after being publicly endorsed by the psychopath Putin. But it’s okay, because we’re not technically speaking Russian quite yet? Das vidanya, asshole.

        1.2 million American GIs died in WWII to stop a man who talked exactly like Trump. If you’re actually a veteran you should be ashamed of yourself.

  4. Never trust Demotards.

    They cheat and manipulate every chance they get.

    They even sell out their own countries populace for votes! Look what they did to the United States with diluting our country with third worlders who HATE us in exchange for ready-made voters….

    Look what the Libs in Europe are doing to THEIR populace!!! They are selling out their OWN PEOPLE there and watching the MUZZYS rape their women!!!!

    Leftists are THE GREAT DESTROYERS.

  5. Never trust Demotards.

    They cheat and manipulate every chance they get.

    They even sell out their own countries populace for votes! Look what they did to the United States with diluting our country with third worlders who HATE us in exchange for ready-made voters….

    Look what the Libs in Europe are doing to THEIR populace!!! They are selling out their OWN PEOPLE there and watching the MUZZYS rape their women!!!!

    Leftists are THE GREAT DESTROYERS…

  6. @Anonymous — I realize how dumb you are for claiming the machines have been tampered with, when even “the DEGENERATE Jill Stine” has claimed on national television that there IS NO EVIDENCE OF FRAUD…this is nothing more than a HOAX and the commandeering of the American electoral process in WI. IMBECILES like you, are why we can firmly say that a small (very small) percentage of the American population are nothin more than out-right MORONS!!!

  7. Naturally heavy would leave out the numbers for the 3rd party candidates who actually sponsored this… Such media biased BS… You all should be kissing Green ass for doing this for you…

  8. Hey Jill, you promised us a victory…what you didn’t say it would be for DONALD TRUMP — LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. The one thing that Americans will NEVER forget is the fact that “the Useful IDIOT COMMUNIST JILL STINE” made a FOOL of her self and a mockery of the American Election System. If I ever had any thought of listening to Jill Stine or the Green Party for that matter, it is completely erased from my mind. — NEVER go Green!!!!

  10. 3.9 million dollars belonging to regular people. Stein should be ashamed. At this rate WI will be done before Dec 9 and maybe the country can put this behind us!

  11. This is a worthless article because as the days of recount continue the results will change in one direction or another depending only on the politics of each county and precinct. The only needed article is on the end result.

  12. Gonna be funny if this stupidity cause’s Trump to win the popular vote as well and shows Hillary Clinton won NOTHING…. lol

  13. Notice that the machines have been “Fine” when the democrats won the last elections but suddenly their quality is suspect when a Republican wins…. Maybe Obama didn’t win after all…

    • Not to mention…

      That’s a safety sticker, someone could have easily just ripped it while standing near it. Doesn’t mean it really was.

      Could have been a hillary supporter also…maybe she didn’t win as many votes.

    • Lol Obama won cause of illegal aliens same as bill Clinton did they always let more illegals and refugees in just in time to get more votes

  14. Interesting how the voting machines have been just “fine” during the last two elections but now that a Republican wins they are suddenly corrupt. Hillary is the corrupt. It would be great if she would make a second concession speech; one that we can both believe.

  15. I am an Independent who has voted both sides of the aisle and shall remain so even after all this childish stupidity. I don’t like politicians in general because they are all very similar to one another. However I must say this election has been the all time disgrace due to dissatisfied foot stomping voters who need some serious quiet time, a boot in the azz and no trophy. I personally have no issue with an honest recount. I am not confident at this point in time it can be done due to the way Hillary supporters have acted (not democrats, because many wanted Bernie or Jill). Let Debbie Snotlossengeron Stiltz set the example. Bernie Sanders just might have had a real shot if not for her. All you Bernie fans can thank Debbie Turdshitz for Bernie’s demise. I do not trust Hillary or anyone associated within her campaign. It reeks of corruption and these Clinton supporters deserve Trump. When the dust settles down I hope congress investigates Clinton independently for the Clinton Foundation and email scandal in which military have gone to prison on far less. If she is found guilty, Trump can let her heal as he says, but she can heal just fine behind bars. If it were up to me, I would not allow a Republican/Democrat or any other party be allowed. You would have to vote on their views and what they support and then pray they did not lie after you cast your vote.

