Aerosmith Announces Summer 2010 Tour in Europe

So after all the arguments and rumors and splittings up, Aerosmith just recently announced in an online video that they’re getting back together this summer for their Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock Tour in Europe.

Steven Tyler Rehab Karaoke

Now this is interesting. After the announcement that Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler would be leaving the legendary classic rock group, Tyler checked into rehab for treatment of his addiction to painkillers. But this is obviously one of those rehab clinics that’s a little loosey-goosey…

Steven Tyler Leaves Aerosmith

One of the longest-lasting partnerships in rock seems to be dissolving like so much Wicked Witch of the West this morning, as Steven Tyler, the skeletal lead singer of Boston hard-rock outfit Aerosmith, has apparently left the band.