Skyrim Bad Ass

Freddie Wong goes full on Rambo in the world of Skyrim, leaving no elf or dragon standing. Straight. Up. Bloodbath.

New School Games with Old School Box Art

Even when games of the past sucked, they usually had some truly awesome looking box art, but what if that box art from 1987 had never changed? The games of today just got an old school update.

Needs More Skyrim

Christopher Walken (well, a really good impressionist) gives a personal tour of his castle in Skyrim, and it’s just as wonderful as you’d expect it to be.

This Week In Gaming News

It’s been a rough week for gaming with the loss of a gaming pioneer and the shakeup of one of modern gaming’s giants. On the plus side, Dark Souls is coming to the PC. So at least the week’s not a total wash.

Skyrim Comes to Kinect

Skyrim fans will now have a whole new reason to spend days on end, isolated from the real world. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is getting Kinect support and will now recognize all those dragon shouts you’ve been yelling in your living room. Sweet.

How You Play Skyrim

How you, I and everyone else for that matter, plays Skyrim. Kill, pick up item, save, kill, pick up item, save… Side note: zero arrow to the knee jokes in this video, too.

Dr. Zoidberg vs. Spider-Man in Skyrim

What does Futurama have in common with the web slinger? Nothing as far as we can tell, but that doesn’t stop people from putting them into a Skyrim mod. Which transplanted personality will reign supreme?