Stephen Paddock ‘Death Photo’ Posted by Alex Jones [Graphic]

Alex Jones of Infowars fame took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon to share a photo of what he claims is the aftermath of Stephen Paddock’s suicide.

The graphic photo, which you can see below, shows a man with his head covered in blood, laying on a floor that is covered in what appears to be hotel room carpet. There is a pool of blood surrounding the man’s head, which would suggest that he shot himself in the head or in the mouth. The ground around him is littered with shell casings. You can see the photo below (warning, it is very graphic):

Las Vegas police confirmed that the photo showing Paddock’s body, as well as other crime scene photos leaded Tuesday, are legitimate. Authorities said they would be investigating to determine who leaked the photos. The body photo shared by Jones first appeared on LiveLeak Tuesday morning after it was posted by an anonymous person, and it gained widespread attention after it was shared on social media by Jones.

“There was a question about the validity of the crime scene photos that somebody had leaked,” Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said. “I can confirm those are, in fact, photos from inside of the room; they are in fact photos of our suspect, and as the sheriff mentioned previously, we have all opened up an internal investigation to determine the source of the leaks of those photos to the public.”

Paddock, 64, was identified by police as the sole suspect in the Las Vegas concert shooting that took place on Sunday night. You can read more about him here. Law enforcement said that Paddock had 23 guns, including more than 10 rifles, in his hotel room at Mandalay Bay. He shot out of the window of his room, taking aim at concertgoers attending the Route 91 country music festival that was taking place across the street. Paddock killed 58 people and injured hundreds more.

Police were able to find Paddock’s room at Mandalay Bay when the smoke detectors went off due to the amount of gun smoke, according to the Washington Post. When they arrived, Paddock was dead following an apparent suicide. Further details about where exactly Paddock’s body was found were not released.

“After they located his room, the SWAT team members used explosives to get inside, the sheriff’s office said. Paddock, 64, killed himself before the officers entered, according to Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo.”

Another photo said to be from inside Paddock’s hotel room shows two of the weapons that he had with him. As you can see, the photos appear to have the same carpet in the background as the “death photo.” The picture was posted by Boston-area reporter, Jacqui Heinrich.


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William lacombe

I’m just getting started .generally when shooting someone in the head they are killed immediately. Not when the hit the floor but immediately. Because of this the body accordions to the floor leaving the legs twisted or at the very minimum obviously why are his legs stretched straight out.and furthermore how in he’ll did a automatic rifle with tripod end up laying over the top of his lower left leg .Not laying on it but across it as if placed there by someone .people look at the pics closely and they will tell u everything .he was not alone.

William lacombe

Clearly paddocks body was moved at least slightly .as the blood stains prove it.there are two obvious stains .the first one was already absorbed into the rug and possibly partially dried then you can see someone picked up his body and head moving it slightly to the left of picture and that allowed a much thicker more gelatinous liquid mixed with blood to fall out the back of his head .probably brain matter .and this new leak for lack of a better ex.lwaked out on top of the original puddle that had all ready seeped into the there looks to be blood on the front of his shirt .but it’s not like it dripped onto it or sprayed on to it ,but appears smeared which makes me think a bloody hand grabbed him by the shirt to lift him slightly for whatever reason and didn’t put him back in original spot.this is obvious do to the thick wet gelatinous spot on rug just to the right of his head .that is where the wound was originally on the rug .somebody moved that body before pics were taken.was it the police .it shouldn’t be. That would be total lack of procedure

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