  16. donald trump,can you explain to us why you are fighting and desperate to halt the recount process,if you are truly the winner,why is it causeing you sleepless nights?because you know you didnot win,are you bold enough to ask for a recount in all swing states,lets see what becomes of your sore win.if you have confidence in your socalled victory,why are you shivering,desperate and running from pillar to post trying to stop are just lucky hillary is not interested in pursueing this recount by now you wont have the mouth to vomit nonsense.the fact that your so called victory is being challenged tells us you did not win,it doesn’t matter that the electoral college put you there.what ever it is that you are hiding that is making you attack those involved in the process must be exposed.a legitimate winner has nothing to fear,but failures are desperate because they risk being exposed.if transparency and accountability is a threat to your person then you are not qualifed to be any where near the white house.

    • Your blathering about President-elect Donald J Trump is another example of how low information you hillary supporters are. Why would a winner challenge the results that led him to victory. You are obviously a millennial who grew up thinking everyone gets a trophy. Sorry precious snowflake, there’s only one winner when running for President. Go to your safe space so you can cry it out.

    • I’d love if he would ask for a recount in Hillary’s narrow-win states. I’d also really like to see how many illegals voted in CA, NY, and IL. Further, 0bama, Clinton, and the states’ representatives said that there is NO EVIDENCE of widespread voter fraud. Can you see how this puts the peaceful transfer of power, the will of the people, and the electoral votes in these states in jeopardy? Probably not.

  17. This is the most ridiculous bantering ive ever heard….Is there no one else sick of hearing russia bullcrap with no proof….of course they didn’t want hillary to win,,,it would have led to a war with possibly the only country as strapped with bombs as us.. russians were scared to death hillary was gonna win….3 days of recounting and trump is gaining votes….What a complete farce…its time to put our big boy and girl pants on and make sure our new president works for us….

  18. Where are the votes for Rock County whom at precincts 27, 28, 15 and 12 at Blains Farm & Fleet offices and warehouse center when at 4;30 pm vote tabulating nachine shut down and wasn’t able to tabulate votes by machine thereafter? They took the ballots out of the machine, put them in an unsecured opened cardboard box J all voters after that place their ballots in a wooden unsecured nor locked, wooden box. Thought they check machines pryor to voting. Well the machine failed in Rock County. They knew it happemed yet they didn’t report it. I didn’t know who to report it to because I am not politically aware of whom to report it to. I JUST VOTE. NEver did I think this would ever happen in my lifetime. Please I hope it never happens again. Life is tuff enough!

    • Call Lisa Tollefson, your county clerk at 608-757-5660 or email her, it isn’t complicated at all. Since that is only three precincts out of 99 in that county and Hillary won over half of the votes in Rock County, I doubt that any problems there would change the outcome. You should call and ask how they controlled the situation, maybe even ask for the vote totals for those three precincts.

  19. If this article is correct, they will not be doing a recount in Pennsylvania. In that case TRUMP wins the presidency with a minimum of 280 electoral votes not counting Wisconsin and Michigan! Stop this nonsense and get on with the show.

  20. Snowflakes remind me of this…think about a parent or parents watching TV….their kid is sitting in the floor by the TV screaming about wanting to go outside and play even though the child was a pr%ck and bad all day and now grounded…the parents just keep watching TV and enjoy their evening and block out the crying child…the child just keep crying but leaves the room slams doors and kicks the wall next to the bedroom. The parents thinks…fine do it…be grounded longer. Snowflake you lost an election…in 4 years you will lose another one if you still act foolish aka a pr&ck. Keep up it snowflake. . Ditto MSNBC, CNN and now Yahoo

  21. You need to include information as to exactly which counties are reporting hand recount numbers, which machine recount numbers and whether or not the same or differnt machines are being used to generate any machine recounted numbers.

