Moses Brown School Head Matt Glendinning posted a special message to his students on YouTube to inform them that school was closed by singing Let it Go.

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This little girl asked her father for a Frozen doll for Christmas, either Princess Anna or Elsa. But her dad got her a doll frozen in ice in an epic dad joke.

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Here’s a guide to ten of the hottest toys for girls this Christmas season. If you want to get the coolest toys for your kid, these are the must-have toys for 2014.

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Fatai is an Australian singer who shared this awesome Frozen song cover. She jazzed it up with an acoustic guitar and played the part of Anna perfectly.

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While performing their song Daughter at a concert in Milan, Italy, Eddie Vedder began to croon Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen.

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With our tips/tricks/cheats guide, you’ll master the many Match Three puzzles contained in Frozen Free Fall.

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What would happen if Disney Princess Anna ended up on the streets of San Andreas?

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Who knew Elsa had MJ moves?

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A sick kid in the middle of recording his Frozen cover succumbs to his cold and ends up capturing an enormous snot rocket on video.

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Danielle Luallen was filming her daughter, Harley, sing “Frozen” when a troll photobombs the music video. But the troll turns out to be Harley’s dad, Todd!

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Queen Elsa’s anthem in Disney’s ‘Frozen’ was staged in real time by a South Korean television show called ‘Star King.’ The surprise catch? Elsa was a man.

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We’re gonna blue your mind.

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This might be the best thing to happen to “Frozen” since Adele Dazim.

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Actress and singer Idina Menzel is enjoying much publicity lately-not just for her singing in “Frozen,” but for John Travolta’s mispronunciation of her name at the Oscars.

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Luckily John Travolta did not introduce them.

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Is John Travolta okay? It looked like a stroke.

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