  22. If it doesn’t get overturned in Wisconsin, the other two recounts would be a waste of time and money since she needs all three.

  23. What a complete waist of money!! I am extremely happy Hillary didn’t win we would be facing a total breakdown in our economy! The democrats Tax and Spend concept always misses the target!! I know from real life experience, as a business owner having hired over 9,000 employees since 1988 I’ve had to reduce benefits, cut back on the percentage my company pays for health insurance, Put a stop to annual trips all expences paid for our Top Producers, company cars put to rest, etc. That’s what I’ve had to do responding to the increase in taxes. This happens Nation wide from New York to Los Angeles and Upper Michigan to Texas. over 80% of America’s jobs are provided by small business owners. If the democrats look at the history of a democratic president they would learn an extremely valueable lesson for our country. Back off on continueing to increase taxes that miss the target. Give our small business owners a tax break, which would enable them to expand, grow, and CREATE NEW JOBS FOR AMERICA WHICH INCREASES THE FEDS INCOME, MORE THAN A TAX INCREASE, LOOK AT OUR HISTORY AND ECONOMY WITH A REPUBLIC PRESIDENT VERSES A DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT AND YOU WILL SEE WHAT I’M SAYING. PLUS TO CONTINUE HELPING THE NEEDY, JUST WEAKENS AND DAMAGE THEM. EXAMPLE, I OFFERED TO BUY A HOUSE FOR MY OLDER SISTER AND HER 3 CHILDREN, WHICH SHE RESPONDED TO AS I CANT EXCEPT THAT AS MY GOVERMENT HOUSEING, FOOD STAMPS, WELFARE CHECKS WOULD BE TAKEN AWAY. HOWS THAT FOR HELPING OUR CITIZENS?

  24. 25 Counties down and 46 counties to go in Wisconsin Recount! They have to make sure, The numbers must match everything toward the totals in their county spreadsheets.

  25. the judge that asked voters to pay one million dollars is a sick person,i donot blame him,they have probably grease his hands behind closed doors.the citizens should pay that much to ensure that their own votes count.i think you should have your head reexamined to ascertain that you donot have mental disorder,because some thing is definitely wrong with you.they have a right to vote, but they donot have the right to know if their votes count.too much study has turned your brain up side down.retard.

  26. I believe the real reason Soros is doing this {THE RECOUNT} is to rub Bill and Hill’s face in their latest debacle. Soros should have realized this in 2008 when Bill and Hill lost to the son of an african goat farmer. Hill is/was unelectable.

  27. All this stupid page does is post Hillary and Trump final re-count. What about Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. Post the information !!!

    • I hate to have to tell you this Mimi, but Jill and Gary lost. Their vote totals don’t matter to most of the people waiting for this stupid recount to be over and done with.

  28. i heard some people were so fervent in prayers for trump to win,you have succeed in your prayers against now what next? what is he gonna do for you and christianity?become jesus the redeemer or maybe he will die for the salvation of the world,ok i understand the adultrous man is going to abolish gay marriage.a case of kettle calling pot black.for your information the lgtbq community are his friends,so if he doesn’t fulfil the so called reasons why you christians prayed for him to win,then you are all corrupt.

    • GG you are very misinformed as to why people voted for Mr. Trump. Gay marriage and religion wasn’t in the top ten issues on the vast majority of the voters reasons for voting for him. Try border security, jobs, taxes, military spending, mistrust of Ms. Clinton as some of the top ten.

  29. its too funny that the same clowns that are pushing for a recount and the theory that the Russians influenced the counts do not want government I.D. required to vote – Hilarious!

  30. What a waste of time and money. Historically the democrats are the ones well know for vote tampering and honesty is just not in their vocabulary, so all this is just political posturing in an attempt to discredit the will of the American people. Let’s all pray for our president so he can hopefully improve our country. It needs help, no matter what side you are on. I did not agree with anything Obama stood for, but he was voted to my president so I prayed he would do what was right for my country.